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Do you remember Eureka's Castle?
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Yes I do. I also had a couple of books that the same illustrator worked on, too.

Anyone remember Marsupilami?
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Interesting Seeker

I do!

Do you remember the Little Critter books?
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Remember the Bernstein Bears books?
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Devoted Sweetheart

Yes. I remember when my family rented that game when we had an NES.
I thought it was a lot more fun than regular Pac-Man.

Remember the Magic School Bus?
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i'm not that old. I had antennae, but not home made ones.

remember ms. pac man?
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Yes. Those boys in the commercials were creepier than the crawlers. razz

Do you remember having only 3 channels on your television..and having to tune it with makeshift rabbit ears?
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Do you remember Creepy Crawlers?
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Kindly Lunatic

Yes. N64 for life.

Do you remember Wikki Stix?
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Nope,...never even heard of it....

Remember when 3d video games used to have sharp edges...like the PS1/Nintendo 64 era?...
Ah...honestly, no.

Remember Gak?
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Diamond Raider

Ohmy, yes. I only had the 4th grade one and loved playing it. I think I got rid of it though emotion_facepalm

Remember the 90's cartoon Ned's Newt?
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Questionable Traveler

I had to google it, so I'm going to say no. Probably for the better though, seeing how Five Nights at Freddy's has pretty much ruined animatronic figures for me.

Anyone ever played those old Cluefinders games?
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Hot Dog

Yeah. I clearly remember the girl with the last name "Mayonnaise".

Remember Teddy Ruxpin?
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Omnipresent Elder

No, I don't!

Do you remember, Doug?


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