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Return To Hogwarts - Reopened

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY

Profiles ;; OOC Thread

based on яετuяη τo hogwαяτs
currently Building Up To Awesomeness
writing level semi-lit / lit
credit goes to KiD blender JOCKEY

Currently in the RolePlay ~> It's been a month and the school is still under Sam's control. People are recovering, though the full moon has just passed. Students are out of the hospital wing and few are willing to trust those they don't know and even some they do know.
User Image Plot:

The year has started like normal, though strange things have begun to happen after only a few months after the school year started. The sons and daughters of the Great Trio, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and Harry Potter, are learning how to do magic and of the stories of what Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic went through then the Trio was in Hogwarts, when something happens that they were not expecting: A new Dark Lord has arrisen and they're in the school. No one knows who it it, though everyone suspects the cunning Slytherins due to their pure blood and their history as well as the fact that the first Dark Lord, Tom Marvolo Riddle (Voldemort) was in that House when he attended Hogwarts.

Now that a new Dark Lord has arrisen, what will happen next and how will the students prevent something bad from happening? Chaos is errupting and who can stop it if no one knows who started it.

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image Rules:

1: Semi-literate/Literate roleplay, no asterics (*) to show actions. Third person only. Two or three paragraphs minimum in order to make it interesting. If you can't do that, wait a little longer to post, or go nuts with the descriptions, but do not over do it please!

2: Creative characters are good. No anime or cartoon reference pictures: only real people.

3: Keep it PG/ PG13. If you want to go further, bring it to PMs between the characters, just make sure you have permission with the other person before you go sending innappropriate messages.

4: Stay to the ToS!

5: Cursing is alright (and I'm not talking about the spells), but try to keep it to a minimum or bad. No calling people names if you can avoid it. We're all old enough here (hopefully) that we can keep it all mature and still in the ToS.

6: No GodModing! That means DO NOT control another person's character. You will get 3 warnings, then you will be asked to leave and your character will be removed from the list on the first page.

7. If you leave for 2 weeks without warning, you will get a PM saying that you'll need to post again or else your profile will be removed and character's information will be open for someone else to use. If you give us a warning, we will attempt to keep track of it and if you go past your time you're gone as well as 2 weeks, then you will get a warning. You only get 2 warnings before your character is opened for being killed.

8. If you have read the rules, highlight the Relationship post for the keyword that you must have in order for your profile to be accepted.

9. When you send a PM with your profile, have the subject this: Soap Flavored Bertie Bott's.

10. When you send a PM with a reserve, have the subject this: Lemon Drops

11. Add the mule as a friend so that it's easier to contact you! Mischief Managed 2011

12. If you send multiple profiles, please send them in separate PMs. It just makes it easier on whoever is in the mule at the time.

13. Do Not post until you are told your profile is accepted or you are told you may post.

14. The profile skeleton has been changed to include the information from the reserve! If you have filled out a profile before, please make sure you use the new profile!

If I think of anything else, I will let you guys know in the OOC thread and in OOC on my next post.

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image Characters: Students:

Head Boy: Aaron Lewis Firminus ;; Just a Sim
Head Girl: Molly Cedrella Weasley ;; Princess_Miya

Gryffindor "Where dwell the brave at heart"
Common Room Location: behind fat lady portrait ; gryffindor tower ;
Password: Bludger
    Carmindy Ann-Marie Weasley ;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00
    Phyre Austin Zabini ;; Princess_Miya

first year
second year
PeevesLucy Annette Weasley ;; Saku-Neko-Hime-Chan
third year
fourth year
fifth year
PeevesSophie Ray ;; Madryn
PeevesCain Granger ;; Bloody Rawrs
PeevesLily Marie Potter;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesCecilia Abigail McGonagall ;; Charcoal Stripes
PeevesHugo Alastor Weasley ;; Fuji Apple
PeevesHugo Weasley ;; open
sixth year
PeevesRose Jane Weasley ;; SmartCookie1XD
PeevesEmma Marie Smith ;; Laptitfuros
PeevesCarmindy Ann-Marie Weasley ;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesBrielle Toryn Woods ;; psycho_green_panda
PeevesPhyre Austin Zabini ;; Princess_Miya
PeevesLuciana Quinn Danae ;; velociraptorknott
PeevesFred Ann Weasley II ;; NightMagic6
PeevesGallaugher Amadeus Reed ;; A Happy Happenstance
PeevesAngela Josephine Liu ;; zpixi
seventh year
PeevesAaron Lewis Firminus ;; Just a Sim
PeevesDelilah Ann Toke ;; xXxX Peace XxXx
PeevesMichael Arthur Eli Lupin ;; Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesJames Sirius Potter ;; wast3d_20k_2_chang3_this

