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Best Survival Horror Series?

Silent Hill 0.20875420875421 20.9% [ 124 ]
Resident Evil 0.11952861952862 12.0% [ 71 ]
Dead Space 0.084175084175084 8.4% [ 50 ]
Fatal Frame 0.084175084175084 8.4% [ 50 ]
Amnesia/Penumbra 0.12457912457912 12.5% [ 74 ]
Some other thing 0.37878787878788 37.9% [ 225 ]
Total Votes:[ 594 ]
The Musicbox Heart's avatar

Timid Phantom


That avatar is so lively! They look like a happy-go-lucky genie from distant, desert lands...
iabiel's avatar

Questionable Cat

The Musicbox Heart
He seems quite intriguing o no
Veeconia's avatar

Unbeatable Lover

iabiel <3 gallons of black tea ^_^

User Image
The Musicbox Heart's avatar

Timid Phantom


Thank you kindly for the compliment, iabiel. :3
Synlier's avatar

Perfect Knight

The Musicbox Heart
Moth Cat's avatar

Familiar Loiterer

Hmm... I pick...

V Well I suppose I could sit upwind if the smoke is that much of a problem. I'm pretty easy to get along with.
AtreeX's avatar

Big Cat

^ Oh! It's not a huge problem, I'd just like to minimize it without causing either of us problems, y'know? I'll sit wherever if it's too much of a hassle though, and you're free to smoke all through teatime. I've hung out with my fair share of smokers, even if I don't smoke myself. C:

Moth Cat!
Though if I could sit upwind of you, that would be nice. Please and thank you?
Le nebula's avatar

Fashionable Conversationalist

Moth cat, but I prefer to have decaff latte at star bucks...
Dan D Mann's avatar

Ruthless Ally

both of them. what kind of tea you girls prefer ?
La Snooze's avatar

Sparkling Cutie-Pie

17,200 Points
  • Object of Affection 150
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
  • Magical Girl 50
Q~ whee You know that, darling~ heart rofl
The Musicbox Heart's avatar

Timid Phantom


I'm curious to know where he got that scar over his eye, if he'd tell me. Tea is always better with a story to match!
Alden Archer's avatar

Liberal Seeker

        La Snooze seems to be more the tea type but The Musicbox Heart seems more the interesting choice for tea.
The Musicbox Heart's avatar

Timid Phantom

Alden Archer

I wonder what sort of book she's reading...though I do hope her tea doesn't spill and mar the pages.

There have been a lot of people wanting tea with me...wouldn't it be fun if everyone were all gathered in the same parlor for teatime? I suppose that would be a bit too chaotic, though.
Holy Slayer's avatar

O.G. Noob

Both would be fine.

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