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Mindsend's February Breedings! Now Till 11pmEST Tuesday Goto Page: 1 2 3 ... 4 ... 10 11 12 13 [>] [>>] [»|]

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:56 am
Mindsend's February breedings


ENDS: Tuesday, February 7th, 11PM EST
Colorists Involved: Mindsend

>>> SLOTS!

2 Low Luck
1 Open (Anything and everything: From unedited mini's to Edit Monster Mutants)

>>> RULES <<<

    Post certed Soqs -- I like seeing the Soqs without having to click every link so please post the image of the cert (or small sized uncert for those who lack certed Soq at the time)
    Names! -- Please provide full names for both the Soq entered and their owners/co-owners
    Forms -- Please fill out the form correctly. If I spot something wrong I will point it out and you can repost it
    No editing forms/posts! -- Once I put the couple in the main list I will not be re-reading any of the information put. Exceptions are things that will not change list order or the soquili entered, such as to add throwback links and uncerts.
    Mistakes? -- If you need to fix something (be it by my request or your own) post it in thread that you are voiding your first entry to fix a mistake and that you’ll be reposting, so I can edit the list accordingly.
    Uncerts are not required, but are preferred -- Please link to Uncerts if you have access to them. The better I can see the parents, the easier to breed those little traits that might be missed such as Marking details*

>>> ENTRY FORM <<<



[b]ENTRY LINE:[/b] Mother (Mother's owner(s)) x Father (Father's owners(s))

[b]Name, image, and owner(s) of mother:[/b] (WRITE FULL SOQ/OWNER NAMES HERE PLEASE)
[img][/img] [url=]UNCERT[/url]
[b]Name, image, and owner(s) of father:[/b] (WRITE FULL SOQ/ OWNER NAMES HERE PLEASE)

[b]Co Ownership?:[/b] (List who isn't getting baskets, AND link to the co-owner agreement)
[b]Link to Breeding Agreement:[/b]

[b]Teepees:[/b] (While this is not mandatory it would make my life easier if you were able to post links to the teepees of the owners for easy stat checking later on)
[b]Throwbacks?:[/b] (Saying yes gives the colorist a bit more freedom in the breeding. Throwbacks can come from previous generations from the parents, this mean grandparents/etc. For 1st gens this would mean mystery traits. NOTE: Just because you say yes doesn't mean you'll get throwback traits. It only gives the colorist the OK to play around. Nothing more. You also don't get to choose which throwback traits are picked.)
[b]Link to previous Generations:[/b] (If said Yes to Throwbacks please link to all parents (and grandparents/etc) NOTE: LINKS ONLY. NO IMG TAGGING)
Low Luck?:[/b]

>>> Additional Form Modifiers<<<

Because I like giving people options to work with o3o

If you have a bald parent/ both parents are bald, they will get hair with a random style thrown into the mix. If you would rather just have a bald kid please add the following to your form.

[color=red][b]I Have a Bald Pony and DON'T want random hair mixed in![/b][/color]

I do not like making pants/tight skirts/most shirts/etc on a soquili, and will just figure out how to make them into capes, arm/leg warmers, blankets and additional accessories even if both parents are fully dressed in human clothing UNLESS You add this to your form.

[color=blue][b]I want my clothed ponies kids to have a chance at clothes!![/b][/color]
[color=white]---[/color][b]Even pants/skirts? D8[/b]: Y/N

While I have no issues with Facial hair, if you don't fill this out I'll likely be a little more hesitant of adding it to the kids.

[color=brown][b]FACIAL HAIR[/b][/color]
[color=white]---[/color][b]Do you want the facial hair to be passed on[/b]: Y/N
[color=white]---[/color][b]Just on Males? (If you say no, there's a chance of a bearded chick)[/b]: Y/N

Personality/Plot form: This is totally optional and will only give me stuff to play with IF I feel like it. This is not like the personality based breeding, and they will thus not gain edits if they are unedited (though templated items may be added if I see fit)


[b]Short Summary of their plotline:[/b]

[b]What are their Parents Personalities?[/b]

[b]Do the parents have professions?[/b]

[b]Link to RP(s) where something happens of importance:[/b] (please post a summary if able to)

[b]What is their family dynamics?[/b] (Who will be raising them and how, do they spend time with their grandparents, what friends of the family will they be raised around etc) PLEASE link to people mentioned here/members who will be spending time with them on a positive note/gifting them, as how they shape up involves them as well.

[b]Herd/Family culture:[/b]
[b]Religious Beliefs:[/b]

