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XX. SinsXX OrXX VirtueXXYou DecideXXXX

          Creator: Lexxii-Blood-Diamond and Captain Kip Kip
          Literacy: Semi-Literate to Literate.
          Genre(s): Romance,School Life,Drama, Mythical
          Status: [Accepting] ---Open

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Щ ҿʃҁɸӎҿ

          INDENTΦuɽ Ștory,

          ʟong before the Earth became what it was, there was a war between Good and Evil. The seven virtues and the seven deadly sins fought for control of the newly created earth, until one day they lost all of their full abilities to fight from the God that created the seven virtues. As punishment, the Sins and Virtues were placed on Earth and stripped of their power. The oldest and most powerful of the seven deadly sins, Pride then opened up a school on the command of her creator in his hopes to start up the war again and create chaos on the new developed world. This war was meant to secretly go on in these halls, and now bystanders are walking among them. Now, students are enrolling, some not involved with the war and some meant to stop the war from happening. Who's side will you pledge your allegiance to, or will you even be apart of the all out war of good and evil?

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Introduction Ψ Story/Campus Rules Ψ Profiles Ψ Reserves Ψ Calendar/Dorms Ψ Events Ψ Open Ψ
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We're the Goddess' of this roleplay Therfore, We have power to change rules or make them. No Whining! You break the rules three times, Black listed and your Character will be killed off some how...So advice.. Don't Do it

 ☆═━Șexual Ҫontent━═☆ 

Keep it PG-17. Yes that means No SEXY TIME. Don't take it to the PMs because, that is just nastehhh! Pweasee!


Use "Quotes" to talk, and also use Italics to think. and use Grammar and Punctuation make it look like you know what your doing. If your not sure of a misspelled word, look it up, Better being safe than sorry. We really don't care what you post, Just make sure it is appropriate and related to the Roleplay. If you Fail to post for a week without a PM to Me(Lexxii-Blood-Diamond). Your Character will be kicked out. Also if your dropping your character let us know. And Make sure that your character isn't in a conversation with someone. Thanks~


Since this is a Semi-Lit to Lit Roleplay, No one liners please. Give at least a paragraph, or four-five sentences tops. It helps others reply if there is some detail. We understand.. there is a horrible thing such as Writers Block We are fully aware. But also, try not to make no walls of post. People can be intimidated by it.


Pretty easy.. Follow gaia's TOS please. Well Enough said..

 ☆═━Profiles and Reserves━═☆ 

Please, Send all your profiles to Captain Kip Kip and all your Reserves to Lexxii-Blood-Diamond. Send the profiles with the subject, "My Rose is.." and for the Reserves, send with the subject, "Black or White?"

 ☆═━God Modding━═☆ 

I cant stress enough about this. God Modding is not allowed! Unless your partner is aware and has approved of it. Also run it by me, so I don't give you a warning. Also no killing other peoples characters without running it by your partner and us.


Once all the roles are taken that is it. Unless someone drops out. But this does not Qualify for the Mis. Characters. If you have an Idea that would be a related role to the roleplay, Run it by me and we shall talk. As for the Sins and Virtues, no exceptions.

 ☆═━Being Nice━═☆ 

Be nice please, I don't want any critics. At times you may want to strangle someone. But if you have any problems with someone or something. Don't be afraid to ask. This also applies in the O.O.C. Be nice! Try to involve everyone that is also in the role play, don't leave people hanging.

 ☆═━Have Fun~━═☆ 

Introduction Ψ Campus Ψ Rules Ψ Profiles Ψ Reserves Ψ Calendar/Dorms Ψ Events Open Ψ

*** Send Profiles to Captain Kip Kip***

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[b]Age[/b]: (~ Age ~)

[b]Sex[/b]: (Male or Female)

[b]Sexuality[/b]: (Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual, Etc.)

[b]Race[/b]:(Angel,Demon, Neko, Human, Ect)

[b]Alligence[/b]: (Good Evil, Neutral? Or do you not care?)

