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excuse me, exactly when did this event started? i didnt get any notifications like this :/
The golden eggs appeared in ZOMG during the Easter event.
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Thanks for the bundle pack. ^_^ I love both the items. Especially the cape.

Darn Devs! You made me squeal like a girl in class.
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Kick-a** prizes, guys! :D

I mean, a whole new ring, just for us? That is too cool. ^ ^
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thank you devs for the hard work
fabulous!it was so totally work the wait mrgreen
going to try that ring now *runs to zomg*
bump threed
bump threed
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I was going to complain a little here, but then I chose to read over all the previous entries in this forum, just to make sure I wasn't repeating anyone else, and so found the following:
Prior to releasing the ring, we conducted exhaustive testing of the impact of luck tracking item rewards over several thousand monster kills in a controlled environment. Through these tests, we were able to prove that luck reliably increases all item awards aside from gold. Loot, recipes, orbs, and rings all showed increased reward rates.

Finally, with regards to gold, we'll be making a change to the way Luck functions soon that will increase the amount of gold you receive when your Luck is increased. This should be a lot more visible than item rewards. Instead of increasing the chance you have of being awarded an item it will increase the amount you are awarded whenever you receive gold from a monster kill.
Ah, okies then ~ so the spiffy new FortuneĀ“s Favor ring isn't supposed to do anything, it's just supposed to be worn for a bonus. >_____< I was beginning to worry that something might have been wrong with mine...!
Im disappointed.... A passive ring? Someone got lazy.
Not as much laziness as being unable to get time scheduled for anyone with the skills needed to create a ring animation because they were all very busy with other stuff. Sorry to disappoint. crying
I spotted the hiring notice a while ago ~ maybe I should have told a dear friend of mine, who's a terribly talented animator...

But might this ring's lack of special visual effects change in future, maybe with the introduction of targeted buffer casting or something like that?

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I hereby repent of selling off over half my golden eggs.
Wait, what ~ you have more than ONE Golden Egg?! O_____o How in ever did you manage that...? o_____o I was involved in defeating many Eggs during this year's Easter event, and I was only ever awarded the one Egg for my efforts... ~_____~ Did I miss out somehow?
heart heart ty devs for this wonderful bundle smile I love it 4laugh
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The items where well worth the wait! Thank you so much you guys and gals!
Thanks for the update.
I upgraded the ring to cl10 and put it on a finger, but my stats all stayed the same. I tested wearing the ring (it appears to be passive) in otami but received the same amount of gold and orbs from animated and chests that I would normally. I do not see that the ring does anything.

I'm having the same problem. It annoys me more how it's taking up the spot where I usually put a buff for SS. I've tested with and without the ring, and I get the same amount. I don't see the increase of loot/gold. ): Pretty disappointing....

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Whoo-hoo! Awesomeness! biggrin

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