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The voice of reason is dead. Humanity is doomed. :[

If they don't seriously take what Dale said in that room before he died to heart, they'll be no worse than the other group that they're so afraid of in, say, 3 episodes or so.

But as Dana Gould said afterwards on the Talking Dead, when the voice of reason dies, someone will always step up to take its' place. I hope he's right.
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I cried so hardcore.. I had tears running down my face, and it ruined my whole night.. I even teared up when he started crying just when he was throwing his 2 cents in about why they shouldn't kill Randall.. It was so sad though.. then my parents laughed at me for crying.. :'(
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The Walking Dead is one of the few shows that can make hardcore zombie fans cry at the death of a character. Because unlike other zombie flicks, you really get to know these guys. Dale wasn't just some meat bag who made stupid choices and got killed by a zombie. To us, he was a real person. And he shall be missed.
Good theory

Thanks whee
Never read the graphic novels, so not sure how it goes, but it was just something to think about
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This is all Carl's fault scream

          STUPID CARL scream
          I loved Dale. Y U DIE ON ME?
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I'm hoping it was a dream.

When they shot him, in the episode, I literally looked away.

Couldn't stand it, felt sort of sick, felt really bad.

I didn't cry but man, it was one of the strongest attachments I've had to a fictional character.

Sophia is dead, Dale is dead, carl is a moron, Shane is still alive and a murderer and there's a bunch of other crap.

This show is practically dead.
if carl didnt ******** with the walker dale would not have died sad i miss him already
Carl should have died, I agree! stressed But the reality is he is alive and hopefully him and Shane both die soon...
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i cant belive that dale died, i didnt see that coming, but now i think shane will try to take over the group now ninja
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Yes, R.I.P. :c
poor Dale! I really miss him. =/ He died like such a Badass in the comics!!
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When realization hit Carl that it was his fault, I almost began sobbing. I was angry too. Carl shouldnt have been messing around in the first place. When Rick raised the gun, thats when I began crying. R.I.P Dale. ;-;
he's in a better place. no longer needing to run from the flesh eaters. (i know its a show but its so sad that of all people, he died) crying

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