[b]Role[/b]: (Sin? Virtue? Horseman? Misc? [If so PM me and we will talk] )

[b]Bio[/b]: (At least one paragraph)

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Introduction Ψ Campus Ψ Rules Ψ Profiles Ψ Reserves Calendar/Dorms Ψ Events Ψ Open Ψ
Reserves/ Roles

Ψ Seven Sins

The seven deadly sins were made by the forces of evil in this world. They want to control the world and make it a much eviler place, with their creator the emperor of it all, although some sins do not like their creator. The sins are in order of power from Strongest to Weakest: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust.

User ImageUser Image User ImageUser ImageUser Image User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Left to Right: [Pride (Annalie) Lucci Ψ Unknown, appears to be in her early twenties Ψ Principal and Sin; Pride Ψ Captain Kip Kip], [Veranica Amador Ψ 18 Ψ Sin; Envy Ψ BipolarGrizzlyBear], [Tentacious El Von Gradz Ψ17 Ψ Wrath Ψ The Shoppe],[Sloth Ψ 19 Ψ Sin Ψ Danimonster],[Nari Lili Shroud Ψ 23 Ψ Sin; Lust Ψ Amaya Soma]

Ψ Seven Virtues

The seven virtues on the other hand, were made by the forces of good in this world. They want the world to be a peaceful place with their creator to be able to watch over it. These virtues however can not stand the seven deadly sins and their plans to make the world an evil place and began to fight them. The virtues are the opposites of the sins. The virtues are in the order of power from Strongest to Weakest: Humility, Kindness, Forgiveness, Diligence, Charity, Temperance, and Chastity.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User ImageUser Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
Left to Right: [Nella Humbleness Chia Ψ 18 Ψ Virtue; Humility Ψ Amaya Soma],[Renne "Kindness" Deilana Ψ Seventeen Ψ Virtue Ψ Hana-Panda], [Akio ChastityΨ 19 Ψ Chastity Ψ Rezninja]

Ψ Horseman

The four horsemen don't really have a care for the war, they just know that their job is to help at finishing off the world. However, they do have their preferences on who they want to win the war and give their loyalty to them. However, there are horsemen that don't really care what side wins and just want the world to end already. The four horsemen from the Strongest to Weakest: The Pale Horseman[[Death]],The Black Horseman [[Famine/Pestilence]],The Red Horseman [[War]], and The White Horseman [[Conquest]]

User ImageUser Image User Image User Image
Left to Right:[Drake E. Thank Ψ 23, Actual age is Unknown Ψ Horseman: Death Ψ R8dash], [Equ D. Bellum Ψsince the first war Ψ horseman Ψ sciddels], [Characters name: Tamriel ΨAge???Ψ Role: Horseman Conquest Ψ Username]Iamlordmichael

Ψ Misc.

These are the special students,they are neither a Sin Virtue or Horseman. They don't particularly have a side. Some of these students are hidden, others are out. Can You find them?: Karma, Yin and Yang. [[Can add more]]

User Image User Image User Image
Left to Right:[Azumi Koe Orihara Ψ 17 Ψ Karma Ψ Lexxii-Blood-Diamond], [Chrissy Yin Ψ Unknown, appears seventeen Ψ Yin Ψ Captain Kip Kip],[Soren Tsuki MichaelisΨ 19 Ψ Yang Ψ Lexxii-Blood-Diamond]

Ψ Students

The students of apocalypse high are apart of the magical world. They know legends of the war from before their time, but they do not know that they are basically at the battlegrounds of it. However, some of the students feel something disturbing going on around them. Once they do realize what is going on, they may decide to belong to the forces of good or evil, or try to stay out of it all together.

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
Left to Right: [Emsee (Mimzy) Mitzia Ψ Nine Ψ Student Ψ Captain Kip Kip], [Tal-ik Orthotos Ψ Seventeen Ψ Student Ψ Sonic_Kaos] [Deemitrx Sertent Syilver Ψ17 Ψ Human Student Ψ fairfolk1]

Ψ Teachers

The Teachers, here to guide and help you through your experience at Apocalypse High. Yes, some are sin, and some are virtue.