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:04 am
Low Luck Wrote:

    page 1
  1. Dragoon [naggeela] x Xanti [FitzRoyal]
    Page 2
  2. Ukiyo-e (Nymphalidae) x Endrra (naggeela)
  3. Gabriela/Presca,RayniaSky, Graceangel x Mythril/Rein_Carnation

    page 3

  4. (Poppins/toadies_soarys) x (Prism/ She-Ra of Etheria)

    page 4

  5. Megaera / Sabin Duvert x Sheol / ~Masamune~

    Page 5

  6. Makayla, owned by Huroggmeten x Tuari Tse, owned by Huroggmeten
  7. Aleera [ ArashiX ] x Persephonix [ `raze ]
  8. Acacia [Nyx Queen of Darkness] x Zaitus [Ririka]
  9. (Nokomis/ Green Ever After) x (Arden/Nyx Queen of Darkness & CheshireKttty)

    page 6

  10. Windsor (TanuKyle) x Julius Monrey (Laroawan)

    page 7

  11. Forbidden (Kettyn) x Nivuxys (.Tortured. .Pumpkin.)
  12. Ali McIggins - MazokuPS x Rotom - LunaRei_SilverBlood
  13. Eydis Darkbane (Ishtanballa) x Nykto (Selalusia)

    page 9

  14. Rosabis [Elissa Cousland & Hypercandy Loli] x Kai [_-Cheeky_Chobit-_]
  15. ( Edana / Kailey Koreco & Skypreistess) x ( Lt. Samual / Leopleuradon )
  16. Air (Mila Farrell) x Lyrn (EchoLimaFoxtrot)

    page 10

  17. Railee May (Pink Pandah Bear) x Fantome (GrnGriff/ tefla)
  18. Imogen - Amirynth x Dayunsi - Amirynth

    Low Luck

Open Wrote:

    page 1
  1. Musso Koroni, owned by II--Gen3sis--II x Vladislav Draculesti, owned by Roniel Targaryen
  2. Kourin, hibi-tea x Liam, pinchmonster
  3. (Audley/Zee Oddwyn) x (Viral/Hitsuzen)
  4. Melanie (bella dea) x Gabriel (XxPrimevalPandaxX)
  5. (Kimi/Syaoran-Puu) x (Dardanos/Roniel Targaryen and Dixie)
  6. Lomadia (Nekolulu) x Shimanyo ( [ Lady Kiya] )
  7. Serafina [[A.V]] x Syn norikous [nekolulu]
  8. (Ell Em En Oh / icy serenade) x (Ren / Oneeko)
  9. Dragoon [naggeela] x Xanti [FitzRoyal]
  10. Adelia [-MoomoolatteCha-] x Dai [FitzRoyal]
  11. Sintharia [Kailey Koreco] x Chemosh [ [+Katch+] ]
  12. Pandora (Stormflower) x Marrow ( [+Katch+] )
  13. Sachiko [Tanakako & Syaoran-Puu] x Sofiel [Syaoran-Puu]
  14. Noemi ([ vance]) x Brighella (Melwyn & forbeornan)
    Page 2
  15. (Shadena / Mewsings of An Angel) x (Eryi / Dihydrogen.)
  16. (Discord / Skye Starrfyre and The MadHatter) x (Soul-Lexis / Nyhility)
  17. Lenia, MargeXX x Leaf, MargeXX
  18. (Yunai/AlexiaSilver) x (Kino/Sabin Duvert)
  19. Heaven-Leigh (Belalusiia) x Triboulet (Nymphalidae)
  20. Ukiyo-e (Nymphalidae) x Endrra (naggeela)
  21. Edana Hatetalon (Lunadriel) x Heinrich vonCoren (Kamiki)
  22. (Tian/lysia_nyteblade & Akira-Kisho) x (Thin White Duke/ Lolli McHotpants)
  23. (Enakai Vailea/ lysia_nyteblade) x (Croatoan/ Jynk)
  24. Hazalinia Moongazer/Tygress Dream x ShadowBlade Dragonkin/ Tygress Dream
  25. (Niade Stargazer / Tygress Dream) x (Ramiel / Skylar14)
  26. Nerissa, Pale Mist x Apple Fritter, [ Lady Kiya ]
  27. Lumriel, XBlind-DarknessX x Giolladhe, dawns_aura
  28. Bailey (Faid Shadowlight) x Laures (dawns_aura)
  29. Lainathiel / Seiana_ZI x Lorenzo / A Th e a r t/ArrancarYoruichi
  30. (Daylene/Moxxiie) x (Svartaf/ Thrivis)
  31. Gabriela/Presca,RayniaSky, Graceangel x Mythril/Rein_Carnation
  32. Kathreftis (Etherial Requiem) x Apocalypse (Wrath of Kant & saedusk)

