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A little bit of me just died inside.
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[ JK ] it will only get dev-time dedicated to it if major major bugs appea
wl1i0i21:0="[ JK ] it will only get dev-time dedicated to it if major major bugs appear...


I understand that you're not the ones to determine if any of these are major, but could you please direct someone at HQ or QA or whoever is in charge to the massive list of bugs, some of which are seriously hurting gameplay. I don't think one dev is really enough to fix all of this.

If HQ really wants to see an increase in usage, the bugs like instance resetting and the ghi glitch and the broken quest chain (and the orb count glitch and the freebies being broken) all need to be fixed as soon as possible. It's foolish to assume people will continue to play a game like DMS that constantly breaks.
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My only wish now is that Zomg! will exist as long as it can.

Yep, haters gonna hate. Lets just be glad that Zomg! was created and is still around.
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I've read all the posts so far, and I'm happy that I'm not the only z! lover, and I'm also really sad along with the rest of you.

However, I think it's not fair to be hating on the Gaia HQ. If you think about it, most MMOs last about 2-3 years, before the game company moves on to a new game. Secondly if Zomg! was really successful, then I don't think the Gaia HQ would be stupid enough to "abandon" Zomg! or to use its revenue to make new games(we're just being spiteful).

I agree with a previous comment that putting more cs items for users to buy would allow Gaia HQ to earn more revenue through z!, but honestly, one of my reasons for liking Zomg! was the fact that it didn't revolve around cs items like most free to play MMOs.

Furthermore, I know there are a lot of Zomg! fans like myself, but generally MOST people have short attention span and want something new. So it's not Gaia HQ's fault for always trying to come up with new games and etc.

Lastly, GaiaOnline isn't all about Zomg!. Zomg! is just one part of GaiaOnline, and the Gaia HQ can't only focus on one part of the community. They have to please all Gaians, and to do that, they have to sacrifice one way or another. If the Gaia HQ did not care about money, GaiaOnline wouldn't exist at all, and wouldn't be what it is today.

However, I too, "dislike fb games", "stayed on gaia just for Zomg!", and wishes Zomg! would revive, but everything in life must come to an end at some point.

My only wish now is that Zomg! will exist as long as it can.

never settle for mere existence.
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Oh Jk. You have such a way with words.
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Did you make the daily gifts from zomg disappear on purpose to further discourage us?
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so sad to come back from hiatus to read this sad
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so sad to come back from hiatus to read this sad

I know right? I was away for almost 3 months. And then I come back, and all this stuff happens. T^T
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I really like ZOMG! It's the only game that I know how to play!! Backyard monsters to me is complicated, resort world...who cares, and monster galaxy(another version of Pokemon).
I am discouraged in playing Z because the free rewards are now gone, which I am guessing is what they want us to do. I'm almost to level 10 and it doesn't seem as many people are playing now. Hope our voices are heard and they will eventually get back to this game. They have already taken away one of my favourite games, hope this one is not on the list.
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The game boomed the first year it was released in 08.:/ I think the only reason it has died out now is because it's been nearly 4 years since.

How would we show that zOMG is a good investment?

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