I left Gaia for about 4.5 years and just came back in 2020. I miss my friends from before, but I still get to talk to them sometimes when they're around. I'm in forums almost exclusively, and looking for a second home since my old one has gone a bit dark. You can find me in Word Games and Chatterbox.

This is an old profile set up that used to have Phantom of the Opera theming. It's broken now, but it's nostalgic for me, so I'm keeping it around. However, What I've written here really needs an update as it's been over a decade and a person changes.

I'm a musician! Or I try to be. I play Flute, piccolo, piano, and clarinet. Oh and I sing-but only in the car and the shower ~.^
I still play music. My flute is gathering dust, but I play koto regularly. I still have the incurable urge to sing all of the time. It's not just in the car and shower-I think I was trying to sound cool. I literally sing anywhere and everywhere.

Movies: Ladyhawke, Die Hard, Princess Bride, Guys and Dolls, anything Pixar, old Disney movies, and Kingdom of Heaven. (plus pretty much anything with Harrison Ford or Sean Connery).
Hm, I still really do like many of those movies. I am always open to new movies-anything but horror. I am way too good at getting nightmares.

Books: I read books more than I watch anime/movies. I read a few manga but as far as books go I prefer novels. Terry Pratchett, Tamara Pierce, John Marco, Terry Goodkind, Robin McKinley, and Diana Wynne Jones are some of my faves. Suggest a book-I'll read pretty much anything once-if I like it I'll read it again! smile
I will add to the authors I truly enjoy reading: Brandon Sanderson, Sherwood Smith, Joe Haldeman, and Naomi Novik. I read like its going out of style. This has never changed. MORE BOOKS! MOAR!!

I love avatar art-especially of my defult avi. I will always give credit to the artist if I use them in my signature, but there are some very old images from over a decade ago that I had to save off of photobucket when my computer crashed and I no longer know the usernames of the very kind people who drew them for me. Was it you or you recognize the art? Let me know!

I draw like this
But also like this :p

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Stardust, Neverwhere, Coraline, Good Omens - none were fabulous movies in my estimation.
Mirror Mask - he worked on that and it was pretty good.
I haven't read Sanderson - isn't that an alias? I can't remember where I heard that.
I love watermelon!

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Beautiful avi! I love the dark with all the gasoline hues. And the grin biggrin
I also love a lot of the same movies, books and authors.
I'd like to recommend Neil Gaiman - as an author -
I don't think the movies made from his books are up to par.
Also, Patrick Rothfuss - anything by him, but especially the Kingkiller Trilogy
- of which there are only two, so far.

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Omg I love your avvie, what a throwback!!
An Invisible Shapeshifter

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An Invisible Shapeshifter

Thanks! XD In the end there was a small blip that night but I *did* get sleep eventually!
An Invisible Shapeshifter

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An Invisible Shapeshifter

awesome! someday when im not like, dead tired i'd love to squee about it
i'vej ust been on a FANART binge you know of that game

anyway, i think i can finally after waiting 5 more minutes knock out, but it's cool
and i think your avatar is really really cool lookin' too
An Invisible Shapeshifter

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An Invisible Shapeshifter

have you played that game? I love it i'm going thru it with my friend (very slowly on good days) >U< Most everyone I know forgot about it!

I think the penultimate villain is such a great character whee
An Invisible Shapeshifter

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An Invisible Shapeshifter

oh my gosh your avatar isn't a reference to Lucy Baker from layton brothers: mystery room is she? (albeit in different clothing)
Lian Shuang

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Lian Shuang

The crate meme might be referring to the "milk crate challenge," where people stack them up into a pyramid and try to climb it like a set of stairs, but milk crates aren't built to support a human being so it usually ends pretty badly
can can liz

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can can liz

Thanks for visiting me
I enjoyed the company
before elm

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before elm

cool avi


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