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I stopped the Raptor. Sorry everyone. My bad
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I regret not being addicted to zOMG sooner, it would have made item buying a heck of a lot easier. whee
My birthday is 2 days before Christmas & my mother's birthday is 5 days before mine. We have always celebrated our birthdays together on Mom's birthday (one week prior to Xmas), including sharing one birthday cake for both of us. Although I now find myself very, very fortunate to have always shared our special day together, I once was selfish and wanted a birthday cake all to myself. I wanted just one time to see what it would be like to have my own birthday cake. My request must have really hurt my mom's feelings because much to my sadness, disappointment, and regret, to this day, we have never again ever shared a birthday cake.
I used to always tease my little brothers---much more than I should have.
I confess that graytwist44 is spamming this forum and ignoring the rules...
dated 2 different guys at the same time and didn't tell them.
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I Always Used To Steal Cookies And Stuff Out Of My Friends Fridge D:
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once i tried to steal my dads credit card redface but failed crying
When I was 11, I used to babysit my little 3 year old cousin all day long for the summer. She was very bright & extremely confident for being merely 3. She lived in a house right on the lake & with woods right next to house and lake, where she always wanted to go for walks & play "Red Riding Hood". One day, I pretended like we were lost in these woods & were never going to ever find our way home again. She did not believe me, so it took a LOT of convincing. My poor little cousin started crying & crying, thinking she would never see her parents, baby sister, or puppy ever again. What a horrible cousin, babysitter, role model, & liar I was!!! evil arrow ME!!!
...none, not a one >.>;
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its not the end of the world, but i guess i talk tooo much
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.that raptors have to legs
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I don't even begin to know where to begin. All I can say is, I'm grateful to serve a forgiving God, because I got lots to be forgiven of.

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