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Welcome to the Gaia Daycare!

The daycare is a place where parents drop off their children when they need to go and do other things. You can either be a worker (and look after the kids/keep the place under control) or a child (whom can either be an angel child or a complete brat. It's up to you). Let the crazyness begin!

We're back up and running in a brand new thread and we're always open to accept all!

The original thread can be found here: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/the-gaian-neighborhood/gaia-daycare-center-needs-lots-people-v2-0/t.9730002/

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I'm pretty confident that this place doesn't fit anywhere else (ie. Not in neighbourhood, commerce, etc.)

Also, this is not a very strict RP, you may stay for as long as you want or as little as you want. If you only wanna roleplay for a day then that's fine. If you wanna stay around for several months then that's great! But we certainly do not discourage casual roleplayers to join in on the fun ^^
Post 1: Welcome, Contents, Updates, Profile Skeletons
Post 2: Rules
Post 3: Setting, Overview map
Post 4: Admins and Mods
Post 5: Banned list
Post 6: Rainbow list
Post 7: Banners
Post 8: Other things
Post 9: Character profiles
Post 10-12: Reserved


Been inactive here for a few months while I completed my final semester at university, but now that I have some time I'll be reopening the daycare if people are interested. If we don't get any people then I suppose I'll close it down again. Let's see how we do. Happy 2011.


First update for this year! It's only a small one, but yeah. All I've done is I've removed the restriction on the number of characters that you're allowed to have and roleplay. You can now play as many characters as you wish as long as you're able to handle the task. Obviously roleplaying 10 characters at once is a little bit silly.


I drew us a banner, because I'm awesome like that. Feel free to use it in your signature so that we can hopefully have more people join us for more fun!

User Image


Since somebody that I won't name (Meyaira Firespring, previously known as Honey_Blossom!) practically got down on their hands and knees and begged me to update the map with the new rooms, I finally got around to it. You can check it out below. There has also been a new toilet room added, so keep it shiny and sparkly please. I hope all that time grovelling and worshiping me in the hopes that I would update the map was worth it for you!


Been a while since the last update. I've got a few small ones here. Firstly I've changed the poll again because I felt like it! Secondly, I've altered the rule that says you can only have a maximum of two profiles. Instead of a maximum of two profiles, I've changed it so that you can only roleplay a maximum of two characters at any one time.

This is mostly because my first child character (Ark) is going to be away for at least a few days before he gets readopted into a new family and comes back to the center. We all know how long a day in the center can take in real life time, therefore waiting a few days will take forever! So in the mean time i wanted to make another character (who I won't abandon later either, don't worry) to use for those few days. Hence the slight alteration to the rule there.


Okay we got two new suggestions for rooms from a mystery person (Honey_Blossom3 *coughcough*): An Arts & crafts room and a Nature room! I will add those to the map when I get around to it. You can read about them in the Setting section.


Just a little minor update that needed to be done. The profiles who're inactive have been removed and I've made a new poll for you guys. It'll be interesting to see where this year will take us, I never would have thought in my wildest dreams that I would create an RP that would be so ongoing.

Also, I'm thinking of getting some new years renovations done to the daycare. So if you have any suggests of some new rooms or ideas then I'd defiantly like to hear them! Perhaps you might wish to suggest that the playground is made undercover, or that a recreation and games room is installed. Any idea you get is an idea worth hearing!


Have a Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all safe holidays!


Hey guys, I've completed a map of the overview of the Daycare center. It's not too detailed, just to show you where all the rooms are. In the near future I may make some detailed maps of each individual room. So anyway, check out the map and leave me some feedback on it.

In other news, I basically just cleaned up some of the contents and such. You'll notice that I changed Whitelist to Rainbow list (and added some people to it!), cleared out the Mod list (There's no mods now. I'll be looking for new ones in the near future) and changed some of the stuff on the character profiles section. Updated a couple of things with the rooms (to match with the map). So nothing too major really, just some stuff that needed to be done.


New updates guys! After some renovations we have three extra rooms, suggested by everybody’s favourite suggestion maker; Honey_Blossom3! We now have the First Aid Room, for sick kids, the Staff Bathroom, for when workers are feeling kinky for when workers need a clean-up and the Laundry, because it was a pain needing to use the one down the road.


