Welcome to my profile, whomever you may be. This is where I keep a record of who I play, not who I am.
Basically, this is a roleplay account where I am, more often then not, IC (In Character). So keep in mind that the information listed below pertains to my character, not necessarily to who I am Out Of Character (OCC). For information about who I actually am, you can feel free to try talking to me.
There, no excuses if you mistake my character's actions/feelings for mine.

Now that I have that out of my system, I mean no offense as that opening was just to deter confusion as to who I am on this account, please feel free to scroll down for information about my character with the silly name of Often.


The Basics
Name: Often
Alias / Nicknames: Lurker
Age: Older then you [estimated at least 500 years]
Age appearance: Mid to late twenties
Gender: Female
Species: Bogeyman
Sexuality: Polyamorous
Family: Non-blood relation to Volker von Schwarzwind [due to.. particular reasons, he's like a brother.]
Current home: The Piece of Mind Bar
Theme Song: Korn - Shoots and Ladders

Detailed description
Picture reference(s): [x] - Face reference [Drawn by myself], [x] - Drawn by Volker von Schwarzwind, [x][x] - Drawn by laectroix, [x][x] - Drawn by Princeh Monster, [x] - Drawn by Dakki-Dono, [x] - Drawn by Something_Terrible, [x] - Drawn by Clayt
Hair Color: Pale blond
Hair Length/Style: Medium length; thick, and fluffy
Eye Color: Orange / glowing [She only has one eye, her right one]
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Roughly 100 lbs when solid
Clothing Style: Dress clothes / fantasy outfits [Enjoys androgynous looking clothing and usually avoids anything overtly feminine]
Abnormalities: Tall black horns [rough to the touch], a spaded black tail [It's prehensile], sharp teeth [four canines on the top and four on the bottom, the rest of her teeth are normal], black tongue [It can stretch out to be roughly a foot long and gets thinner the longer it gets], glowing orange markings [These tend to only appear when she's around Volke or large sources of magic], an extremely low body temperature [Always cold to the touch/doesn't feel 'alive'], and her skin is turning black in places [Her feet are completely black, with it slowly spreading up her legs, and the same goes for her hands, with it slowly spreading up her arms]. There are also black and white tendrils of smoke that flow from the outer rim of her ears and whenever she exhales dark gray, scentless smoke trickles out of her mouth.
Finally, even when she's not around magic an orange glow can be seen in the back of her throat whenever she opens her mouth [The glow is a similar orange to the markings that appear on her skin].
Scar Tissue: Scars across her face [The entire left side of her face is ruined with scar tissue. Though her eye patch covers the worst of it, scars poke out from underneath it along her hairline, cheek; criss-cross over the bridge of her nose; and stretch up along her hairline], arms [Defensive scars criss-cross along the backs of her forearms, although these are disappearing from sight as her arms turn black], and torso [Surgical scars, one scar resembling the incision from an autopsy on her front, and two scars forming an X on her back]
First Impression On People: A lurker, odd, goofy, somewhat perverted, etc. [The list goes on]
Skin Color: Pale sandy peach
Body Type/Build: Lanky, muscular, rather slender
Default Expression: A happy smile or sly grin
Posture: Perfect whenever she's not slouching
Measurements: 32C
Piercings: One located in her left ear
Voice Description: A raspy whisper, fairly gender neutral [It's actually easier for her to make animal noises then it is to speak English]

Favorite / Least favorite Color: Gold / Pink
Favorite / Least favorite Food: Any food baked inside a bun [pizza pockets/dumplings/etc.] and fear / Lemons
Favorite / Least favorite Animal: Rats / Butterflies [They're useless, at least some moths are poisionous]
Hobbies: People watching, having people mistake her for a guy, drinking, cooking and cleaning, and growing nightmares
Usual Mood: Calm, smug/happy [Changes completely when offered alcohol or sees anything cute]
Comfortable Temperature: Warmer weather
Sleeping Pattern: Tends to fall asleep everywhere
Cleanliness / Neatness: Extremely clean
Companion of choice: Pet rat, Celsius
Weapon of choice: Bare fists, but will use whatever comes to hand. [Note that even though she'll use whatever comes to hand, that doesn't mean she can use it well]
Abilities: Besides being able to grow nightmares [they resemble large marbles full of gasoline that dissolve into thick, black smoke when cracked. Note that it is unwise to breath in this smoke] Often can also shape shift. Not into other creatures and things mind you, but she can change into a cloud of dark gray smoke that can separate, reform, and move around without the need of wind. She never stays like that for long though, always returning to her solid form within minutes. Also, while she cannot use magics herself, her body acts as an amplifier for any magics that are cast through her. She can amplify spells up to three time as powerful, but too much at once can severely damage her. Magic is one of the few things that causes her pain.
Personality: Is not usually bothered by insults and what-not, but can become extremely violent if offended or ticked off. Otherwise she's mostly calm. Has a bad habit of becoming extremely attached to people and becoming violently overprotective. Also, even after five hundred years, there's still a lot about humans she doesn't understand. Because of this, she gets confused a lot over silly little things.

Once a creature of smoke and fear, with no real form to call her own, Often was not the casual and friendly being that most people know her as today. Captured and bound to a single form many years ago, her life and personality changed completely. Going from a wayward predator to a confused female, she has never really gotten over the fact that she is now a mere shadow of what she used to be. Still, not being one to let the past slow her down, Often tends to keep such things to herself and is more then happy to avoid talking about it.
Over the years, she's slowly recovered some power thanks to Volke having gotten her addicted to ambrosia, but has come to terms with the fact that she is just going to have to deal with having a single form. Choosing to wander about rather then get tied down to any one place, she is most likely found anywhere humans are known to gather. If only for how sweet their fear tastes.

[Want to know more? Roleplay with me.]

Oh yeah, as a side note, I can usually be found either in the WG or here:
Piece of Mind Bar


Random ramblings

Not everything here is up to date, but I do tend to sometimes store things of interest, so feel free to look around.


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Grüzi Lurker? I know you can hear me. Since... you know. You lurk.
Frohes neues Jahr and all that!
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heart heart heart
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It goes. How about you? I've been monitoring your awesome avis as usual.
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Well then I know where to find you if I ever lose you!
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Understandably. A lot of the people I used to be friends with either quit or I'm not friends with them anymore. >:
Least I can still make pretty avatars and compliment Mothy on here huh?
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Oh did you? razz

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OH STOP. I'm still poor as heck on this site.
But I tossed in a bit of cash for Gcash since I had a good payday. I'm lookin fancy as heck.
My Skype is kyleryanblack if you wanna add me cutie.


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