User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Left to Right:

Introduction Ψ Campus Ψ Rules Ψ Profiles Ψ Reserves Ψ Calendar/Dorms Ψ Events Ψ Open Ψ

╔══════════════ Ψ ══════════════╗
Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20
21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31

Current Time and Weather:
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

AM 12:00 | 1:00 | 2:00 | 3:00 | 4:00 | 5:00 | 6:00 | 7:00 | 8:00 | 9:00 | 10:00 | 11:00
PM 12:00 | 1:00 | 2:00 | 3:00 | 4:00 | 5:00 | 6:00 | 7:00 | 8:00 | 9:00 | 10:00 | 11:00

Sun | Clouds | Rain | Snow | Thunder storm | Windy | Chilly | Lightning Storm | Blizzard

╚══════════════ Ψ ══════════════╝


Room 1
User Image User Image
Sloth// Emsee Mitzia

Room 2
User Image User Image
Tal-ik Orthotos// Akio Chastity

Room 3
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
Nella Chia // Chrissy Yin

Room 4
User Image User Image
Azumi Orihara//

Room 5
User Image
// Soren

Room 6
User Image User Image
Renne Deilana //

Room 7
User Image User Image
Equ D. Bellum // Veranica Amador

Introduction Ψ Campus Ψ Rules Ψ Profiles Ψ Reserves Ψ Calendar/Dorms Ψ Events ΨOpen Ψ

Coming Sooon!

Introduction Ψ Campus Ψ Rules Ψ Profiles Ψ Reserves Ψ Calendar/Dorms Ψ Events Ψ Open Ψ
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This Roleplay is now open for posting~
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`•.¸¸.••´´Ӄ ᾳ ɽ ɱ ᾳ`•• .¸¸.•´


ᾏzumi Ӄoe Ѻrihara

"You get to choose your Actions, Good or Bad.

Azumi's alarm went off.. She grumbled,"Mmm..school.." She sighed, getting ready for school. Karma.. That was who she was known as, her race.. her job. Azumi sighed, taking a shower then getting dressed and what not. It was a long process. This school year was going to be a long process. That stupid war, going on between good and Evil at the school. IT was honestly a pain. Fights were frequent among the Sins and Virtue. All Azumi did was watch and give what they earned.. Simple and easy. Azumi figured, she was also the overseer.

Azumi sighed, getting out of the car and looking at the school."Perfect.." Azumi wasn't very a morning person. Looking at all the new faces. Karma was more of a loner.. Unlike the Virtue or Sin, She was on her one. She didn't mind though. She was more of the on either side of the fence. To be honest, that was perfectly. She honestly played Neutral. Her job was to make things balance..

Azumi continued to walk until she had found her Dorm eight. She smiled lightly, the same dorm she had last year. It didn't bother her to much. It just meant that nobody had been sleeping in her bed over the summer. The only people would be the cleaning people, and Azumi was okay with this.

Azumi wondered around the school after getting settled. She walked to the center of the school. Sitting down on a bench.She watched the children scurry by, she laughed. She always thought it was funny that some of these children were unaware that there was even a war. She didn't mind though. But, it was absolutely something to watch.

"But it's my choice to choose your Consequence.. Good or Bad.."


Place: Center of school.
I am with: Many people, Nobody in particular.
How am I feeling: Calm, Observant,
My Thoughts: We'll see how this years goes.. Probably be like all the rest.
Outfit: One in pic.. even though.. it's kind of scandalous


{--O.ut O.f C.onsequences: --}
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                                                │║║xx Falling down down deeper in sin
                                                                Never knowing our mistakes until its too latexx│║║

                                                                xxPride ❛❜Annalie❛❜ Lucci


                                                                                            The ceiling spun above her head as her swivel chair went round and round. "God, I'm so bored!" Were Pride's first words of the school year. She stopping spinning and rested her feet on the window sill, gently rocking side to side in her chair. While she waited for the world to stop spinning around her, thoughts began to bounce in her head about the upcoming school year. With the war and all, it was sure to be entertaining. The only thing she was not looking forward to, was the virtues. Her siblings she could stand, annoying as they were, but the virtues...Were just an inconvenience, something she would haft to deal with gritted teeth and extreme patience. She reached for the cup of coffee on her desk and took a small sip, closing her eyes as she relished in the delicious taste.