Okay it's been a while since I updated here, have had a couple of stressful things happen to me and such. But now I'm back, and therefore so is the thread. The Gaia Daycare lives on! Mwuahahahaha!


Profile skeletons:

You're allowed to have as many profiles as you like (although don't go overboard, I'm sure you really don't need 10 profiles for example). Just make sure that you're able to handle all of them and that you don't neglect any of your characters.

If you decide to have more than one profile, make sure you use them all equally. If you're neglecting one of your profiles then I'll most likely call it inactive and take it off the list.

You also do not need to ask before joining. Post your profiles in the thread. PM me if you want them up in the character list

For a worker:

Short Bio: (optional)
Other: (optional)

For a child:

Age: (1-5)
Toilet trained?:
Short Bio: (optional)
Other: (optional)

All powers should be kept to an absolute minimum, preferably none at all. Only very little powers are allowed (such as turning into a fox) and large powers will not be tolerated. Sorry about that, but in the past we had an overhaul of kids who kept abusing powers to make life hell for the workers. So this is what had to happen.

Extremely important! Must read!

1. Absolutely no cybering. This goes without saying.
2. No offensive language.
3. Listen to Mods and Admins at all times. Anyone who does not will be banned.
4. No harassing.
5. No advertising. You will only receive one warning, after that you will be banned.
6. You may post as you like. Whether it be with * *'s or Literate, do not criticize how other people roleplay. However keep in mind that people will be a lot warmer towards you if you try to be at least semi-literate.
7. Make sure you follow any other rules in the ToS.

Rules may be changed or updated at any time. Make sure you stay up-to-date.

If you guys have anymore suggestions for rooms, I'd like to hear them.

Here are the rooms for now:

Entrance hall:

The front door to the daycare leads to this small room where parents can sign their kids in and leave them with the workers. Nothing overly special here.

There are doors that lead into the managers office and staff room in here.

The entrance hall leads into this large room. In the corner is a large toy box, and next to that is a giant pile of plushies and soft toys. It is painted orange and has a nice soft yellow carpet with a couple of pictures of blocks and other things in the pattern of the carpet. There are also a few couches, chairs, tables, and bookshelves spread around the sides of the room.

This room also leads to the Dinning Room, Toilets, Change Room, Nap room, TV room, Staff room and Outside Playground and the First Aid room.
Dinning room:

This room has little tables spread around inside of it where the kids may sit to eat their meals. There are also some high chairs in a separate part of the room. This room has a sparkly dark blue vinyl floor (to easily clean up messes) and a light blue wall.

This room also leads into the kitchen.

A decent sized kitchen, stocked full with assorted breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, snacks and drinks for the kids and workers. It has white tiles around the side of room with the same vinyl floor as in the dinning room

A room with white tiles around the walls and on the floor. There are just a few toilet stalls in here (small enough for the kids to climb up on), several sinks with soap, a few hand dryers and mirrors - nothing too interesting in here. There is also a door to a staff toilet in here.

This room also leads to a small bathroom, which is place in the middle of the toilets and the changing room. The bathroom can only be accessed from either the toilet room or the changing room.

A small room in the middle of the toilet room and changing room. It has a bathtub inside incase a child ever needs a bath. It also has a small sink with a cupboard underneath, filled with towels, bubblebath, etc. and a mirror above the sink. The room has light blue tiles around the walls with fish patterns on them and a light grey sparkly vinyl floor.
Changing room:

A room with several changing tables. It has a large cupboard against the wall full of packets of diapers, other changing supplies (baby powder, baby oil, etc.) and spare clothes incase a child ever needs more. It has a diaper pail in the corner of the room which is emptied frequently. The room has a light cream wall with ABC and 123 patterns around it, and a light grey vinyl floor (the same one that was in the bathroom).

As stated above, this room also leads to the bathroom. There is a door that leads to and from the naproom as well.
Nap room:

This room has several cribs, cradles and beds for the children. The wall has a soft blue with a dark blue trim on the top and a purple carpet. When the lights are turned out, very dim star-shaped lights are lit inside the room so that children can see in the dark (acts as night-lights). There is also a stereo in here which can play soothing music to help calm children down and put them to sleep, and has a small room behind it where workers can sleep if they ever need to.

