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lol this ring is almost as unfair as the sweetheart ring
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lol this ring is almost as unfair as the sweetheart ring

What do you mean?
worthless idea!

Hope this clears up the confusion about the new ring!


Thank you for the rings and goodies. I will save the ring for future updates as I truly have enough loot for this chapter, lol. Thank you for the very clear explanation as to dodge and accuracy boosts.
hmm, interesting
Thank you for the item and new ring. Thanks.
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I think the Golden Egg Bundle was great. It did take a lot longer then expected to release, but there were coding errors. This is beta you know. ninja

I was expecting just some old cheap item to wear, but I got a ring that I can play around with AND a pretty cool item to wear. That was going above and beyond imo. How many times has a new ring been added? Once.

So yeah, you don't like it? Sell it. They're doing pretty well in the mp. EVERYONE likes gold. It's a win-win. mrgreen
Thanks, gaia, I am very happy with the ring and the wearable...I'm glad I came here to read about the luck benefit of the ring...I wasn't really seeing a difference but now I understand.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Baa-baa gold sheep!
Hey that looks pretty spiffy!
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I very much like the wearable items, and hey, new ring! XD I don't like fitness because the stat increases I look for are so small, but this ring suits my needs perfectly. Thank you everyone who worked on this! I look forward to playing with my new toys smile
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Rocking Vendetta
crying crying crying crying my eggs gone crying crying crying crying crying crying

mine too! and i didnt sell it or trade it away...it's just gone
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excuse me, exactly when did this event started? i didnt get any notifications like this :/
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I hereby repent of selling off over half my golden eggs. My expectations were no where near high enough--thank you indeed for the lovely item as well as the ring! heart
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So happy my egg finally hatched. I was very pleased to get both a ring and an item. Love the crown, trying to figure out what to give up for the ring. Thanks for explaining exactly how the ring works. The price went up so much for the golden egg, people who don't like the stuff inside can still sell for a profit. Great job!

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