    page 3

  33. (Poppins/toadies_soarys) x (Prism/ She-Ra of Etheria)
  34. (Yanamari/ She-Ra of Etheria) x (Cian Alastair/ caffeinecraving)
  35. (Amu/ImAHarumiBunny) x (Kuro-Yume/ Kara Asumie)
  36. (Bane/Vistada) x (Zavis/ Revel1984)
  37. (Amira/Looneytaz82) x (Amenophis/ ImAHarumiBunny)
  38. (Flora/Dollfie) x (Adrian/-[The Spoof]-)
  39. Amarinne (Celeanor & Forahier) x Crousader (Celeanor)
  40. Zindayia (Doodle p***s) x Butter Pecan (Split personality And Summer Raven)
  41. Fisch owned by split personality x Cthulhu by Stariemichie
  42. Kalen'dri (Reeve_Tuesti) x Zhevra (JetAlmeara)
  43. ( Patchems / Kara Asumie ) x ( Ramiro / Seruta )
  44. Shaman/ Tara de Draiocht x Enqueri/ Tara de Draiocht
  45. Hallow Eve/LadyDelaidra x Konrad/ Tara de Draiocht
  46. Vienna (Raving.Rabbids) x Elijah (Tamiko_kitten)
  47. Kintori (Ruler of Everything) x Soren (xxLuminol)
  48. (Nerina/ Teh Roarie) x (Bonaventure/ DemeterJade)
  49. (Melusin/ Teh Roarie) x (Pushmataha/ DemeterJade)
  50. Proserpine (II--Gen3sis--II) x Nahualli (Meepfur)
  51. Lycaon (Kirowyn Love) x Graham ([ vance ])
  52. Kamakana (Aniira) x Naoki (Kirowyn Love)
  53. Sanuye [[Eskimo]] x Grey Wolf [Thalion]
  54. Gypsy Song [Thalion] x Saint Yuki [Nerpin]
  55. (Jaloo (Peppermint Coffee)) x (Engel (Andranis))
  56. (Omen Dragonkin (Andranis)) x (Santaro (ShadowsCursed))
  57. Megaera / Sabin Duvert x Sheol / ~Masamune~
  58. Decaya [Nyhility] x Peep [Marsh the Sex Panda]
  59. Plumeria / yoko lorako x Memnon / ~Masamune~
  60. Sophitia/GallusDomesticus x Zisor/musicaloner7
  61. Itzapalotl [GunSniper] x Liquid Bismuth [Etherial Requiem]
  62. Blind Mag (Kamiki) x Baron Samedi (Kamiki)
  63. (Celeste T.L. Requiem/Celestial Requiem) x (Mar/ Gl!tch~)
  64. Maisie // Marzipanz x Raiden // Duelist of Pokemon
  65. Hiroshi ; x_Faux Affliction_x x Hiamovi ; Mameha Otome
  66. Crush ; Dihydrogen. x Al'ar ; Mameha Otome
  67. (Elliot/Moxxiie) x (Azguard/Natelie)
  68. Kai [malhith] x Arpeggio [slimycrow]
  69. Leona [angelgirl2345] x Dreamz [Slimycrow]
  70. (Mariselle/Celestial Requiem) x (Dez/ icy serenade)

    Page 5

  71. Vei'Ran Tershill // Ruhane Chiisai x Kore // Marzipanz
  72. Makayla, owned by Huroggmeten x Tuari Tse, owned by Huroggmeten
  73. Aleera [ ArashiX ] x Persephonix [ `raze ]
  74. Acacia [Nyx Queen of Darkness] x Zaitus [Ririka]
  75. (Nokomis/ Green Ever After) x (Arden/Nyx Queen of Darkness & CheshireKttty)
  76. Charlotte; Insane Butterfly x Devicius; Aniira
  77. Trinity Rose/Insane Butterfly) x (Nori/CheshireKttty)
  78. Haukea (Yuuka Kurokawa) x Kernel (UltaMatt)
  79. Aerlinniel/Yuuka Kurokawa x Ganesha/elfstar89 & Heavenly Snow
  80. Shinyun ( -Nessus-Euenos- ) x Belial (`raze)
  81. Umbra (Strait Jacket Girl) x Kamau (Nukido)
  82. Sarendryana (Katarina Everard) x Auberon (Tiger_Kisa699 & BlackFeatherAngel)
  83. Sgina (Naysha Aysha) x Aether (Tiger_kisa699)
  84. Anelisee, owned by Cajmera x Fenghuang, owned by Epine de Rose
  85. Star Ocean (Feathered Lunra) x Helberd (Pixel-x-Bunny)
  86. Briza (Elvyralani) x Rave (Feathered Lunra)
  87. Aria's Rhapsody [ ArashiX ] x Payton [ x_Faux_Affliction_x ]
  88. Analissa || Kuromeez + Orangeish Sherbert x Aurora's Ballad || ATh e a r t

    page 6

  89. (Hilda/Yayoi) x (Sudha/ Samus x)
  90. (Dragonior/Samus x) x (Vanzan/ Sailormoon72491)
  91. Telveladi - Das Tor x Shinsei Batsu - NovaCracker
  92. Aita/Mia Firestorm x Lorcan Tigera/Caitlyn Hellstorm
  93. Obsydian/Mia Firestorm x Zahariah/Caitlyn Hellstorm
  94. (Quenthel/Amira Keller) x (Zavi/SkyDragono)
  95. Katarzyna/Seiana_ZI x Dakarei-reth/Amira Keller
  96. Aolani (tefla) x Hina'ea (sage_the_vampirc_angel)
  97. Katell (GrnGriff) x Orion's Verse (tefla)
  98. (Ferret/Revel1984) x (Mithra/Vistada)
  99. Kagali Lillian , owned by sbuggy166 x Betula , owned by Darkmoon Dancer
  100. Dulce Periculum, owned by Darkmoon Dancer x Roul de Amir, owned by Ary Keeyara
  101. Doan Vien (saedusk) x Illidan (Jynk)
  102. (Yoi Kihaku, owned by [X]Natty-Chan[X]) x (Tarik, owned by Ririka)
  103. (Morgy/MoochiLove) x (Sha Gojyo/[X]Natty-Chan[X])
  104. Calixte - Mahogany Sunset x Kenton - sbuggy166
  105. Destati - x-Ivory_Feld-x x Niall - Mahogany Sunset
  106. Serra (xNephilim Queen) x Orpheo (Lunarflowermaiden)
  107. Twitchy [StarieMichie // Lolli McHotpants] x Cockery [StarieMichie]
  108. Orea (Hyperthymesia) x Ean (Huroggmeten)
  109. Aalun; Lady Argentum Draconis x Arthur Flew; Lady Argentum Draconis
  110. Windsor (TanuKyle) x Julius Monrey (Laroawan)
  111. Pixie (moonspots) x Magnus (Laroawan)