There is a door that leads into the changing room also.
TV room:

A medium sized room with heaps of chairs lined up to view a large LCD television. There are also several beanbags that the children can lay on if they'd prefer. The TV has a DVD player so that staff can put on movies for the kids. The room has a black coloured wall with a few brightly painted stars as a pattern and has a black floor with stars to match the wall.
Playground (outside):

An area outside of the daycare, surrounded by a kid-proof fence. It has a large space with play equipment (such as a slide, flying fox, sea-saw, monkey bars, etc.) and a decent sized sandbox for the kids to play in. There are also a few seats against the walls of the building.

The First Aid Room is able to be accessed from the playground too.
First Aid Room:

A room where a child or a worker can recieve medical attention and basic first aid. The place to give kids who need it their daily medicine. Also a nice place for people to rest if they are sick and the room where any required medicines and other health equipment, (i.e syringes, insect sting ointment, bandages etc.) are kept safely out of harm's way.

There is also a small bathroom that workers or children can use, accessible through a door at the back of the room.

It is able to be accessed both from inside the daycare and from the outside playground.
Staff room:

A chill out room for staff, where they can make themselves a coffee and have a chat. There is a large table in the middle the room where they can sit around. The room has a dark brown coloured wall with oak timber flooring.

It also leads to the managers office and staff bathroom, laundry and entrance hall.
Managers office:

This is Bijou's office, where he keeps files and documents. There are filing cabinets around the room and a nice desk where Bijou will sit at, with a chair opposite the desk where other employees or parents can sit to have important discussions with him. He also has a large window with a nice view of some parkland and trees across the road. The room has a dark aqua coloured plush-feeling carpet and matching walls.
The Staff Bathroom:

A good sized bathroom equipped with a shower so staff can get clean and change clothes if they need to. You never know, one of the kids might decide to have a mud fight so it could come in handy...

There is also a toilet in here, along with a sink, mirror and other standard bathroom things.
Laundry Room:

It's the room where things like blankets, some clothes and the bedding from the cribs can get washed and cleaned. Clean towels and sheets are stored here.

A secret room in which Bijou keeps all the spoils from his treasure hunting days. After he dies he plans to have them donated to a museum.. but that won't stop people from trying to find his fortune in the meantime. He'd better be careful that this secret doesn't get out; otherwise children’s lives may be at stake!

The room is hidden behind a storage cupboard with a hidden door behind the shelves. In order to actually get into the room you need to pull out everything stored in there first, then the shelves. So it's not an easy room to find unless you know where you're looking.
Art and crafts room:

A newly added room that has all sorts of arts and craft materials and plenty of working space! There are paints, clay, paper, glitter, scissors.. almost anything you can think of! There are also many tables for the children to work at, smocks to (hopefully) prevent them from getting too messy and a sink to clean up at.

Artwork and other things made by the children are put all throughout the room for everyone to see. The floor is covered in a sparkly light blue vinyl coating (so that little spills don't matter too much) and the walls have little paints and paintbrush designs as pictures on the matching light blue walls.
Nature room:

Another newly added room that sports a large nature table in the middle. There are lots of different types of plants throughout the room surrounding the table in the middle. The room has kind of a jungle feel to it when you walk inside.

The floor is a green coloured vinyl with little sparkles through it and the walls are a dark green.
~-~Overview map~-~

User Image
~-~Mods and Admins~-~

You must obey these people at all times


~-~Banned list~-~

Hopefully I never need to put anyone here
~-~Rainbow list~-~
(so as not to be racist)

x -- ninja Edamame

Anyone feel like donating one? *Puppy eyes*

User Image


Drawn by Bijou1234

User Image


Donated by purplekitty67
~-~Other stuff~-~

For things such as random pictures or something that was made for this thread which doesn't classify as a banner.

Art by PrincessHoneyBlossom357:

User Image
~-~Character profiles~-~

Read, important!

This is where I will post profiles of all the continuous roleplayers.

Send me a PM with your details in it and if you've been roleplaying here for about a week or more, I'll put it up.

Roleplayers who are inactive for more than 3 weeks (with no explaination) will be removed from here. If you are going to be away for a while and wish to stay on the list, PM me.


