October 2017.
It's been 5 years since I came to fall in love with an unlikely person.

He's loud, relatively uncivilized, aggravating, stinky. Basically, he's what you would expect in a guy who I swear is a cross between a pirate, lumberjack and a wrestler.

And yet... I wouldn't want him any other way. He's such a vibrant person, and painfully honest. He has no filter, but knows when there is need to curb his mouth.

He's good at hurting feelings - a lot of them mine, and yet... he knows how to fix it. He hates being wrong. He's a metalhead with a penchant for music blaring as loud as possible...

He makes my life a never-ending battle, and a never-ending surprise. <3

October 2011.
My heart was broken by the person whom I thought I would share my life with. You would expect me to grovel, and sure... I did. Heartbreak hurts. So very very much.

But instead of holding onto the past and what was, I am moving on to a future that I know will be good. I have met someone who not only loves me unconditionally despite my flaws, but... he also lets me be myself without pushing me down. I feel so loved, and wanted and needed for the first time in my life... and it doesn't hurt...

It feels... so wonderful to be able to be happy again.

I love you, Ricky.
You have given radiance and color back to a world that had lost all meaning for me...

I now live with the person who makes me very happy!

In all the world, I never expected to be as happy as I am today.
And the reason I am is because of one person in particular who turned my life into something of beauty.
Her name brings butterflies to me, and I dream of her constantly.

October 17th, 2008 was when my life changed.
I remember calling her, crying -scared, worried, alone- because I thought it would be the last time I would ever get to talk to her.
And it ripped a chasm in my heart.

Before I had met her, I was an anti-social person who didn't want much from anyone.
And then I stumbled upon her art thread, and began to know the true person who was "Moo".
No matter what, I found myself drawn to her personality, and how nice she always was, if a little quirky.

I was afraid to lose her, clutching on every thought I had for her.
But then, I wasn't sure what I was feeling for her.
And then her words spoke through my fear.
Three little words that felt like they melted my being.

"I love you."

And then she was gone.
But my eyes did not shed another tear.
For some reason, everything felt insanely light, like all my woes were gone,
And perhaps they really were.

The next day, I said those three words back to her.
So perhaps, it took us two days to be together.
But the feelings were true enough.

Ever since then, we have only grown closer and closer, our love becoming so much more.

And now, we are taking the ultimate step...
She's coming 3000 miles across the country to be with me.
Am I scared?
Heck yes.

But I'm too excited above all else.

On October 24th, 2009, we will finally be together.
And that is something that I can't wait for!
She is the only person I ever want in my life.

And we really are.
Very very very happy...


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Love your jackalope/wolpertinger themed avi! cat_4laugh

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Vampiric Femboy

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Vampiric Femboy

Thanks for the purchase.

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-hugs- I'm sure it will all turn out alright!
witty fiend

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witty fiend

Never mind somebody in cb helped me. ^^; Thank you anyway!

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your profile made me happy xD

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Thanks 4 buying ginos cut

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Thanks so much for buying! <3
A Joyful Noise IV

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A Joyful Noise IV

Thank you for your purchase! It was a hard decision to sell that lovely item but I was so broke and needed fish for my tank. I'm glad it went to someone that will love it as much as I did!

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I miss you tooo~


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