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I have a crush on my bff... and have since we were in 9th grade, now we're in college. My bff is a she... so am I. She's a lesbian... I'm not... at least I don't think so. >_>
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I hid a p***s in the tattoo of a guy I don't like, but he came into the shop and I was the only tattoo artist avalable. Only a few people have noticed it but no one has told him yet.
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I regret befriending and believing in such moronic titheads.

Sometimes I feel guilty for wishing horrible things apon stupid people.

That is all. =D
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Wealthy Capitalist

I lost my dignity underage.
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The demon calls my name...

I must confess.. I like Pterodactyls better than Raptors.

...Like a soft whisper it draws me in
You're not gonna' get me to spill.
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I want to confess so much, that I can't decide.
I try to be a good person.... sweatdrop
I stole the cookies from the cookie jar. Yes, that was me. 3nodding
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I regret nothing.

Same here.
...There is a chance that tomorrow my current experiment could set the atmosphere on fire....probly nothing to worry about though...
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Dangerous Stalker

One time I ate the last slice of cake and lied about it.
I'm sorry. emo
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I regret that I haven't done anything worth regretting. No crazy parties or nothing like that. Like I haven't really lived yet. And I am in my second year of college. So, i'm not really young. I am able to go out and do anything I want, and yet I don't.
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my confession is i only love my darling julyroll heart
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I...well....i have always envied my sister.
There i said it.
To hell with me. crying

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