Name: Bijou
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Kitsune
Appearance: http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d106/Bijou1234/bijou2.jpg
Short Bio: An ex-treasure hunter who has decided to settle down. He was offered to run the local daycare center in exchange for retiring from treasure hunting in peace. There is known to be a bounty on his head, but the local community keeps it very hush-hush. Having that aside, he is a very warm and kind person.
Other: He is the manager of the daycare center. It is also noteworthy that he has lightning powers.Text will be in green


Name: Mirabelle Feneilia
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: She was human to begin with but has since been turned into a wood nymph after she was married right after her 24th birthday in an arranged marriage to a rather powerful faery earl.

Appearance: Strawberry blonde, slightly wavy hair down to her mid-back, which she ties in a plait when looking after children. Her hair is streaked with fine strands of lush green, which sometimes appear to be tiny vines with tiny white and pink blossoms. She has soft bluebell coloured eyes, a pale creamy complexion with perhaps the faintest hint of green (especially noticeable in her lips) and her nails sparkle with flecks of green glitter. She also has a pair of fully functional fairy wings which are similar to those of a dragonfly; very glittery with rainbow colours.
Usually wears simple sundresses underneath a plain white apron with lace edges (this is to prevent her nice dresses being ruined of course (They have all now been tailored with special cuts in the back to accommodate her new wings). Think Victorian nursemaid or housemaid style dress. Child minding can be a messy activity and Mirabelle loves her dresses). She can also transform into a nymph now, as she is connected to nature and takes care of all living things in the woodlands/forests. Thus, she can turn into something that resembles a moving and floating body of leaves and flowers and merge into trees or become a tree herself if there is an adequate water source nearby.

Husband's appearance

Short Bio: Mirabelle used to live by herself in a large, empty house left to her by her grandparents, spending most of her time as a recluse because of her anxiety around other people. After her grandparents died, the house was slowly falling into disrepair, the money was running low and slowly but surely, their granddaughter had to let every staff member leave. Until there was nothing more than a sad ruin with an even more tragic past sitting in a sprawling garden overgrown with weeds, with one lonely and neurotic young lady living there, working in a daycare to try and socialize…and try to make a life, as she awaited her prince. However, eventually, the ring she had received from her mother and saved came into use for the arranged marriage that had been organized for her since she was born.

Hobbies: She enjoys cleaning, flowers and gardening, taking care of living things, patchwork and reading anything of interest.

Other: She still tends to be rather shy around others…though her experiences working in Bijou’s daycare centre did help her open up and become more confident, even if it was only baby steps. Also, her amazing husband, Vazerith Feneilia, has given her so much more and a new lease on life. She is never uncomfortable around her beloved earl. Thus, after spending some time adjusting to and enjoying all the new things in her life, Mirabelle has now decided to return to work. The daycare is really her second job, as she made a pact when she married Vazerith, turning into a fae-kind and helping to protect the land that the faery own. ((Writing in blue))

Can use trees to teleport to other trees, as well as her home tree and her house in the woodland property where she lives with her husband the earl.

Name: Matthew Baker
Age: 19 years
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: He has short chestnut hair in a simple cut with soft strands falling around his eyes, which are a light honey-hazel colour. He loves bright colours and usually wears t-shirts with cartoon characters or characters from video games, board shorts or jeans (either blue or black) and a pair of sneakers. He stands around 6ft or so and has a just a gel-style digital watch on his left wrist, and a simple silver stud earring in his right ear.


Personality: Has an easygoing nature and is really laid-back. He has a good sense of humour with a kid’s imagination and has no problem playing with toys or putting on puppet shows. He loves loud music and making a mess all in the name of fun. He’s quick to smile and usually looks on the positive side of things.

Other: Loves video games and toys. He comes from kind of a large family with five other siblings so he’s used to the bustle and noise of lots of kids in one place. He’s the second oldest in his family, with three siblings younger than he is and two older ones. His favourite colour is purple and he likes watching kid’s cartoons and movies. He likes to be outdoors and getting into something active or messy, such as sports, dress-ups, cooking or dancing, or encouraging the kids to get into clay, glitter and paints. His parents run a popular bakery in Barton. Also, he has a girlfriend.