    page 7

  112. Amaya / Kyaishi x Shyam / Uta
  113. Haizea (Kettyn) x Cinaéd (Fawnzy)
  114. Forbidden (Kettyn) x Nivuxys (.Tortured. .Pumpkin.)
  115. Teldrassil/ Jinx Creed x lto/ JadedTiger22
  116. Kiarasteri/ Jinx Creed x Nozdormu/ JadeEye
  117. Ali McIggins - MazokuPS x Rotom - LunaRei_SilverBlood
  118. Lunar - LunaRei_SilverBlood x Snitch - Death Resurrected
  119. BW Phantom (Nerpin) x Laguna (Etherial Requiem/ Eftemie)
  120. Alvilda / Teh Sil x Galilee Atva / Kaliskanny
  121. Indah/derivative x (Guntur/derivative)
  122. Celandine/derivative x Viraj/Logue
  123. Jem / Kaliskanny x Tsubasa / bullterrierlove
  124. Niamh (xNephilim Queen) x Enitan (Ishtanballa)
  125. Eydis Darkbane (Ishtanballa) x Nykto (Selalusia)
  126. (Velika/Divena & Divenasmom) x (Aydan/ Angelique Delamort)
  127. (Frost/Divena & DivenasMom) x (Jayhk/Bardess Ookami)
  128. (Sonja / Angelique DelaMort) x (Akh / Twitchapher the 3rd)
  129. Chatella: (Chi Honda) x Adole: (Orangeish Sherbert)
  130. (Neela/Vollyballrocks91) x (Zachary/ Thalea)
  131. (Centioscolopendra Aeliani/AlexiaSilver) x (Gahz'rilla/Elfstar89)

    Page 8

  132. (Miki/sage_the_vampirc_angel) x (Necropolis/ Pollack)
  133. (Gwenevere /Thalea) x (King Arthur/Pollack)
  134. Rapture (Sosiqui) x Versailles (Kamiki / xKOVAKtheWOLFx)
  135. (Ruby Lotus/ Teh Roarie & DragonBreath1989) x (Abasambo/ Teh Roarie)
  136. Vesper / Faithofthefallen x Erynion / LOLTERNATIVE
  137. Eternity, 0--Twizted_Soul--0 x Chenguang, 0--Twizted_Soul--0
  138. Esmeralda / Dragonhunter66 x Hibiki / Dragonhunter66
  139. Sherbert (Nukido & XxPrimevalPandaxX) x Darius (Faid Shadowlight)
  140. Isabliss (Shikon Miko & Thalea) x Cikawiyusu Sikine (Hanging Gallow)
  141. Ayla/Shikon Miko x Pantheon/Neon Fly
  142. (Sky/SylverStar) x (Sapphrion Kanny/ladyfirefox89)
  143. (Eudora/SylverStar) x (Constantine/Xx--Fuzzy-Gumdrop--xX & Roniel)
  144. ( Koire / Parue) x ( Raven Black / Parue )
  145. (Enali ver Rash/SkyDragono) x (Itzal/Rhyleigh)
  146. Elune/Lunadriel x Icefyre/Lunadriel
  147. (Glitter/Pinka) x (Shoshan Blythe/Rhyleigh)

    page 9

  148. Dice Eliza Quinn [_-Cheeky_Chobit-_] x Blood Dupre [Elissa Cousland]
  149. Rosabis [Elissa Cousland & Hypercandy Loli] x Kai [_-Cheeky_Chobit-_]
  150. (Starlight/alliisara) x (Junjie/LadyKirin)
  151. Hilaire, owned by Kamiki, Sabin, and Getsurae x Araval, owned by LadyKirin
  152. (Tinkerbell / Hanging Gallow) x (SmallPox / Thamin)
  153. ( Edana / Kailey Koreco & Skypreistess) x ( Lt. Samual / Leopleuradon )
  154. ( Amethyst / sesshy552 ) x ( Houdini / Moonstar-xo )
  155. ( Caelyndei / Neon Fly ) x ( Kaiser / sesshy552 )
  156. Feena (Rein_Carnation) x Yuuri Shibuya ( Rein_Carnation)
  157. Aimee (Painted Moose) x Tanis (elvyralani)
  158. Air (Mila Farrell) x Lyrn (EchoLimaFoxtrot)
  159. Pavo Lycaon (ladyfirefox89) x Spectre ('Swirly)
  160. (Morana / cyhorse) x (Apocalypse / Meeki)
  161. Aponi (Zsabrina) x Ezekiel (catmagick)
  162. Aaricia (catmagick) x Lijep (RockerWolfie1616)

