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Name: Marius Kittaning
Age: 3
Gender: male
Race: kitsune
Appearance: User Image
Toilet trained?: Yes
Short Bio: Mar was taken from his home by priests in order for them to get one up on his parents, but somehow the little boy ended up in the foster care system and has been passed around for the last 2 years of his short life. He doesn't remember his parents too well, but he does remember his big brother, though no one bothered to try and look for him.
Other: Mar has only recently found he can change into a small white fox, but has trouble changing all the way back in one go, usually ending up with ears and a tail for an hour before he gets to looking fully human again.
(purple is Crystal and green is Seth)

I walked with Seth to the daycare. "Are you ready Seth?" He just sucked his thumb. I smiled and we walked in. "Wow this place is nice."

I looked around. Then I saw a guy come up to Crystal. I held onto her tight.
((Hey hey, thanks for joining. Begin whenever you're ready))
A tall blond woman talking on her cell phone and sounding rather agitated shifted the small boy on her hip for the second time looking even more annoyed. Pushing open the door to the daycare she signed the child in and more or less dumped him onto the floor before stalking out, though her voice carried as she left, the tone less than pleasant.

The dark haired little boy blinked large green eyes before standing up and looking around. He didn't look the least bit phased by the woman, as if this were some sort of daily occurrence. Sticking a thumb into his mouth he spotted another little boy clinging to a nice looking lady.
"Aha, here we go" he smiled as kids were starting to arrive. He placed a plate of cookies on a table inside the playroom for the kids to eat whenever they felt a bit peckish.
The adults that were in the daycare center looked nice enough, but Mar wearily kept his back to the door, something that came more from instinct than actual thought. He wanted to go over to the little boy but something else caught his attention. The smell of cookies made his tummy growl and he squirmed a little before he moved towards the man that had put the cookies down. Lightly he grabbed a hold of his pants leg and gave a tug. "Cookie?" He questioned softly, asking permission to have one.
"Of course" he smiled kindly, taking the plate off the table and holding it in front of him so he could take one.

"What's your name?" he asked curiously, trying to be friendly.
Name: Emily
Age: 2 years, her birthday is May 21st.
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
User Image
Toilet trained?: No
Short Bio: Emily is a regular every-day cheerful little girl. Even though she really doesn't look like any other elf, Emily isn't at all concerned. Emily is going to be at the daycare for a while while her parents are getting devorced.
Other: She never minds her tiny pointed ears. No powers.
((Welcome ^^))
"Thankie!" Mar chirped with a wide smile lighting up his face as he grabbed one off the plate and then looked up at the stranger with wide eyes. "Mar-i-us. Mar!" He added the second bit because while he could say his name he could still distinctly remember being called Mar when he lived with his family, though his memories of them were fuzzy for the most part.
((Hyello yellow. =3 I included my name))

Emily, carried by a 37-year-old man, signed in and gently placed Emily on the floor. The man stormed out angrily, so he could fight with his wife without poisoning his daughter with words she shouldn't know.
Emily let her eyes wander the room before playfully getting on her knees and crawling under a nearby table.
"My name is Bijou" he smiled down at the little kitsune.

"Would you like to play with some toys?" he questioned, looking over to a toy box that was in the corner of the room next to a giant pile of assorted plushies and soft toys.
Emily followed someone's gaze to a box, someone who was currently chatting with someone else. She reached her tiny hand to the box after crawling over to it, but was too small.
"Seems like we got another playmate" he smiled, setting down the plate of cookies underneath the table near Emily, so that she could take one if she wanted to.
Emily took her hand out before spotting a plate of cookies. She eagerly crawled over to the plate, taking one and nibbling on it with her tiny front teeth.

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