Peevescharacter name ;; Jewel_Jones


HufflePuff "Where they are just and loyal"
Common Room Location: close to kitchens behind fruit portrait; basement corridor
Password: Fanged Frisbee
    Emilie Lillian Isley;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00

first year
second year
third year
fourth year
PeevesDahlia Belle Longbottom ;; Charcoal Stripes
fifth year
PeevesAlice Brianna Longbottom ;; Princess_Miya
PeevesLouis Tomlinson Weasley ;; velociraptorknott
sixth year
PeevesFelix Hubert Durante ;; Just a Sim
PeevesPollux Deets ;; Bloody Rawrs
PeevesEmilie Lillian Isley;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00
seventh year
PeevesDominick Black ;; Pixie x Pops
PeevesGrayson John Lowell ;; Shinigami-Daichou
PeevesCandise Longbottom ;; Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesNikolai Viktor Krum ;; DeathDealervamp
PeevesAndromeda Aurora McGonagall ;; Psycho Muffins 00


RavenClaw "Where those of wit and learning"
Common Room Location: west side of the castle behind Eagle; ravenclaw tower
Password: Answer correctly to a riddle:

DumbledoreWhat gets wetter the more it dries? a towel
Highlight to see the answer.
    Toryn Alessandra Marks;; Psycho Muffins 00

first year
second year
third year
PeevesBret Harveson ;; NightMagic6
fourth year
PeevesJace Sorin ;; Bloody Rawrs
PeevesAbigail Elizabeth Sutton ;; Jewel_Jones
fifth year
PeevesDominic Malfoy ;; A L ii E N_P A N D A
PeevesEmma Hale ;;SunnyHepburn
sixth year
PeevesChristina Raveneye ;; Blood Magician of Hell
PeevesEllireyanna Narcissa Lestrange ;; Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesTabatha Bellamy ;; Twilights Poison
PeevesLola Hale ;; SunnyHepburn
PeevesSalem Carter ;; crescentGasher
seventh year
PeevesMolly Cedrella Weasley ;; Princess_Miya
PeevesLucas Merlin Dae ;; xXxX Peace XxXx
PeevesKatherine Joanna Monroe ;; velociraptorknott
PeevesDamien Sin Bianchii;; Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesToryn Alessandra Marks;; Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesLola Hale ;; sunnyhepburn_


Slytherin "Those cunning folk use any means"
Common Room Location: behind stone wall; in dungeons
Password: Sneakoscope
    Sydney Lynn Parkinson ;; Psycho Muffins 00

first year
PeevesLilian Hawke ;; crescentGasher
second year
third year
fourth year
fifth year
PeevesGeorgia Bellatrix Goyle ;; Saku_Neko_Hime_Chan
PeevesPandora Lorwyn ;; Bloody Rawrs
PeevesDrake Malfoy ;; A L ii E N_ P A N D A
PeevesSalazar Tumaini Ishtar ;; iKarnezar
sixth year
PeevesScorpius Hyperion Malfoy ;; NightMagic6
PeevesJoel Theodore Madden ;; Scarlette Rouge
PeevesNee Chi Zoey Adams ;; DeathDealervamp
PeevesEmee Catalina Isley ;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesSydney Lynn Parkinson;; Psycho Muffins 00
seventh year
PeevesSamael Reece Constantine ;; Just a Sim
PeevesGemma Black ;; Pixie x Pops
PeevesAlbus Severus Potter ;; Psycho Muffins 00
PeevesAndrew Alexx Monroe ;; velociraptorknott
PeevesLorcan Scamander ;; Open
PeevesLysander Scamander ;; NightMagic6
PeevesJessica Liliana Jordon ;; Saku_Neko_Hime_Chan

If there are any characters that are "open", the only thing you cannot change is their first and last names. Other then that, they are your characters.

