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      What began as a simple rescue mission escalated quite quickly. The Romus that had been stranded and sent out a distress signal had received the SSV Beagle under the command of Captain Reina Maria Roses with the mission of rescuing any survivors, attempting to salvage the ship, and attempt to retrieve any information as well as attempting to acquire anything more that could help describe the situation. Upon landing, the plans were made to split up the team. The data recovery, main offensive fire team, and the three of infiltration. From the beginning losses were reported, but each moved onward.

      The data recovery team failed their mission upon getting distracted first by rescuing a few that had escaped the Romus during the Hopteron's assault and were soon forced to fall back to the Beagle at the incoming Hopteron planned attack. The Infiltration team got the first brunt of this however, as both they and a small group of Hopteron crossed paths. Not stopping them though, they continued onward to receive almost freely given information and what could be taken as a threat to the citadel. The fire team had their own problems as they received a large amount of the Hopteron attack on their own. This was only the beginning however, as the sabotage of the main battery of the Beagle resulted in the blackout that let the bats overrun the otherwise perfectly protected ship.

      Sabotage. It gave hints toward what could have happened to the Romus ship, and with the data retrieved from the infiltration team pieces began to fall in to place. Even this wasn't the end of the forthcoming of unfortunate events as was soon discovered when pilot Xander found and saved the Volus, Amon Juu. There was a bomb on the ship, one capable of destroying the ship. But this is all what's already been made known... what happened next?

          Maki's quick work of the battery got it back online, but not before the Hangar was devastated by the Hopteron and the manually operated guns now made inoperable by by their quick work of another platoon of the creatures. With the power back, the first thing to do was brodcast the fact that the ship were set up with a bomb at a location known to nobody, including the numerous Rachni workers that flooded the smaller corners. Naturally the first course of action was to search for it, but there would be only so much time and evacuation had to be considered. As such, after the amount of time passed the threat of the explosion, in conjunction with the Hopteron which had now infiltrated the ship and began making a mess of things, an escape order was given. All personel were to either get in an escape pod and try to land far away from the ship or more positively find a shuttle to escape the atmosphere and leave the planet to wait for assistance.

          There weren't that many shuttles left, mind you. One was already hijacked, gone in the middle of the chaos by presumably those who set the ship up with the type of disaster it was in already. There would simply not be enough for everyone, and for others it was just not an option. As such, Xander and Maki decided on a second course of action; the Romus. While she had yet to see the extent of the damage, it was the only way to not only get herself out safely but also allow a safe escape for the Captain's team that made their way out of the caves~ lest she be stranded on the planet ravaged by cold and the blind demons. Thus they made their way, managing to get out safely thanks to the assistance of female security Vorcha and Elcor Bob. The trip to the Romus wasn't terribly long, and soon Maki with her legion of as many workers as she could carry began making temporary fixes to what was left of the scrapped Turian ship.

              The events that followed were hectic. Poorly aimed shots filled the sky while cannons of the ship (that hadn't been destroyed) shot at what they could that hadn't already entered the ship. Pods jetted across the sky landing in other areas of the planet while cramped shuttles took flight and began to leave the surface for good. Maki managed to get the Romus running to the level it would need to be to at least breach the skyline and get in to space but was not in any condition for say... combat or so much as a FTL jump. Those that made it out of the caves on board the Romus were barely out in time and got the perfect view of the decimation caused by this third party.

              The explosion was one of such size that both the pod the survivors had been rescued it and where the Romus itself had been were enveloped in a wave of heat. The ground melted several meters to the thought to be lost solid ground underneath, creating a small lake of water which quickly evaporated in to steam. This was seen at the edges, at least. The center was filled with too much of the evaporated gas, smoke, and fire to even make it plausible to make out what was going on. A single explosion wouldn't be able to 'melt' the entire ship itself, but one of this magnitude would fry all of the systems, and if nothing else all individuals inside which now consisted of as many Hopteron as left over crew-members. The shuttles containing the main team now bridged with the Romus and are able to cross over as they drift slowly toward the Mass Relay to await rescue; offering a time of discussion and conclusion before the news becomes known galaxy wide.
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Abbacus rushed to the air lock of the shuttle he had crammed into. Now that they were back on the Romus, he was, at least for the moment, head medical officer. This was a position he was ready to renounce if the captain asked, but as this was her crew, but not her ship, he wanted to at least show a strong front. The plan was to step down as head medical officer if he were allowed to stay on as an assistant, and permitted to conduct research in his quarters.

