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Age: 14
Appearance:my avi
Reason for coming into the coven:i'm curious
Name: Rose
Real age: 2,560
Age you look like: 16
Appearance: User ImageOther: I have an immortal cat named Thorn
Domain jumped from the roof and lands sotfly on a grave stone. She looked around and put her bloodly sword on her shoulder.
viruse was woundering the graveyard looking for something to do
Name: Sakura
Real age: 93
Age you look like: 16
Appearance: User Image
Other: She has been a vampire since she was 10, thats when she was bitten, and she has lived in the house since she was 11
Name: harun
Age: 18
Appearance:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Reason for coming into the coven: was too bored with what he was doing and wanted something fun
A shiver went down Zach's spine. This was a really strange place to deliver mail... i mean.. who wants a grave yard in thier front yard? He shook his head, clearing away his suspicions. -his eyes are brown by the way- "I need the money" he siad quietly as he walked up the path.

-I also have a alot of typos... so dont mind them.-
Name: Kaizer
Appearance:Avi w/o balloon
Reason for coming into the coven:dared by the seniors at his high school
Name: Kalee
Real Age: Unknown
Age you look like: 17
Apperance: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y279/NightShade101/19000541.jpg
Other: She is only dangerous if she smells blood. ^^
Kyu was walking around in a strange place as he saw a cave and was thinking about going into it. "Hmmm......should I go or not?" He just had one side say yes and another say no, but he decided to go as he turned on his flash light and headed into it. "Let's see what is down here."
viruse was woundering the graveyard looking for something to do
*sonia looks over at you fast with her lime green eyes*
((wow. Alotta people joining all at once.))
Name: Kathleen Blair
Real age: 365
Age you look like:14
Appearance: User Image
((wow. Alotta people joining all at once.))
((yupp..i want u as a pet! U.U))
pan triped and stumbled, where he was going was any ones guess, he hurt, his side was gashed, and he was bruised in many a place. the horrible taunting laughter of the gang boy, a group of older bully boys in a near by village.

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