Dead Charcters

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User ImageAll teachers and staff of Hogwarts are NPCs (No Player Characters)

Headmistress ;; Minerva McGonagall
Caretaker ;; Argus Filch
Keeper of Keys and Grounds ;; Rubeus Hagrid
School Nurse ;; Poppy Pomfrey
Librarian ;; Irma Pince

Ancient Runes taught by ;; Bathsheda Babbling
Arithmancy taught by ;; Septima Vector
Astronomy taught by ;; Aurora Sinistra
Care of Magical Creatures taught by ;; Rubeus Hagrid
Charms taught by ;; Filius Flitwick
Defense Against the Dark Arts taught by ;; Ted Lupin
Divination taught by ;; Firenze and Sybill Trelawney
Flying taught by ;; Rolanda Hooch
Herbology taught by ;; Neville Longbottom
History of Magic taught by ;; Cuthbert Binns
Muggle Studies taught by ;; Hannah Longbottom
Potions taught by ;; Horace Slughorn
Transfiguration taught by ;; Minerva McGonagall
Apparition taught by ;; Wilkie Twycross from the Ministry of Magic
*apparition is for 6th and 7th years only

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY

Chaser: Lily Potter ;; purple bullets/Psycho Muffins 00
Keeper: Hugo Weasley ;; Fuji Apple
Seeker: Michael Lupin ;; Psycho Muffins 00

Captain: Grayson Lowell ;; Shinigami-Daichou
Chaser: Emilie Lillian Isley;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00
Chaser: Dahlia Belle Longbottom ;; Charcoal Stripes
Beater: Alice Longbottom ;; Princess_Miya
Beater: Pollux Deets ;; Bloody Rawrs
Keeper: Grayson Lowell ;; Shinigami-Daichou
Seeker: Felix Durante ;; Just a Sim

Captain: Katherine Monroe ;; velociraptorknott
Chaser: Lucas Dae ;; xXxX Peace XxXx
Beater: Katherine Monroe ;; velociraptorknott
Seeker: Dominic Malfoy ;; A L ii E N_P A N D A

Captain: Scorpius Malfoy ;; NightMagic6
Chaser: Andrew Alexx Monroe ;; velociraptorknott
Chaser: Albus Potter ;; Psycho Muffins 00
Chaser: Jessica Jordon ;; Saku_Neko_Hime_Chan
Beater: Georgia Goyle ;; Saku_Neko_Hime_Chan
Beater: Joel Madden ;; Scarlette Rouge
Keeper: Samael Constantine ;; Just a Sim
Seeker: Scorpius Malfoy ;; NightMagic6

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image

profiles for students
[list][align=center][img](Image of your Character)[/img][/align]

[align=center][color=postingcolor] Username [/color][/align]

[align=center][color=postingcolor] ❝ quote❞ [/color][/align]

[align=left][color=postingcolor]From the beginning I have been called ;;[/color] (full name)
[color=postingcolor]Yet, my friends call me ;;[/color] (nickname)
[color=postingcolor]While I stand ;;[/color] (height and weight)[/align]

[align=right][color=postingcolor]This life began on ;;[/color] (birth date as month and day)
[color=postingcolor]And I've been around for ;;[/color] (# years)
[color=postingcolor]But don't judge me being ;;[/color] (House and Year) [/align]

[align=left][color=postingcolor]You can be sure that I am a ;;[/color] (gender)
[color=postingcolor]And I just have to love ;;[/color] (boys, girls, or boys and girls)[/align]

[align=center][color=postingcolor] ❝ quote❞ [/color][/align]

[align=center][color=postingcolor]In this world, I live for ;;[/color] (The Dark Arts or The Aurors)
[color=postingcolor]My wand is ;;[/color] (length, core, wood)
[color=postingcolor]Yet, they say my blood makes me a ;;[/color] (muggle-born, half-blood, pure-blood)
(OPTIONAL) [color=postingcolor]Because this is my family ;;[/color] (mother, father, siblings, etc.)[/align][/align]

[align=left][color=postingcolor]I’ll never forget how it all began... [/color]
(at least two paragraphs of your history)[/align]

[align=right][color=postingcolor]It made me the way I am... [/color]
(at least one paragraph of your personality)[/align]

[align=left][color=postingcolor]Still, at the end of the day I just love ;;[/color]
+ (like)
+ (like)
+ (like)
+ (like)[/align][/align]

[align=right][color=postingcolor]But I absolutely can’t stand ;;[/color]

(OPTIONAL)[align=left][color=postingcolor]While my nightmares haunt me ;;[/color]

(OPTIONAL)[align=right][color=postingcolor]And I still have secrets, I won’t tell ;;[/color]
~ (secret)
~ (secret)
~ (secret)[/align]

[align=center][color=postingcolor] ❝ quote❞ [/color][/align]

[align=left][color=postingcolor]At my side is ;;[/color] (pet with link to picture if you have one) [/align]

[align=right][color=postingcolor]My Patronus defines me ;;[/color] (pick an animal to represent your character as a patronus)

[align=left][color=postingcolor]In my heart I desire ;;[/color] (your crush) [/align]

[align=right][color=postingcolor]My favorite color is ;;[/color] (posting color) [/align]

(OPTIONAL)[align=right][color=postingcolor]Oh yeah! I almost forgot ;;[/color] ( a little something extra) [/align]

(OPTIONAL)[align=left][color=postingcolor]Well, to make this easier think of me with this theme ;;[/color]
(song links here... may have up to three)[/align]

[color=postingcolor]character name ;; username here[/color]
death eater? ;; yes or no
Quidditch? ;; yes or no
Yes? ;; Which position?


Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image Relationships:
Keyword for reading the rules: Great Hall under the banners.

VoldemortAbbey 's Freddi
VoldemortAbbey 's Zoey
VoldemortFreddi 's Abbey
VoldemortLysander 's Zoey

Need more people for here!!



VoldemortSam 's Georgia
VoldemortSam ××'s Delilah
VoldemortFelix 's Scorpius
VoldemortJace 's Dahlia
VoldemortGrayson 's Alice
VoldemortMichael 's Georgia
VoldemortMichael ××'s Delilah
VoldemortDamien 's Alice
VoldemortPhyre 's Georgia
VoldemortPhyre 's Sydney
VoldemortLysander 's Zoey

VoldemortDahlia 's Aaron
VoldemortGeorgia 's Sam
VoldemortPandora 's Sam
VoldemortPandora 's Scorpius
VoldemortAlice 's Scorpius
VoldemortDelilah ××'s Sam
VoldemortMolly 's Ted
VoldemortEllireyanna 's Pollux
VoldemortEmme 's Sam
VoldemortEmme 's Albus
VoldemortEmilie 's Aaron
VoldemortEmilie 's Joel
VoldemortRoxanne 's Scorpius
VoldemortRoxanne 's Grayson
VoldemortCarmindy 's Pollux
VoldemortCarmindy 's Joel
VoldemortSydney 's Sam
VoldemortToryn 's Grayson
VoldemortToryn 's Albus
VoldemortBrielle 's Grayson
VoldemortBrielle 's Sam
VoldemortBrielle 's Scorpius
VoldemortLuciana ××'s James
VoldemortFred 's Felix
VoldemortJessica 's KJ
VoldemortCecilia ××'s James
VoldemortZoey 's Lysander


VoldemortDominic 's Albus


VoldemortGeorgia Goyle ×'s Alice Longbottom
VoldemortAlice Longbottom ×'s Georgia Goyle
VoldemortJace Sorin ×'s Aaron Firminus
VoldemortRose Weasley ×'s Scorpius Malfoy
VoldemortPollux Deets is Creeped out by Pandora Lorwyn
VoldemortGrayson Lowell ×'s Scorpius Malfoy

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image RP Date: Around the 13th of November, a Sunday.

What's Currently Happening:

It's been a month and the school is still under Sam's control. People are recovering, though the full moon has just passed. Students are out of the hospital wing and few are willing to trust those they don't know and even some they do know.

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image
The New Dark Lord:
MorsmordreSam ;; Just a Sim ;; Slytherin 7

The Dark Lord's Followers:
MorsmordreScorpius Malfoy ;; NightMagic6 ;; Slytherin 6
MorsmordreGeorgia Goyle ;; Saku-Neko-Hime-Chan ;; Slytherin 5
MorsmordreGemma Black ;; Pixie x Pops ;; Slytherin 7
MorsmordreEmee Catalina Isley ;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00 ;; Slytherin 6
MorsmordreEmilie Lillian Isley;; Purple Bullets/Psycho Muffins 00 ;; Hufflepuff 6
MorsmordreDominic Malfoy ;; A L ii E N_P A N D A ;; Ravenclaw 5
MorsmordreChristina Raveneye ;; Blood Magician of Hell ;; Ravenclaw 6
MorsmordrePandora Lorwyn ;; Bloody Rawrs ;; Slytherin 5
MorsmordreSydney Parkinson;; Psycho Muffins 00 ;; Slytherin 6
MorsmordreDamien Bianchii;; Psycho Muffins 00 ;; Ravenclaw 7
MorsmordreLysander Scamander ;; NightMagic6 ;; Slytherin 7
MorsmordreZoey Adams ;; DeathDealervamp ;; Slytherin 6
MorsmordrePhyre Austin Zabini ;; Princess_Miya ;; Gryffindor 6
MorsmordreAlice Brianna Longbottom ;; Princess_Miya ;; Hufflepuff 5

Undecided Followers:

MorsmordreAndrew Alexx Monroe ;; velociraptorknott ;; Slytherin 7
MorsmordreAndromeda Aurora McGonagall;; Psycho Muffins 00 ;; Hufflepuff 7
MorsmordreTabatha Bellamy ;; Twilights Poison

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image
In Loving Memory

These are students, staff, citizens, muggle or wizard, pure blood, muggle born, or otherwise, that have fallen victim of dark magic.