                                                                                            One startlingly bright blue eye opened when a sudden aura drifted into the school. "Karma...How, pleasant..." She said with a slight grimace, having Karma...and Yin around, was just yet another inconvenience. She began to swivel in her chair again as she grew bored, setting her coffee cup on the desk. "It surely won't be long now before they all stampede in," she said with a sigh and stood up off of her chair. Crossing to the other side of the room, she moved the blinds and peeked out into the hallway. Deciding that leaving the door open would be the "welcoming," thing to do, she opened the door and propped it open with a paperweight that was on her desk. Leaning against the wall she took another sip of her coffee and looked down the hall. She started counting down in her head, just a ballpark number of seconds she thought it would take for people to mob into the school.

                                                                                            She let out a sigh and tilted her head up to look at the ceiling. She was so bored...There was nothing to do until the students started flooding in...Letting out another sigh she began a slow walk down the hallway. Peering into all the window's of the classrooms she let a slow smile spread across her face. She was interested to just see how this would all work out...And how many souls she could get out of it. She had been rather hesitant to take up such a big project, not because she didn't think she could handle it. But she had been worried that her siblings and Father would find out...And yet they had, adding onto her list inconveniences. Reaching the end of the hallway, she spun on her heels and started walking back. She would have taken a bit of a longer walk around...But the students would be here any minute.

                                                                                            Striding into her office once more she put her blonde, almost white, hair into a messy bun with one hand. Placing one hand on her desk she pushed the intercom button on her microphone and leaned in closer to it. "All new students are to report to the Principal's office for your dorm key and schedule." She said without adding her usual "thank you," to the end of it. If these were going to be her new students, then she would haft to show power, and show them their place. As long as her Father stayed down in hell, she would always be at the very top of the Sins...Fiddling with the edge of her "prim and proper," white skirt, she couldn't help but miss the days when she was higher in power then just a meek principal...
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☯Lamont Ottosen Esquire☯

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

He who asks is a fool for five minutes,

==== ☯ ======== ☯ ======== ☯ ======== ☯ ======== ☯ ====

Lamont looked up through the trees enjoying the fish he caught when he arrived in Japan. Lamont thought it would be harder to swim from China to Japan. When he finished he got up and started to run towards the school on all fours. Lamont began to slow down as he reached the front driveway. He stopped at the front door. He stood on his hind legs and walked in. After receiving directions from the secretary Lamont made his way to the principal's office. He knocked on the door and walked in. He stood in front of the desk, "Hello my name is Lamont Ottosen Esquire, nice to meet you Principal Lucci", he "said". It's confusing since he talked through telepathy and so when he "speaks aloud" it's a message to everyone in earshot., he thought to himself.

==== ☯ ======== ☯ ======== ☯ ======== ☯ ======== ☯ ====

but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.

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if theres no door@make one
xxxxxxxx preserving order

                                                  Sharp golden eyes scanned the area around him, eyes that were always cautious and wary. It was like a reflex to him that was forged through years of training and fighting. However the eyes also showed a child like curiosity in them as well, this the first time he had attended a school after all. Sure he had hung out with people his age before but he never did the things you would consider 'normal'. He studied but never around other people his age, he was the youngest in the order after all. The young man spent most if not all his years training with the older members of by himself. So it was natural for him to be a little curious being put in a unfamiliar territory such as Apocalypse High. Speaking of the school he had the strange feeling that there was something off about the place, ever since he had stepped foot on the premises a sense of other-worldliness. But he just shrugged it off, he couldn't jump to conclusions on just intuition alone; he had to wait until he was face to face.

                                                  Preferably within punching distance.

                                                  He arrived about half an hour ago and spent that time unpacking his stuff into his dorm room which he was apparently sharing with someone else since he saw the spare bed and stuff. Looking at his side of the room he gave it one more look over; his clothes were put neatly into the wardrobe and the rest of this belongings were tucked into their correct place. Kicking his now empty bags underneath his bed he walked over to the mirror and inspected himself. His long navy blue hair was held in place by his leather bandana as his locks ended just below his shoulder which framed his golden hued orbs and his skin which was tanned from years under the sun. All in all he was considered a very unique looking person, he was the only person he knew with eyes like his. He would easily stand out in a crowd which made it pretty hard when on missions. Nodding in agreement to himself he exited his dorm room, locked the door behind him with the key he received earlier and found himself in the hallway. "I guess I can get familiar with the place..." he thought to himself. And with that he began walking down.