Abbacus donned his helmet before crossing the air lock, not knowing how many decks of the ship would be sealed with all the damage it had already sustained. He was honestly shocked that the rachni was able to make it sky worthy at all. He took a quick pace to the infirmary and was happy to find its walls and doors intact, though most of the supplies had been taken. He rummaged through all the drawers and cabinets to take a quick inventory of the few things left, mostly tounge depressors and cotton swabs, his portable surgery kit would have to suffice.

Abbacus went to the intercom and paged the bridge. "To whomever is currently piloting the Romus, this is doctor Abbacus Ignus, head medical officer of this ship. Please let your commanding officer know that the med bay will be prepped and ready, though at a limited capacity for any injured crew members. Also, any assistance would be appreciated until such time as we can discuss a possible transition to your current medical officer, if one still exists."

Abbacus considered rewording that last part for fear of sounding cold, but he determined that it was clinically correct, if devoid of emotion, and so he left it as it was. He began spreading out his tools on the crash cart next to his operating table and awaited response.
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                                    TabMaki had been moping about what was left of the engineering deck, what little he was able to get sustainable and not have to lock out from the space outside. There wasn't much left usable in the ship, enough for an SOS communication, large parts of the med bay, the bridge at least seemed to be fully together. She was letting what little of her kin that she could bring do some of the menial repairs needed to keep the ship from breaking apart. Herself? Well she didn't really feel like doing much other than waiting, nay wallowing in the silence. Normally she hated it, but it felt right about now, seeing as how they'd just completely failed the mission.

                                    TabNo, not failed the mission. To be correct they succeeded in recovering the Romus and even a few survivors. But the loss was far too great and severely outweighed the gains, all because of the third party. But that wasn't excuse enough for her, no she still felt poor about what she'd failed to do. Her mission was to keep the ship running, together, but her negligence and desire to help the team on the ground and instil her helpfulness to the others resulted in a being ignorant of what was going on inside the Beagle. The sabotage, and then later her distraction led her to not be able to fully search for the bomb capable of tearing the ship apart, which it did. Silence was more than she deserved right now, in her mind she'd failed completely and utterly in her mission and while it was originally given to her by the Citadel she'd looked at it optimistically as a chance. Not any more though, now, moving a bolt back and forth with a dropped tentacle as she let out a sad cry. More than half the family she had born, the entire ship she had been made to protect, and the trust of those who depended on her.
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After barely escaping from the ambush Reina could only blame herself. The Beagle was gone, most of her crew is dead...even with the little info they got from this new terrorist group, it doesn't compare to her loses.
Since boarding the Romus, barely hanging on to life. She took out her anger and disappointment in herself out on the already beaten ship. punching the walls and kicking loose panels. She wish she could of died instead of facing humiliation of her mission and having to report back to the Admiral. This girl was a poor choose since the beginning, her lack of leadership, and real combat experiences proved her that she does not have what it takes to be Captain. She could hear them talking about her already. She scream out at the thought growling came out of her.
It wasn't until Xander yelled at her, that she snapped out of it. He was right she was still Captain and need to act like one. Giving him the order to get hold of help.

She took a breath and exhaled as she looked around at everyone that was still alive.
"Well....whatever happens after this, we have to give those bastards terrorist or whatever HELL!"


His fist pounded into the control panel trying to keep the screens from flicking around too much. In front of him was signs and symbols of another language, Turian to be exact. He wasn't fluent, but knew enough to control a Turian vessel. His hands sway around trying to reroute power to places most needed. Trying to keep this Ship a float. He could hear his Captain screaming and throwing a tantrum. He wasn't in the mood to do damage control. Feeling his own depression from losing the Beagle. He didn't want to let his mind wander further on what the repercussions were for having to lost a brand new Alliance vessel to primitive race.
A voice could be heard over the intercom, Xander sighed and open his line to reply.

