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Obsessive Girl

Yes, I hate that show. evil

The store Circuit City?
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Ruthless Trader

Mhm! I bought all of my red alert games from them.

When myspace the movie was cool?
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Shadowy Hunter

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Not really - I never got that into Myspace so I probably didn't know about it.

Do you remember the show Katie and Orbie?
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Obsessive Girl

I don't watch a lot of tv, so no.

When youtube was new?
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Amorous Gawker

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The green boot from Super Mario Bros. 3?
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Yes, made the game a lot easier.

Oregon Trail?
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Aged Warrior

Yes...my character was always the first to die. rofl

Remember using floppy disks?
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Shameless Exhibitionist

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Floppy disks that were not floppy. XD

Nintendo cereal?
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I know of it, but never had it.

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Greedy Genius

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You mean that powdered drink that sent an orangutan into space? Hell yes.

Poke'mon Snap?

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Unholy Lunatic

Yes, ugh sadly, my sister sold mine for a quarter and I'm still angry at her for it.

The store, Sam Goody?
I don't recall seeing one in my area.

Do you remember Mr. Sketch scented markers?

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