Location: Dorms / Outside the Rooms.

ooc:meh, boring first post D:
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❖Where I am: Front yard of the school
❖Who I'm with: No one
❖What I'm doing: stepping into madness
❖Thoughts: So many rivals together. Why not just have us wipe them out in one sweep?

Chastity - the most unnatural of all the sexual perversions.

Footsteps, not human footsteps. Hooves. Clip clop the went slowly as someone approached the school. Behind the horse a small white wagon carrying a few bags and one locker. Most the virtues already knew what was in the box. Some of the sins were also aware. Afterall, Akio wasn't going to be spending all his time here being willy nilly neglecting his duties. He could no longer watch the world from this school which meant his job applied to here now.

Akio stopped his horse infront of the school. It was bathed in pure white hide a mane that blew in the wind like snowflakes during a calm snowfall. Akio pet the sides of the horses neck. "That will be all Eruanna.[Grace] You can return now."
Akio dismounted the horse and the horse let out a neigh as both it and the wagon disappeared leaving him and his bags on the corner of the street in front of the school. "Well well, this school is very nicely ergonomically designed. Perhaps this won't be a lost cause. Good omen." Though the feeling of goodness didn't last for long as Akio saw who was at the door of the school.

That vile beast that prays on the innocent. The thing Akio hated most in the world. The slithering demon of ecstacy. Lust. She seemed to be contemplating on what to do before she began to walk into the door. "Looks like they even let leuca[snake] into this building. Well i'll just have to make sure to save my special belt for her. If only i had the power to lock it truly. Why couldn't god have given us powers but not the sins. Curious that he wouldn't just want us to wipe them out completely. Very curious. Something is behind this."
Akio let the question die for now as he clamped his hands together "yal- nilde"[summon, a female version of a friend or helper] A large dove came flying down from the sky and bowed. "Nilde,[female helper] Do you mind taking these bags to my room. Make sure the locker is secure. We don't have our rooms yet but i'm sure you'll be able to tell which one i'll get anyways." It nodded and Akio turned walking into the door breathing slowly so he didn't inhale too much of lust's poison fumes.

When a woman has lost her chastity she will shrink from nothing.

Out Of Chastity :
User Image

                                    tab ↘↘humanoidAigis Akumura↘↘Overseer↘↘Guide↘↘Weapon

                                    _____▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

                                                "Still grieving In these tears, this morning also I’ve lost another word, Why my voice couldn’t be clearer?

                                        ( ¢ompany
                                        ╚ No one
                                        ╚ Alert
                                        What is that..

                Gears turning, the warmth starting to run.. Her skin wasn't cold anymore. She had a unnerving feeling.. the presence was slowly making her numb. Aigis' eyes fluttered open.. a glint of light quickly darted across her eyes.. Aigis stretched getting up from the grass she lay. Aigis stared as she felt that presence again..

                She knew she had to have a stable "Home" and soon. She couldn't keep wandering around Japan. She continued to walk.. following the heavy air that seemed to drag her along.. Aigis' body didn't feel so heavy anymore.. She was grateful for that, and that she didn't have to walk so awkwardly like she did before when she woke up.

                Finally, Aigis had gotten to the place where the heavy air was it's thickest. She stared.. registering the place.. A School setting... Slowly starting to walk up the stairs.. Aigis was cautious.. unsure what was up ahead.. walking through the doors.. She stared, analyzing everything. Making sure everything was clear.. She walked through the doors and into the main hall.. she blinked. Everything seemed to be in order, so why was the air so thick.. as if there had been a struggle.. or a battle. Aigis considered departing, but her curiosity got the best of her.. starting to walk around this school setting.

                Continuing her way through the school she made note of the little details, making little marks. Her eyes had that glint as she stared at sky. Reaching the Dorms, Aigis touched the walls, now she was unsure again. It was all so new.. something she wasn't sure she would be able to get used to..Regardless, she liked it here..Watching the students walk past, some stared at her others couldn't have cared less. She started to make note on the other people around her.

                XXXX]• • • • • •
                User ImageUser ImageUser Image

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