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I called someone stupid..
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I ATE THE LAST COOKIE crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying
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Greedy Fairy

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I have been in love with the guy who claimed to be my stalker since I was 16 years old and he was 23. I still love him. I havent found a way for him to take me seriously when I tell him that.
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Romantic Scarface

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I'm carrying your child.
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Smitten Sweetheart

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Hm... something to confess? I don't really have anything... sweatdrop Except that I'm stingy. XD
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Dangerous Lunatic

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Pirate Captain Sushi
I murdered a bug.

They had an open casket funeral.

I attended wearing bright pink.

You are my hero. <3
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i suffer from schizophrenia. plz dont think im cray!! crying
I've been making my brother laugh all night... and his back's hurting so laughing = pain for him. xD
((is mule))

I like animals better than humans.
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I confess that i shouldn't take s**t from people, and instead just flat out b***h at them if they complain, or start something even if it ruins my innocent personality records from all these years.
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Take this as you will.
I like having night terrors.
I dream of mass murder at my hands
I dream of cannibalism, though it DISGUSTS ME.

I once tried playing doctor. He pissed me off and I broke his jaw. with a hammer.
Lady Aurora Borealis
back in 1998, I finally admit it, it was me.

I let the dogs out.


... If I'm going to be serious...
I think about my ex-boyfriend everyday, even though we split for good reasons, and now that we're no longer together, apparently he is a total douchebag. It hurts to think about him, and I don't know how I'm going to move on. But I can do it. crying

I am going to college this fall, so maybe that will help. REED!
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Dapper Dabbler

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Me & my ex-best friend's brother had sex did naughty naughty things.

A lot. Jebus Raptor bless me for I have sinned.

In so so many naughty naughty ways ;3
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Shirtless Shapeshifter

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I'm still in love with my ex (a girl) even though I'm with my boyfriend... You'd think I could get over it but... no.

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