    page 10

  163. Shula [pippi18848/Lady_Shinigami] x Tristian [bella dea]
  164. Nirmala [pippi18848/Yuuka Kurokawa] x Eidan [PhoenixGuardianMikazuki]
  165. Lynae (dolphingurl) x Asher (Death Resurrected)
  166. Wicapi Wakan(Kesmi) x Ochoco(Reeshie_Hack)
  167. Railee May (Pink Pandah Bear) x Fantome (GrnGriff/ tefla)
  168. Imogen - Amirynth x Dayunsi - Amirynth
  169. Syntyche - Epine de Rose x Solemn - Amirynth
  170. Reifa, Katjive x Syn, Duelist of Pokemon & Katjive
  171. Lirys, Katjive x Zander, Katjive
  172. (Claudine/~Kiana_Nala~) x (Christian/Painted Moose)
  173. "Bloody Mary" Mary Milly Spector, owned by Bardess Ookami x Ashvay, owned by Bardess Ookami
  174. Yin Xu (Owner: Ramenli) x Zuriel (Co-owned by Ramenli and Firkasa)
  175. Dia de la Esperanza/Samuel Carlin x Jarda/Yayoi
  176. Yazmina / Samuel Carlin x Nikolas / Kesmi
  177. Keelin [Kiara Lime] x Jack Bailey [DarkHikari]
  178. (Mireille/Rita Zyon) x (Zei/Rita Zyon)
  179. Hi No Tori (MoochiLove) x Rayearth (Leez0rz)
  180. Mansi (Kiara Lime) x Khajag (Leez0rz)



Vice Captain

Nebulous Blob

13,175 Points
  • Dragon Master 50
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Cat Fancier 100

Vice Captain

Nebulous Blob

13,175 Points
  • Dragon Master 50
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Cat Fancier 100
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:08 am

Low Luck 1:Ukiyo-e (Nymphalidae) x Endrra (naggeela) pg 2

Low Luck 2: Dragoon [naggeela] x Xanti [FitzRoyal] Pg 1

Open:Kai [malhith] x Arpeggio [slimycrow]

Your Payments have already been covered by an anonymous individual, so you don't need to send in anything! If you do end up sending something.. Well I guess it'll be a tip for a job well fudged up? XD *Shot for the bad joke*  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:44 am
Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Musso Koroni, owned by II--Gen3sis--II
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Vladislav Draculesti, owned by Roniel Targaryen

Unedited?: N
Co Ownership?: n/a
Lifemate?: nope
Link to Breeding Agreement: Here!

Teepees: Roniel\'s teepee and II--Gen3sis--II\'s teepee
Throwbacks?: Tentatively yes, but only if it fits in the theme.
Link to previous Generations: n/a

Low Luck?:[/b] No  

Revolutionary Roniel

Indestructible Dragon


Alien Kitten

12,575 Points
  • Team Jacob 100
  • Cool Cat 500
  • Cat Fancier 100
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:50 am
Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Kourin, hibi-tea
UNCERT Without clothes.
Short Bio
Kourin Chou has lived a relatively sheltered life of being cared for by her two loving parents Nuriko & Seishuku. In efforts to help their daughter blossom they coaxed her out of the nest and imposed upon her the task of making friends. Kourin is sweet and naive, the picture perfect representation of someone gullible and impressionable. It just so happened that between running away from one Soquili and being lured in by another that she met Liam. Her circumstances had caused her to wander into Flock territory. He was her sweet winged knight and persuaded her that her current companions weren't the best options for company. After falling snout over hooves for Liam she ended up joining the flock. Kourin felt her own need to please those around her grow and became a healer in their ranks using both her Angeni and Uni background to her advantage.

Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Liam, pinchmonster
Short Bio
Liam is willing and eager to please. Having been raised in the Harpy Flock by a full-blooded Harpy female, he's come to respect all females. To him, they are not the fairer sex. They are the superior sex, the are the mothers and the providers, and they are meant to be completely and utterly respected as such. He feels utter rapture at having been chosen by Kourin as her preferred male, and he adores feeling loved and useful to his Lifemate. Though she is not a Harpy, she is Angeni, and the Flock believes that Harpies are derived from Angeni. Either way, it does not matter to Liam. She is perfect to him.

Unedited?: No. Work your magic, Mind! <3
Co Ownership?: N/A
Lifemate?: Yes.
Link to Breeding Agreement: Here

Teepees: pinchmonster, hibi-tea
Throwbacks?: Sure.
Link to previous Generations:
Kourin's mom: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b77/iPod_Storage/Soquili/Nuriko.jpg
Kourin's mom without clothes: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b77/iPod_Storage/Soquili/Nurikonekkid.jpg
Liam's mom: http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa418/pinchmonster/Soquili/storymysterycert.jpg
Liam's dad: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y51/bubblegumstopper/Pets/Fionn.jpg
Liam's uncle: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a354/soquilipets/Sabin/Certed/storysoncert.jpg
Liam's maternal grandmother: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a354/soquilipets/Sabin/Certed/storymothercert.jpg
Liam's maternal grandfather: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a354/soquilipets/Sabin/Uncerted/Father.png
Liam's maternal great-grandmother: http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b96/temba/Soq/Alticert.jpg
Low Luck?: No.

Short Summary of their plotline: Liam's mother, Elsa, lost him -- she never was the most attentive of mothers. His 'mother' now is the harpy that found him -- Kamunyak -- and brought him into the Flock. He does not remember a life before the flock, and never actively searched for ways to outright draw a female's attention to him. While out one day gathering seeds to add to his collection, Liam caught sight of Kourin looking lost and a little afraid. He knew that she was in danger (being caught on Harpy lands) and offered to bring her back to the flock in hopes that she could find a way to make a life for herself among the sisters. She seems to have settled in well as a Healer, and these two lovebirds were drawn even closer together. Kourin took Liam as her favored stallion (and he will likely be her only stallion).