"Gotcha Doc, I believe we still got ours but do what can for the injured. I'll get Captain to figure all that out..." He cut the call and continue on working at his station.

He had his feeling in the pit of his stomach.
"REINA STOP YOUR BITCHING AND GET YOUR s**t TOGETHER." he yelled from his seat knowing she was in ear shot.
It had seem at that moment it grew silent. He embrace himself of any act of violence that was to come from her.

"Get in contact with the closes Alliance Ship for a pick up use the emergency line, so they don't think it's a trap..."

It had surprise him how quickly she become clam.
"Aye aye Captain" he continue hitting the console trying to get a clean image on his screen.

He navigated opening up a line to Alliance.

"This is Alexander Meyers, pilot of the SSV Beagle, we're on board the SSV Romus. We are stranded and are in need to immediate pick up. Sending Coordinates"
Xander continue repeating himself until he got an response. He let a sigh out. An hour he thought...

"Captain, we are to be pick up in an hour..." He reports back to Reina.
This is going to be the longest hour he thought.

OOC: Sorry for the plain text wanted something quick and done and been busy catching up with things.
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Javed Scipio

Javed leaned back against the wall of the broken ship sighing. The mission even thoe they had kinda succeeded felt like a major lost. Crew members were dead, others were injured. “This was such a great first mission” he said out loud to himself his voice coated in sarcasm. He reached up and massaged his forehead, they now had to wait to be picked up which was going to take awhile. Javed was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the captain let out a growl and looked up to see her attacking the poor ship. He was about to speak up and say something when Xander beat him to it. He looked in Xanders direction a bit in shock at how he spoke to the captain, but it seemed to work the captain snapped out of it. He looked back at the captain when he heard her speak. He nodded in agreement. No way in hell was he going to be bested by some terrorists.

Ryuu Vanheart

Ryuu laid on her stomach crossing her arms in front of her laying her head on them. Her back was still sore from the attack. She just stared at everyone watching them, the mood in the room was low.. Like everyone had just lost there best friends. She watched the captain throw her little hissy fit, beating up the ship. She just rolled her eyes then closed them to think. This new terrorist group came out of the blue, she would have to talk to some of her friends to see if they knew anything about them. There was no way in hell they were getting away with this, not if she had a say in it. Ryuu opened her eyes when the captain addressed them about there new terrorist friends. “Don’t worry captain, giving people hell is part of what I do.

OOC: eh ill make it look pretty later. But its a post! :3
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Amon Juu Yeoman
Male, Volus, Engineer
Money alone sets all the world in motion.
Publilius Syrus (~100 BC), Maxims

                                            TabAmon was, just like everyone else, pitying himself. He was the first one off the ship in first fully filled shuttle. Not the first shuttle though, that one was taken by the couple who set up the bomb to begin with. While the loss itself wasn't on him, he did make investments in the large fortress of the ship~ it was new and seemed a sound thing to invest in to seeing as how it had many missions ahead of it. How could something like this even have happened? He wanted to grasp the neck of those people that caused this devastation for their insolence in wasting such a huge financial masterpiece. A sound brought him back from his inner money-calculating reality, the Rachni's cry rang through the ship... at least the section he was. The ship was small though, much so compared to the Beagle, so it was easy for it to reach the corners of the broken up vessel.

                                            TabWith a long release of air, he sucked up a new gasp and stood up to head back to the bridge of the ship. Inside people were yelling, frustrated, everyone was. It was understandable. Honestly he didn't see why, the people lost perhaps, but otherwise the mission was a success and the ship wasn't their own possession so it wasn't that they lost a ton of money. Despite having just entered the room, he decided to input his opinions on the matter. "*Kssht* It was a success of a mission by book terms. The loss of lives is... saddening." He stopped for a moment, he wasn't helping. "But *Kssht* the loss comes at the Council's pocket more than any our own." He heard about the pickup and was relieved. Last time he'd been stranded it took a good several days before someone found him. "Although, the thought of giving those who did this *Kssht* hell... it is appealing." He responded to the reoccurring theme of 'giving them hell'.

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