This character not currently active
Name: Ion Jalwrelm
Age: Looks to be in the late twenties
Gender: Male
Race: Scientifically modified human
Appearance: A tall and rather lean, muscular build would describe the type of body Ion possesses, along with smatterings of scars, some more recent than others, including a short, ragged one on his left jaw line, near his ear. He has a golden brown, tanned skin tone, closely cropped, blazing pink hair which sticks up in messy spikes, as well as eyes of a slightly darker shade, nearing magenta. Adorning his body are multiple piercings; three in each ear, two in his lower lip, a nose stud and several rings on his fingers, all silver. He also wears a necklace with a strange looking, clear-pearlescent canine tooth on a black leather string. He wears board shorts or black cargo pants/black jeans with a variety of t-shirts. Otherwise, he prefers sleeveless tanks with plain unbuttoned shirts over the top. Jalwrelm always wears a black leather belt with skull and sword charms threaded through the metal rings. His shoes are either hardy looking black boots with spiked soles or durable looking sneakers.
Short Bio: It’s unclear where he comes from or where he’s been. Ion seems to be a nice guy, though he’s stubbornly secretive about himself and his life. He just wandered in off the street and applied for a job. His outward appearance looks more to be that of a fighter or a hunter of some kind despite his insistence that he’s lived a peaceful existence in Barton town his whole life and just loves kids.
Other: He seems to be searching for something. Writing in pink

Update: After trying to infiltrate Bijou's treasure room to find his legendary diamond bladed sword, he discovered that after all his effort it was not even in there. Bijou happened to have his blade on his own person at the time. Realising this, he confronted and fought the ex-treasure hunter to obtain the blade and lost, retreating from the center with his injuries. However, he was able to achieve his goal; to touch Bijou's blade in order to use his replica powers to make a copy of the sword. It is not currently known to Bijou that he was able to do something like this. Suffice to say, Ion is currently no longer at the daycare.



Name: Kazuma Koyanagi
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Race: Neko
Appearance: A small cat boy with short, midnight dark hair and lustrous, sooty black fur covering his little kitty ears and tail. He has lightly tanned skin and bright, sea blue eyes. The insides of his kitty ears are petal pink.
Mother's Appearance
Father's Appearance
Toilet trained?: Fully Trained ^_^ (Almost ready to head out into the world as a Big Kid)
Short Bio: He’s quite shy and is an only child, although his parents are hoping to socialise him. He has a very sweet nature and is rather playful and curious about everything around him. Sometimes he gets into trouble without meaning to.
Other: Easy to look after, Kazuma is good at amusing himself for hours with toys and games. Makes cat noises, being a neko. Can communicate with cats.

Name: Imelda Rigantes
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Race: Half-dragon/Draconic
Alignment: Good
Appearance: A dragon girl with long, berry red downturned dragon ears that curl into little pointy ends and merge to white tips, a lithe, whippy tail of the same berry red which merges to white at the tip and really sharp little claws and fangs, claws being berry red at the bases merging to white at the tips. Her skin is dark nutty brown and her irises are swirled with red and white, with slits in their centres. Her hair is deep crimson red with white streaks in it, and a particularly large streak in her fringe that falls gently over her right eye. Her long hair is usually tied back into a ponytail with a small bell on a hairtie, and her fringe falls in gentle spikes over her eyes and frames her face cutely. If left untied, her hair falls in long, soft spikes. She has two rather large dragon wings on her tiny back emerging from between her shoulder blades. These are the classical bat-like wing design with red spines spearing through them as the frame with the connecting soft leathery skin a glittery white and a tiny curved claw atop each wing joint where they fold in half to tuck into her back. All of her scales on her wings and ears have a shiny metallic glimmer to them.

She’s tiny for her age and tends to crawl everywhere, otherwise toddling awkwardly and getting tangled up in her wings, tail and feet.

She wears either seasonally patterned robes, with baubles in her hair to match them, colourful bright sari’s, OR short, frilly dresses (like dolls wear) that show off her diapers when she bends over.


Toilet Trained: Not yet, but she’s learning best she can. (Lots of dragons age very slowly, so she’ll also develop rather slowly physically in some areas)

Short Bio: Imelda was discovered in a nature reserve park. Or, more accurately, they discovered a large speckled egg about the size of a football that a long time ago had been buried deep down under the roots of a grand old tree but was revealed due to soil erosion over time. They were putting in a new fence when they happened to discover it. It was earthy brown and speckled and patterned to look like autumn leaves, though it had a red glow of warmth from within as soon as they put it in the sunlight. The egg that had been dormant until activated by the sun’s rays hatched several weeks later, and Imelda was the child that popped out! No one knows where she came from.

