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I didn't realize it was a beer ad until the end.
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Answer - the ads are geared towards your cookies.
i've had yu-gi-oh mats with some questionable-rated (as in not quite porn but rather ecchi) pictures as the picture for the mat. That's likely to do with my going to sites with even more explicit anime content.
Maybe the cookies figured you were at least 21.
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Beer prevents kids from getting an education? Right.
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so horrible cus ya know its not like they can see beer ads anywhere else in the wide world. rolleyes
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talk2hand I'm more offended it was a budwieser commerical. weakass beer, if ya ask me.

I demand my cookies treat me to better beer ads.
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There are beer ad's on the television. :/
How exactly is that any different?
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User Image

That's weird.
Usually those types of ads ask you to confirm your age first.
At least they always ask me to.
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People don't forget...

I'd hate to see what you're like when you see a commercial on TV.

Nothing is forgiven...
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Oh noes, beer ads on the INTERNET! What ever shall we do?! Quick, protect the minds of tomorrow! Let's shield them from all of reality so they grow up to be mindless hippies working citizens. rolleyes User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Children aren't allowed on this site (anyone under the age of 13). If they are found to be on the site, it is highly advised to report them with screen shot evidence to a moderator.

Usually ads are geared towards the type of cookies that are stored. So, maybe you visited (or someone sharing your ID address) a website that had beer on it, or something.

Most beer ads are geared towards making the company look good. It's an ad to get you to think about the product, and eventually buy that product.
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Imagine how you'd react during the Superbowl because their commercials are ridden with beer ads.
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That's weird.
Usually those types of ads ask you to confirm your age first.
At least they always ask me to.
They always ask me to too. When I got that ad, it had asked me, actually.
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I am going to blow your mind my dear friend.

I had my first taste of wine at 12. Yes people 12 and before you call 911 my family was eating in Germany at a restraint. The owner owned the place and there was grownups at the time. Everything was fine..

Guess what? I didn't grow up to be an alcoholic.

That said? Just because there is a commercial for beer doesn't make a person go to beer.

It's the lack of knowledge about alcohol in general.
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this is a disgrace!... get em while they're young and they're on the hook for life.
our children do not need beer, they need education. if that's the site gaia has become where the dollar is more important than how we influence the youth. i'm all set.

Believe me, if this place was dead set on influencing youth, society as we know it would be completely and utterly ********.

I'm giving your melodrama 0/5 stars.
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I'm 34 and what is this?
Yeah I'm outraged they're advertising Bud too.
I want a *classy* beer to be advertised.

This is not just a 13 to 18 site.
People of all ages use this site.
Granted, most are young (teens, twenties)
But there are some moms like me who like to join their kids on here and relatives, and I even have some RL friends my age that play on here for the hell of it, cause it's fun for everyone. Hell, I know Grannies who are on here for the hell of it.

If I didn't have kids I'd play on here cause it's fun for me. It's an artistic outlet.
so I don't mind beer ads.
Kids of all ages see beer ads on TV and internet.
Don't worry, hopefully they'll be taught by responsible adults that beer is for adults.
Just report the ad. Explain why you find it inappropriate.

Yes a lot of under 21s are on here, so maybe beer ad's not appropriate for *them*. But not a big deal.
Still, a lot of over 21s are on here, so, leave the job to the parents to tell the kids its for adults (alcohol).

Seeing an ad about beer is NOT going to make a kid drink it.
I saw plenty as a kid, and it didn't make me want to try it. My peers did. I tried it. I didn't like it much.
Kids are not so dumb as to ******** up their whole lives just because of some dumb beer ad.
Don't take it too seriously.
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I thought the commercial was very sweet. It's not like you can control what ads your kids and teens see on TV. What about at a parade, where hundreds of children go to? You see the Clydesdale and what? Cover your kids eyes and tell them they can't look at the pretty horses because they may choose to drink the beer that the horses are advertising? The whole ad was about the man and the horse, with a few Budweiser signs thrown in. It's something the whole family can watch and look at and say Awe. It was a classy ad, compared to so many others out there that are not.
Yeah, I was watching the SuperBowl the other day and saw that exact same ad. It was actually one of my favorites -- very sweet.

Too bad the 49ers got beat. When those lights went out in the stadium, the first thing that occurred to me was some kind of terrorist attack. That's how nervous I am lately, with all the stuff that's going on in the world.

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