At some point Liam and his father will interact and the truth about Liam's parentage will be aired.

Do the parents have professions?
Mother: Healer in the Flock.
Father: Farmer in the Flock.

Link to RP(s) where something happens of importance:
This RP is currently ongoing, but it is where Kamunyak (Liam's adoptive mother) found him and brought him to his home in the Flock.

What is their family dynamics? At this age, Liam no longer remembers who his true mother is, and unbeknownst to him, his blood father is actually a male in the Flock (Fionn, owned by bella dea). Now, Kourin and Liam are both sweeter than honey and perhaps the quiet and gentle nature they both exude is what drew them to one another. Liam does not feel like he has anything to prove -- he does not need to be the strongest, biggest and baddest male in the flock. Kourin, being quiet and impressionable, has found her niche in her healing (which she is impeccably apt at, being both Angeni and Unicorn). Liam dotes on his Mistress, often leaving her gifts of honeycomb, apples, and sweetgrass. He does these things because he adores Kourin.

He loves his mother Kamunyak, and hopes to make her proud. He hopes to bring her honor and hopefully happiness by providing her with grandchildren of angeni blood.

Their male offspring will be raised to respect the rules of the flock. Their female offspring will be given special praise (even if only by Liam -- he will respect his daughters even at a young age) and will be expected to grow up to be gentle, respectable members of the Flock.

Traditions: The Flock's traditions are what these two lovebirds abide by. Females have the ruling hand while males serve as farmers and entertainers, crafters and cooks and all around general artisans.
Herd/Family culture: Flock males are at a lower standing than females, and the true Harpy males understand that it is not something to hate. They are kept safe, kept fed, they are allowed to discover the more artistic sides of themselves, they are allowed to farm and craft. It should not be looked at as a Bad Thing, and this is what Liam will teach his sons if he has any.
Religious Beliefs: The family will be raised to understand and honor all Harpy beliefs.  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:00 am
Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: (Audley/Zee Oddwyn)
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: (Viral/Hitsuzen)
Hitsuzen would like to note that the dark streaks on Viral's body are scars, not markings.

Unedited?: Nope!
Co Ownership?: Non-applicable
Lifemate?: Nope!
Link to Breeding Agreement: Here!

Teepees: N/A
Throwbacks?: Sure!
Link to previous Generations: Medea and :V, Leliel and Kirai, Lucifer and Narcissa, Maleficent and Nyanomic, Ashiikyu and Sayerel
Low Luck?: Nope!  

Zee Oddwyn

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:03 am
Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Melanie (bella dea)

Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Gabriel (XxPrimevalPandaxX)

Unmasked Uncert
Masked Uncert

Unedited?: No
Co Ownership?: None
Lifemate?: No
Link to Breeding Agreement: Agreement

Teepees: XxPrimevalPandaxX | bella dea
Throwbacks?: Sure, but both are 1st Gen
Link to previous Generations: N/A

Low Luck?:
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:04 am
(Kimi/Syaoran-Puu) x (Dardanos/Roniel Targaryen and Dixie)

Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Kimi, owned by Syaoran-Puu
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Dardanos, owned by Dixie and Roniel Targaryen

Unedited?: No
Co Ownership?: Here - Both have rights, counts as Ron's breeding.
Lifemate?: No -shall breed twice
Link to Breeding Agreement: Here

Teepees: Syaoran-Puu || Dixie
Throwbacks?: Sure
Link to previous Generations: Both 1st Gen so have fun!
Low Luck?: Nope


Short Summary of their plotline:
Kimi wants to destroy her 'brother' Maion, and decides to use Dardanos to achieve this. At first she entices him to join her in an attack against the Miakoda herd, but when they end up the losers and injuried they become even more angry, lashing out at each other. During this madness Kimi comes up with a cunning idea... a way for her to get what she wants, and to increase the pure SWs numbers with a fine specimen.... she proposes mating, agreeing that she will do everything when the baskets arrive and ensure that they are brought up 'right'... even as Kimi says this she wonders if she can resist the urge to kill her own young.

What are their Parents Personalities?
Mother: Kimi is like many SWs, blood hungry and viscious. She likes to hunt with her sister, Zeta, together they distract and lure their prey to a predetermined location so they can have privacy for their kill. Due to Kimi's four wings on her pelt she likes to trick her prey into thinking her an Angeni and before they learn the truth it is too late, this usually works because a lot of soquili have not seen Angeni and only know of them from stories. Kimi hates her brother Maion (adopted), feeling that he has got the best of everything in life.... family, stability and NO bloodlust. On many occassions he has become the target of her instability, but it is also because of him that she prefers to hunt mares (especially pregnant) and foals, she has been known to steal baskets. If you get in her way... she will hunt you!
Father: Abandoned at birth, Dardanos doesn't know of his family, nor does he care to ever meet them. He had his first taste of blood after following the delicious scent finding the carcass of a dead forest creature. He learned later that the the best taste comes from a fresh kill. He scavenged for some time until his skills as a hunter grew. Now, he can move with stealth and follow his prey undetected until the -perfect- moment to strike.