Guardian/s: The kindly park rangers that look after the reserve where they discovered Imelda. She doesn’t have any official parents but the rangers love her and she lives with them at their lodge, where they all take turns raising her.

Personality: She’s a bit of a mystery and can act more like a wild beast of the forest than a child sometimes. She’s playful, naughty and cute all at the same time. She can also tend to be a bit possessive over things she considers treasure, even if it is a bug, a leaf or a piece of food. When she’s done something wrong and she knows it, she’ll act innocent and try to run away. She seems to love playing outdoors and loves to frolic and rough house very much like a puppy.

Other: Imelda wears a special brand of diapers that show different coloured shapes or pictures on them according to what happens. They look white but get red hearts on them when used.
Light prints = wet
Medium bright prints = very wet
Strongest brightness prints = messy
She can spit fire and sparks but this is an ability she currently has no control over. If she’s having a tantrum they sometimes fly and if she sneezes hard enough, sometimes a confetti of sparks will shoot out.


Name: Ark
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Race: Kitsune
Appearance: A fairly short little boy with brown spiky/messy hair. His eyes have a striking green colour which adds to the effectiveness of ‘puppy dog eyes’ when he uses them. He has small fox ears and a cute little fox tail. He wears a green t-shirt with a big black paw print on it. The green on the T-shirt matches his eyes.
Toilet trained?: Not yet
Short Bio: Generally a quiet boy, he loves to play and is always very sweet to others. He's likely to keep to himself and do his own thing unless somebody else approaches him first. He's never known his parents and is left in the daycare as long as possible because his foster parents can't be bothered taking care of him.

Name: Ashley Hippity
Age: 2 and a half
Gender: Female
Race: Has rabbit ears and a rabbit tail. I don't know what the official name of that is. xD
Appearance: She has long brown hair with matching brown floppy ears and blue eyes. She usually wears a T-shirt with some cute animal on it and just a nappy, where her fluffy brown bunny tail pokes out.
Toilet trained?: Just a little.
Short Bio: A friendly little bunny girl who is full of energy and likes to pretend she's a real girly girl when in fact she can sometimes be a little bit of a tomboy. Being part rabbit, she literally bounces around the place when she has been given too much sugar. Her favorite foods include carrots and anything sweet.
Other: Nothing that I can think of.


Name: Amaya and Akito
Age: Both four
Gender: Female and male
Race: Vampires
Appearance: Vampire twins
Toilet trained?: Both are
Short Bio: Amaya and Akito were sent to the daycare center so that they could make more friends instead of clinging onto each other for help and support. Akito, in a way, is protective of Amaya.
Other: Amaya has a star-shaped scar on her right wrist and Akito has a cresent-shaped scar on his left wrist


Name: Yukii
Age: 1 1/2
Gender: Female
Birthdate: Unknown
Ethnic group: Japanese/Kitsune
Appearance: See avatar
Height: 1ft
Toilet Trained?: *blushie* no
Short Bio: Abandoned not too long ago by a drug addicted mother , and wandered into a daycare , was abused and living on the streets , till a neko family who saw she was clearly neglected and now she lives with Kazuma :U
Personality: Extremely shy , scared of most things , very nice , curious~ Puts trust in 1 person only
Other: Bit Of A Fair Warning , Dont Touch Her Ears Unless You Want To Be Bitten

Sweet Karis

Name: Karis
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Race: Witch
Appearance: http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u421/ThePeachesPictures/Kiki6.jpg
Toilet trained?: Yes.
Okay we're open!
Post away.
Name: Flora Swindle
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: White Angel
Appearance: [X]
Thank god someone came ^^

You're the first step towards me rebuilding this place to what it once was. Thanks for joining.

Name: Bijou
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Kitsune
Appearance: http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d106/Bijou1234/bijou2.jpg
Short Bio: An ex-treasure hunter who has decided to settle down. He was offered to run the local daycare center in exchange for retiring from treasure hunting in peace. There is known to be a bounty on his head, but the local community keeps it very hush-hush.
Other: He is the manager of the daycare center. It is also noteworthy that he has lightning powers, however he has not used them in years and is unlikely to unless there is a potiental life-threatening circumstance.

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