I left Gaia for about 4.5 years and came back in 2020. I miss my friends from before, but I still get to talk to them sometimes when they're around. I'm in forums almost exclusively. You can find me mostly in Word Games and Runway.

The old Phantom of the Opera profile I used to use from TekTek has finally broken past usability. Sad times. For now I'll just leave it on Classic until I figure out something else to do with it....What I wrote here really needs an update as it's been over a decade and a person changes.

I'm a musician! Or I try to be. I play Flute, piccolo, piano, and clarinet. Oh and I sing-but only in the car and the shower ~.^
I still play music. My flute is gathering dust, but I play koto regularly. I still have the incurable urge to sing all of the time. It's not just in the car and shower-I think I was trying to sound cool. I literally sing anywhere and everywhere.

Movies: Ladyhawke, Die Hard, Princess Bride, Guys and Dolls, anything Pixar, old Disney movies, and Kingdom of Heaven. (plus pretty much anything with Harrison Ford or Sean Connery).
Hm, I still really do like many of those movies. I am always open to new movies-anything but horror. I am way too good at getting nightmares.

Books: I read books more than I watch anime/movies. I read a few manga but as far as books go I prefer novels. Terry Pratchett, Tamara Pierce, John Marco, Terry Goodkind, Robin McKinley, and Diana Wynne Jones are some of my faves. Suggest a book-I'll read pretty much anything once-if I like it I'll read it again! smile
I will add to the authors I truly enjoy reading: Brandon Sanderson, Sherwood Smith, Joe Haldeman, and Naomi Novik. I read like its going out of style. This has never changed. MORE BOOKS! MOAR!!

I love avatar art-especially of my defult avi. I will always give credit to the artist if I use them in my signature, but there are some very old images from over a decade ago that I had to save off of photobucket when my computer crashed and I no longer know the usernames of the very kind people who drew them for me. Was it you or you recognize the art? Let me know!

I draw like this
But also like this :p

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Ohey there, I read that you like fishing minigames...
Have you ever hear of a mobile game called A Girl Adrift???
I used to play that game for hours!!! xd
clay goldschmidt

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clay goldschmidt

thank you for purchasing at my store!

i hope to see you again,
Clay Goldschmidt

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Local Forest Dweller

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Local Forest Dweller

love the avi
heiress w hot fortune

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heiress w hot fortune

hi, liked the avatar & username, so decided to come see the profile.
I'd not heard of "koto" so I looked it up. Fascinating!
today I learned...

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You like word games? Do you have a smart phone? There's a simple little app called "Worgle" on android, no sign-up. It's like boggle in real-time against randoms across the world. I play it from time to time. It's fun.

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talk2hand I, too, hope you have a good day! Thanks smile

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Of course, no problem!!! heart
probably antonio board

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probably antonio board

such a cute avi~!

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Saw your sig, how many and which color inks do you need? c:
I have quite a few brown, purple, yellow, orange, and gold inks left over from when I quested white body dye, but I'm not sure if those are the ones you need?
Ichigo Arerugi

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Ichigo Arerugi

Your avatars have been absolutely killing it lately! Your current is so pretty. I've been wanting to use that Cutey Hunter dress forever, so I'm totally taking notes wink


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