January 1st to September 19th ;; 12 years old ;; Gryffindor ;; Lucy Weasley

March 1st to September 19th ;; 13 years old ;; Ravenclaw ;; Bret Harveson

September 30th to October 4th ;; 17 years old ;; Gryffindor ;; James Potter

March 18th to October 4th ;; 17 years old ;; Gryffindor ;; Delilah Ann Toke

Original Thread created by KiD blender JOCKEY
User Image Birthdays!

Here, we'll be listing the birthdays of the characters and if your birthday falls during the RP school year, a party may or may not happen ^.^ Happy Birthday!

January 1st ;; 12 years old ;; Lucy Weasley

January 1st ;; 15 years old ;; Salazar Ishtar

January 13th ;; 16 years old ;; Tabatha Bellamy

January 23rd ;; 14 years old ;; Jace Sorin

January 29th ;; 16 years old ;; Cecilia McGonagall

February 2nd ;; 16 years old ;; Felix Durante

February 5th ;; 16 years old ;; Ellireyanna Lestrange

February 15th ;; 15 years old ;; Alice Longbottom

February 24th ;; 16 years old ;; Emilie Isley

February 24th ;; 17 years old ;; Toryn Marks

February 26th ;; 14 years old ;; Dahlia Longbottom

February 29th ;; 17 years old ;; Andromeda McGonagall

March 1st ;; 13 years old ;; Bret Harveson

March 5th ;; 15 years old ;; Georgia Goyle

March 15th ;; 47 years old ;; Finn Myrddin

March 18th ;; 17 years old ;; Delilah Toke

March 27th ;; 15 years old ;; Lily Potter

April 1st ;; 14 years old ;; Abigail Sutton

April 17th ;; 16 years old ;; Phyre Zabini

April 22nd ;; 16 years old ;; Emme Isley

May 15th ;; 17 years old ;; Nikolai Krum

May 18th ;; 16 years old ;; Gallaugher Reed

May 22nd ;; 11 years old ;; Lillian Hawke

June 6th ;; 16 years old ;; Salem Carter

June 7th ;; 16 years old ;; Emma Smith

June 9th ;; 15 years old ;; Drake Malfoy

June 9th ;; 15 years old ;; Dominic Malfoy

June 25th ;; 17 years old ;; Rose Weasley

July 4th ;; 17 years old ;; Lysander Scamander

July 7th ;; 16 years old ;; Angela Liu

July 23rd ;; 18 years old ;; Candise Longbottom

July 25th ;; 16 years old ;; Nee Chi Zoey Adams

August 1st ;; 15 years old ;; Sophie Ray

August 12th ;; 17 years old ;; Samael Constantine

August 15th ;; 17 years old ;; Damien Bianchii

September 19th ;; 15 years old ;; Cain Granger

September 23rd ;; 16 years old ;; Carmindy Weasley

September 30th ;; 17 years old ;; James Potter

October 3rd ;; 17 years old ;; Aaron Firminus

October 8th ;; 16 years old ;; Fred Weasley (II)

October 13th ;; 17 years old ;; Michael Lupin

October 21st ;; 15 years old ;; Pandora Lorwyn

October 31st ;; 16 years old ;; Scorpius Malfoy

November 27th ;; 17 years old ;; Molly Weasley

November 30th ;; 16 years old ;; Pollux Deets

December 1st ;; 17 years old ;; Lola Hale

December 13th ;; 17 years old ;; Joel Madden

December 13th ;; 17 years old ;; Jessica Jordon

December 16th ;; 17 years old ;; Lucas Dae

December 16th ;; 16 years old ;; Luciana Danae

December 19th ;; 16 years old ;; Sydney Parkinson

December 20th ;; 16 years old ;; Brielle Wood

December 25th ;; 17 years old ;; Grayson Lowell

December 26th ;; 17 years old ;; Andrew Monroe

December 26th ;; 17 years old ;; Katherine Monroe
User Image Banners!! Feel free to make one if there's a type that you would like to see!

User Image
Curtesy of Madryn

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/series-related-miscellaneous-role-play/u-o-hogw-s-building-it-up-to-awesomeness/t.75246503_1/?sequence=1] [img]http://i1113.photobucket.com/albums/k513/AngryYoungLove/Untitled-3.png[/img] [/url]

User Image

User Image

And We're OPEN!

Go ahead and post if your profile has already been accepted ^.^ Thank you!

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