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I'm just a random person who enjoys good music, anime, manga, and comics 3nodding

User Image BEHOLD MY FINGERS DANC- *bones break* scream .... sweatdrop eh... technical difficulties at the moment... enjoy this random Kira laugh... *sulks somewhere to ice broken fingers*

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Crash's Random journal

My random journal to write random stuff about random things in my head *left4dead hunter llama meows while jumping out of my head, it's hoof falls off* CHILI!!!! *holds hoof named chili* Just stuff in my head


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Lisa_the_paramagic Report | 12/01/2012 6:33 pm
Ugh, that body, hair...............................

User Image
Lisa_the_paramagic Report | 12/01/2012 6:22 pm


Marry me. :XP If I was a guy, that is. But still, ya. So Greed-sama is hot as usual.
Lisa_the_paramagic Report | 12/01/2012 6:16 pm
Hi. It used to be Dr Bullets, but now I'm Lisa_the_paramagic.
lordd_of_myysticc Report | 11/24/2012 11:17 am
Lovely avi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D0kt0r Bulletz Report | 10/22/2012 7:59 pm
D0kt0r Bulletz
YES I LOVE HIM. I love his second English voice way more than his first English voice. And I like his English voices more than his Jap voices. But his Jap voices are hot and nnnnnnnngh.

Troy Baker voicing Greed.........NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNgh. I had a dream Greed said, "Hey, baby, wanna go for a ride?" in Troy's voice
Prie Pour DelaCroix Report | 10/16/2012 3:52 pm
Prie Pour DelaCroix
I love your siggy. I can't stop watching it lol.
lxl-Cosplay-lxl Report | 10/05/2012 8:26 pm
User Image
hello m'am

User Image
Im glad you think of me as awesome
I_See_You_Monster Report | 08/19/2012 9:42 pm
Your Deathnote swimming signature is amazing. Also love reading your posts in the RP.
sanityninja Report | 08/14/2012 11:06 pm
Your signature made me laugh my a** off. Well done razz


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