Do the parents have professions?
Mother: Killer
Father: Killer

Link to RP(s) where something happens of importance:
Unwelcome Advances:: This is the RP where Kimi and Dardanos attempt to slaughter Maion and the Miakoda herd but end up injuried and pissed off. Kimi vows she will make her 'brother' pay for all he has done to her, and swears that she will not tolerate this indignity any longer.
Never Surrender:: This is where Kimi and Dardanos make their agreement to 'mate' simply so they can achieve their goal and get rid of those that embarassed them by defeating them. After all, Kimi has a mission and Dardanos strives for purity. --this is the RP used for their RP qualification--

What is their family dynamics? Kimi will raise them... with the desire to destroy Maion and the Miakoda herd, she will use them as her 'weapon' strength in numbers.... of course, that is if she doesn't eat them first.

Traditions: Kill, Bite, Mane, Attack.... all the usual traits.
Herd/Family culture: Kill or be killed. If you can't kill you are weak and deserve death.
Religious Beliefs: MAION MUST DIE!  


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:07 am
Parents and Owners Lomadia (Nekolulu) x Shimanyo ( [ Lady Kiya] )
Low Luck?: No
Unedited? No
Lifemate or Fling? Lifemate
Co Ownership?: N/A
Teepees: Lazy
Link to previous Generations:
url=http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a354/soquilipets/Sirenz/Tags/turq.jpg]Shimanyo's grandma[/url]
Shimanyo\'s grandpa, Shimanyo\'s mother, Shimanyo\'s dad. Lomadia\'s grandma1, Lomadia\'s grandpa1, lomdia grandma2, Lomadia grandpa2 Loma\'s father, Lomadia\'s mother
Link to Breeding Agreement: [x]

Parents and Owners Serafina [[A.V]] x Syn norikous [nekolulu]
Low Luck?: Nope
Unedited? N
Lifemate or Fling? lifemate
Co Ownership?: N/A
Teepees: Lazy
Throwbacks?: Sure!
Link to previous Generations: both first gens
Link to Breeding Agreement: Here!
Throwbacks?: Yes
Link to previous Generations:they are 1st gens  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:09 am
Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: (Ell Em En Oh / icy serenade)
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: (Ren / Oneeko)

Unedited?: No
Co Ownership?: NA
Lifemate?: No
Link to Breeding Agreement: Selective Permission Agreement

Teepees: icys Teepee ; Oneekos Teepee
Throwbacks?: Nah
Link to previous Generations: Both are 1st Gens

Low Luck?: No  

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:29 am
Parents and Owners Dragoon [naggeela] x Xanti [FitzRoyal]
Mother:Dragoon [naggeela]
Father:Xanti [FitzRoyal]
Unedited? Nope
Co Ownership?: N/A
Lifemate? Nope
Link to Breeding Agreement: X

Teepees: FitzRoyal / naggeela doesn't have one
Throwbacks?: Yes
Link to previous Generations:Both 1st gen
Low Luck?: Yes!
Attempts =
#1 - Riris November
#2 - Nekoyas November
#3 - Sabins November
#4 - Nilos November
#5 - Bees November
#6 - Mind December
#7 - Riris December
#8 - Nekoya December
#9 - Riris 2nd December
#10 - Nilos New Years
#11 - Fels January Breedings
#12 - Agneza January Breedings
#13 - Agneza February Breedings
#14 - Agneza April Breedings
#15 - Nerpin April Breedings
#16 - Juls April Breeding Return
#17 - Bees April Breedings
#18 - Riris May Breedings
#19 - Juls May Breedings
#20 - Riris June Breedings
#21 - Bees July Breedings
#22 - Nezas Aug Breedings
#23 - Riris Sept Breedings
#24 - Twisted Tunnel Breedings


Parents and Owners Adelia [-MoomoolatteCha-] x Dai [FitzRoyal]
Mother:Adelia [-MoomoolatteCha-]
Father:Dai [FitzRoyal]
Unedited? No thank you
Lifemate? Nope
Co Ownership?: N/A

Teepees: FitzRoyal / -MoomoolatteCha-
Throwbacks?: Yes
Link to previous Generations:
Mother: X
Father: X
Maternal Grandmother: X
Maternal Grandfather: X
Paternal Grandmother: X
Paternal Grandfather: X
Paternal Great Grandmother: X
Paternal Great Grandfather: X
Link to Breeding Agreement: X
Low Luck?: Nope  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:31 am

Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: (Aurora / Mewsings of An Angel)

Name, image, and owner(s) of father: (Dante / AlexiaSilver)


Unedited?: No
Co Ownership?: No
Lifemate?: YES
Link to Breeding Agreement: Link

Mewsings of An Angel

Throwbacks?: Yes
Link to previous Generations:

Dante's Side

Low Luck?: Not yet!

