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Ok so i'm seriously stressing about finding music and will give 30k to who ever helps me find what i'm looking for.

I'm an Acrobatic dance instructor and am in charge of combining 3 classes into one massive dance for competition. Anyways i was FULL of ideas and song and inspiration, then the studio director told me the theme i had to do...... The theme is NEW YORK!.... i live in Canada. stare k well i was pretty pissed and couldn't come up with ideas i was really inspired by (especially because she pitched the idea of doing the Statue of Liberty.... i'm not dressing my dancers up in green leotards) emotion_donotwant

Any who i've come up with a few ideas and the one that has me buzzing is the World Trade Centres ! The general concept is peace and freedom over coming chaos and destruction. But i can't find any music that really works for me.

examples of my sort of acrobatic music:

so i don't mind some lyrics, so long as they don't over power the instruments, on that note i prefer instrumentals. if lyrics the word falling would be great sort of like 4th song i posted
i love hans zimmer
looking for a song that starts off peaceful/ hopeful/ soaring then some sort of crash occurs and the song is some what chaotic/ dark but still controlled/ mourning ish and of course ends heroic/ peaceful.
There are a million songs that flow through my head, but I can never remember the name or composer.
Here's a not very good suggestion, but it's the only song that I can think of at the moment:

I'll post again if I can remember any good songs.
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For 'New York,' look at Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, and anything Jazzy/Big Band/Swing. It might also conjure up images onf Chicago, but both are metropolitan.
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How's this

It's from GTA IV which is based on Liberty City which is based on New York.
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I'm not sure about these... some of them sounded almost like the ones that were posted..

These remind me a bit of the business of new york a bit (more jazz)

Sorry about all of the youtube links @___@

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