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talk2hand I am a retro Gaian xD
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Blah Blah Blah xD

Welcome to my profile.

You may call me Kayura. If you don't already know my real name then don't ask. If I wanted to share it with you then I would have posted it here.

I'm older than your average Gaian. Do the math, my birthday is listed. I've been on Gaia since 2003. Seen all the changes and I do like what the site is today.

I am collecting free avatar art (I tip) and aquarium Easter eggs. I can't have enough of either. I also take most junk items, flowers, trash, bugs, inks and items you'd rather give away as opposed to trashing.

Friends Requests are on. That said, I only add people to my list that I've gotten to know. If I don't know you then I will turn you down. Up to you if you'd still like to ask xD

So on March 8th, 2009 I finally got my bunnies <3 So now I'll be working to get the commons and whatnot off of my wishlist. Some items will be wish only (such as the halo) and not quested for. I am looking for inks to make stripey tattoos. So I'll take all bugs and inks. <3 Other items I'm collecting multiples so they will be on my wishlist until I get sick of collecting them.

As far as comments and PMs go, chain letters will be reported as will scamming. Illiteracy is ignored. Don't beg. I don't donate to strangers and I don't want to hear your sob story about how you were hacked and lost it all. I am not your ATM.

Omnimoderators handle account issues, including hacking and scamming reports. Talk to these moderators about problems you may have with your account, items, and inventories. They will never ask for your password.

Administrators are the creators, programmers, and developers of Gaia Online. They will never ask for your password.

Now for some hilarity. <3

Cashmere Cactus
McSourfish: "Maybe your aquarium health would be a little higher if Gaia hadn't SOLD OUT!"

IRC Amusement

<Person> Bye KAY!
<Kayura> Bye <3
<Person> Wait, you do know who I am don't you?
<Kayura> Person = You
<Person> Yeah
<Person> You just seem really nice
<Kayura> XD!!!

A note to those formerly on my friend's list and no longer: I am removing those that I do not have contact with. If you are hurt by this, open up communication again and I'd be glad to re-add you. I'm simply tired of having a list of people I don't talk to anymore.

My Pals <3


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Enkyubus Report | 09/19/2020 5:47 am
(Dark-Knight-David) Report | 09/19/2020 5:13 am
Razer Report | 08/15/2020 1:24 pm
Thank you!
Razer Report | 08/13/2020 8:53 pm
Alrighty! I sent you a request. 3nodding
Razer Report | 08/11/2020 9:28 am
I did some fanfiction years ago for Naruto, DBZ, Noir, Mai-Hime and some others.
On numerous sites I used to review Anime a lot but these days I am a bit behind lol
I need more recommendations.

I also did poetry a lot.
Do you have more hobbies?
Or interests?

I love musicals, I enjoy a lot of different kinds of music.
I also used to sing but I am easily embarrassed.
I love to cook as well.
I'm not used to talking about myself too much.
You can stop me at anytime!

That sounds like a lot of fun! You seem quite creative.^^
I honestly love a lot of colors..I have mules of various colors.
I assigned a color to keep my inventory less cluttered
and make a few accounts in other colors.

As for my art I really need a new laptop and tablet.
However I sketch at times.
I haven't updated DA in a longtime

I used to draw for a lot of people on Gaia.
I mainly gifted it way back it was nothing special.
I also wrote poems for for a few friends for fun.

Avocado still has my art and poem so does KonekoHime.

Do you have facebook or Discord?
I keep in touch with friends on there.
If you noticed my mind tends to go all over the place.
Razer Report | 08/10/2020 5:25 pm
Oh yeah..On Gaia I have redeemed a lot of tickets and had recolors and custom items created and I am still waiting on a lot.
Incase you were actually curious Items I had Made
Not sure if that was interesting or not. lol
Razer Report | 08/10/2020 5:17 pm
I hope that you start to feel better once that s**t is over!
Oh nice! What types of girls do you like?

I don't know if you knew that I like to draw and I enjoy video games.
I like JRPGs like Final Fantasy.
I love Anime and have a MyAnimeList and I sometimes like to write.
I used to write fan fiction years ago and my own stories.

I think everyone knows that I love green. xd
What are your hobbies and interests?
Razer Report | 08/10/2020 5:08 pm
It was easier once it was over and we could live our own lives.
I like girly girls and effeminate men.
That is something I realized over time.
I definitely lean more towards women.
Razer Report | 08/10/2020 5:00 pm
Divorce is never easy.
I married right out of high school to my guy friend and we eventually had a child.
Our divorce was hard and expensive but it ended up opening up a lot of new things in my life.
When you met me I was realizing my preferences and my gender issues.
(Which is still pretty confusing! lol)
Hopefully after your divorce some newer and better things come your way!
Razer Report | 08/10/2020 4:30 pm
Well when I first started Gaia my son was 3 years old.
I was often quiet in regards to being a single/divorced mom and very protective of my baby.
He is 20 now and has graduated high school.
We get a long very well and get together on the weekends.

I have dated people on and off but I learned a lot about myself.
So instead of trying to be with someone.
I'm working on myself for now and
I want to be the best person I can be.


My Pet Noob


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If My Puppy Had An Avi

Jiang Ryudo
Kayura McMoowr

I will jack you up! xD

There are more subjects now, not just vocab!

Can I has a bone? Please?

Clicky clicky!