Mewsings of An Angel

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:40 am
Sintharia [Kailey Koreco] x Chemosh [ [+Katch+] ]

Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Sintharia [Kailey Koreco]
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Chemosh ( [ +Katch+ ] )

Unedited?: No
Co Ownership?: N/A
Lifemate?: No
Link to Breeding Agreement:

Teepees: Kailey | Katch

Throwbacks?: FFFF yes 8D
Link to previous Generations:
Zul\'Brin x Typhoid
Eviotil x Richmon || Reila x Beelzebub
Kitten x Styx
Ozzie x Kerrigan

Anju || Virus x Assiah

Low Luck?: Nope


Pandora (Stormflower) x Marrow ( [+Katch+] )

Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Pandora//stormflower
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Marrow//[+Katch+]


Unedited?: Nope
Co Ownership?: N/A
Lifemate?: No
Link to Breeding Agreement:here

Teepees: Katch and storm

Throwbacks?: Suuuuure~
Link to previous Generations:Pandoras: Dad and Mom

Low Luck:? Nope

*Edited Form: Throwback link wasn't working.  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:41 am
Sachiko [Tanakako & Syaoran-Puu] x Sofiel [Syaoran-Puu]

Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Sachiko (Tanakako and Syaoran-Puu)
Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Sofiel (Syaoran-Puu)
UNCERT (Wing Design)

Unedited?: No
Co Ownership?: Co-own agreement - both have rights, but doesn't matter too much since Sofiel is lifemated to Sachiko and Syaoran-Puu owns Sofiel completely.
Lifemate?: YES!
Link to Breeding Agreement: Lifemates (7th Post)

Teepees: Syaoran-Puu || Tanakako
Throwbacks?: Sure!
Link to previous Generations: Both 1st Gen so have fun!
Low Luck?: Nope


Short Summary of their plotline: Sachiko and Sofiel were from rival herds.... one day Sofiel was given the mission to kill the head of enermies daughter, he goes to do so and ends up watching Sachiko. Her beauty blows him away and after breaking the rules and talking to her he realises he can't kill her. So, instead of killing he returns home and tells his master what he has done. He is about to leave the herd when something happens... Sachiko's father is killed by a novice. The conflict between the herds grows worst and so Sofiel tells his master to blame it all on him, that he will run forever from both herds, forever be counted as the one who killed the leader. He does this to protect his herd, only by doing this can he prevent hundreds of innocents from dying. And so... Sofiel leaves. Before he vanishes completely he finds himself venturing for one last look at Sachiko. His plan was nothing more but to look but he is discovered. Their eyes lock.... and in that moment they know, that this was fated.

Sofiel steals Sachiko away and together they run from both herds. Always hunted. Never at rest. But happy.... because they have each other.

What are their Parents Personalities?
Mother: She a gentle yet spirited mare who longs for adventure and to break out of the protective safety of her father and herd. When she meets Sofiel her world is turned upside down, her heart flutters... but she longs for the very things he can offer her. Adventure, travelling... children.
Father: Sofiel is a reserved character, wasting few words on anyone other than his mate Sachiko. The reason he met Sachiko was because his mission was to assassinate her for political reasons between their two factions, but upon seeing her Sofiel found himself lost to the world, surrounded by only her scent and beauty and he could not bring himself to do it. Instead Sofiel spoke to her... and over time fell completely for her.

He enjoys training anyone who is willing to listen in the art of fighting. In Sofiel's opinion only those who will use it to defend those they love from evil and danger should be allowed to learn. Currently he is helping a stallion called Sonnet, but over the years he has taught Sengdroma and Maion.

Do the parents have professions?
Mother: Healer
Father: Used to be Ninja warrior (top rank).... now he is a trainer.

Link to RP(s) where something happens of importance:

Just Act Tough Sofiel accepts a new student... a pregnant Sengdroma, and although he counts Maion as a dear friend he keeps the pregnancy a secret from him.
Unwelcome Advances Sofiel joins the fight to protect the Miakoda herd from the evil SWs. After this several rumors start to circulate the herd about him.
Together we are Strong Sofiel stays to assist with any injuries, and watches as Maion calms and comforts his herdmates down. During this RP Sofiel comes to appreciate his old students strength even more.... and for the first time in a while, feels almost part of a herd again.
Size isn\'t Everything[ Sofiel meets Sonnet again and starts training him (since Sonnet longs to be able to protect his family). For Sofiel this is a good opportunity to keep his skills honed.

What is their family dynamics? They will be raised by both Sofiel and Sachiko. But due to Sofiel's connection with the Miakoda herd it is likely he will eventually go and share his children with them.

Maion and Sengdroma -- Old students and good friends of Sofiel and Sachiko.
Sonnet -- An old student of Sofiel's and they have been friends ever since. Sonnet has told all of his children about Sofiel and one day they may even meet him.
Haishan Fai and Drashi -- Have become very good friends with Sofiel and they train together whenever Sofiel is in the area.

Traditions: Honor. Love. Truth. These are the ideals that Sofiel and Sachiko hold dear to their hearts.
Herd/Family culture: The moto Sofiel will teach them is:: "Only in silence can you truely hear." Patiences is a BIG thing to him.
Religious Beliefs: None.  


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:42 am
Name, image, and owner(s) of mother: Noemi ([ vance])


Name, image, and owner(s) of father: Brighella (Melwyn & forbeornan)



Unedited?: No
Co Ownership?: forbeornan isn't receiving a basket; Agreement
Lifemate?: Yes!
Link to Breeding Agreement: Here!

Teepees: Melwyn, Vance
Throwbacks?: Yes
Link to previous Generations: Mother (Unmasked), Father
Grandmother, Grandfather

Low Luck?:
Breeding Thickets

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