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? Got what? ninja confused

Other titles:
Tainted World
Angel Scales / Devil Feathers
Angel Feathers / Devil Scales
The Thunder River [Niagra Falls]
I think I love you.

Do you have the summary posted anywhere else?

...Can I have your babies?
There's a link. Prologue is coming along, just have to finish main character descritptions. XP
The Prologue doesn't explain as much as the Summary does in the first post. It's not open for posting yet so...here maybe? ninja


Shadows in the Light
Battered Beauty
Corrupted Soul

These are some of the titles I considered using for one story. I still don't know what to name it, but I'll think of something.
I think I love you.

Ooh. I like Battered Beauty.


Donut Holes,
The Little Quirks,
Mind Drift.

...Can I have your babies?
*waits for someone to help me* *dances* rofl

Love Ties
Crushed Minerals
I think I love you.

That's actually kind of vague. And to be honest, I'm not good with action stories.

Try waiting it out. You're only on the prologue. Something will hit you, I promise.


Sincerely, your crac
ked reality;
ck you, and other such truths.
I ha
te you, and other such lies.

...Can I have your babies?
Okay. Better not hit me in the end cause it might be a long story. stare

Love is Poison
52 Cards in a Deck
Smack that Fool
I think I love you.

Haha. As far as I'm thinking right now, Fangs might turn into a trilogy.
(I hope not, I'm hoping to end it with the apocalypse.)
And I refuse to call it Fangs, that's just lame and giving-uppy.


52 Pick-Up Lines,
Application for Employment.

...Can I have your babies?
Hmm titles?

The Sun Sets at Dawn
Torches at Twilight
101 Ways to Cheat on a Test xd
I think I love you.

Lol the last one's funny.


Ps, You Suck.

...Can I have your babies?
Insparation isn't smacking me in the face yet. stare


97 Undetectable Poisons
System Faliure
Star Meteor
I think I love you.

It's not necessarily going to happen today -.-''
Be patient. It'll come eventually.


When You Leave,
While You Were Out,
Fatal Injuries,
Stable Fa

...Can I have your babies?
Of course. I'm reading something hoping an answer will come to me. So far its interesting then I died a bit more than a little inside.

Sky Eclipse
Battle Formation
Lunar Threads [May use it for something]
Cast out Stranger
Is this the Truth or is this a Lie?
I think I love you.

Just wait. you'll be blasted with something perfect.
Once, I wrote this drabble.
Then I was like, HOMG! And slapped a title on it.
Now, if I finish it, I might be getting published.
Think up something amazing and eye catching.
But make sure you love it.

No gives this post. My elbow's bleeding.

...Can I have your babies?

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