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          In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time.
          They called it the greatest discovery in human history.

          The civilizations of the galaxy call it... MASS EFFECT.

              Not long after the discovery of the mass effect drives there became known another existence unbeknownst to the rest of the galactic civilization. Coined the Reapers by the now eradicated Prothean empire before them, the galaxy then discovered a way to defend themselves from the hyper advanced threat; the Crucible. With the teamwork and cooperation of the galaxy and through the heroics of the famous human hero and Spectre, Commander Shepard, it was completed and the threat banished to dark space.

              A long time has passed since these events, life has begun to rebuild. New alliances have been forged, grudges settled, and old threats now promising allies. No longer fearing the unknown, but instead embracing discovery dormant mass relays are reactivated and exploration once halted resumes. New races are discovered, new friends are made, and new dangers are born. The new Citadel Council has announced this the great space age of discovery,

              and now we all travel, Beyond the Shadows of Space.

          (For skip to different Section Press F3 and Input new Selection)


          1.Shepard's Tale
          3.Current News
          4.Galactic Code
          6.Profile Construction
          7.Community Chronicle
          8.Mission Log


          9.The SSV Beagle
          10.Major Locations
          12.New Races
          13.Weapons Catalog
          14.Class Specialization

          Status: Currently Full - But Looking for Males/Unique Jobs
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          Since the discovery of the Mass Relays in 2148 CE, Humanity was given a chance to fourish in depths of space. They were able to colonize on other planets and make contact with other races among the stars. Furthering their place in the galaxy, one Alliance soldier by the name of Commander Shepard, rose to become the first human Spectre and savior of the galaxy..

            These are just a few of Commander Shepard's accomplishments that helped shape the galaxy we live in.

            2183 CE:

              Sheppard managed to defeat the rogue Spectre who helped the reaper, Sovereign, who attacked the council the a Geth fleet.
              Afterwards, the Alliance military then listened to his advice and saved the council, proceeding thereafter to kill Sovereign and ending
              his plans of getting the signal through to the keepers that would open the citadel relay in to dark space.

            2185 CE:

              After some questionable cooperation with Cerberus and the Illusive Man, Sheppard managed to safely navigate the
              Omega 4 relay effectively infiltrating the Collector base.
              After saving his team, he proceeded to kill the Human-Reaper larvae and detonate the reactor which then proceeded to destroy to
              the massive space station.

            2186 CE:

              Sheppard managed to upgrade the Geth with Reaper technology, enabling them to be have fully sentient individual thought processes.
              After this, he also ended the quarrels between the Geth and Quarians, the Geth began helping re-establish the Quarians on their home world
              of Rannoch and helped not only finish the crucible but also in the fight against the Reapers.

              Back on Noveria in 2183, Sheppard saved the life of and freed a Rachni Queen.
              Three years later this queen managed to get in trouble again being abused by Reapers, forcing her to make children that were then turned in to
              the Ravagers as part of the Reaper army.
              He once again freed her from her constraints allowing her to live on and even improve the community perception of the once thought extinct
              species by their assistance with the Crucible project.

              While many believe controversial, Sheppard decided it would be for the best that they spread a cure for the Krogan genophage.
              Despite him making the final decision, the Salarian Mordin Solus is typically referred to as the one who cured them because of his actions on Tuchanka.
              After this Urdnot Wrex and a well known Krogan shaman, Eve, reshaped the Krogan way of life to one that was less a danger to that of galactic peace.

              Ending the threat of the Reapers once and for all, Sheppard decided that with choice given he must control the Reapers and force their full retreat.
              Leaving the mass relays and other synthetic life in tact, Sheppard effectively saved all life of the Galaxy and made sure there would no longer
              be a Reaper threat in the future.

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          Time Line of Events that Occur within the Last 50years -


            With the help of the Geth, the Quarian race has declared their homeworld of Rannoch fully re-established.
            While most Quarians still do not remove their environment suits as it has built in to their culture, most experts
            say that their weakened immune system is irrelevant in this decision and thanks to the Geth mimicking mild
            virus attacks it has boosted dramatically such that they are no longer necessary.


            In a turn of the century decision, following a series of political squabbles, there was a joint decision
            to do a massive increase in the amount of official council-races.
            The Elcor, Hanar, and Volus were promoted and now have their own say in the major verdicts of the galaxy.
            Soon following there was also an embassy established for both, the Krogan and Quarians.


            The Rachni that once threatened the galaxy had made a major come-back since their assistance with the Crucible Project.
            The decision they were extinct now revoked, they have been permitted to attain their own homeworld.
            Not only kept under heavy watch, there are also a lot of safeguards in place to ensure that they do not over-colonize
            and grow out of control as they once had.
            Despite the precautions, experts say that the threat they posed in the past is replaced by the benefit the intelligent
            insect race offers the galactic community.
            This sparks new controversy over the decision that the other intelligent insect race, the Kirik, were not to to be
            uplifted over twenty years prior.


            With the defeat of the Reapers and galactic life returning to normal, the Council has lessened their fears inspired by the Rachni that
            once halted their expansion.
            They officially declared that there would be continued outward exploration of the galaxy and trans-versing the primary mass relays
            even without knowledge of the destination.
            With this also came the study of many new and diverse races, both sentient and not.
            Whether they are uplifted to the space age depends still on decisions made by the Council on a per species basis and their response to first contact.


            First contact made with Sylva, a race of anthropomorphic plants. While a cautious race, they were very peaceful to
            the first contact team and provided they were already at space age flight the uplifting was a smooth process.
            With long lives they prove to be very intelligent beings and were able to settle in to the galactic community at a rate even greater
            than that of the Humans before them.
            This was seen as a landmark event where consciously seeking out sentient life in the galaxy proved to have been a good decision.


            A newly discovered sentient race known as the Hopteron, a humanoid bat-race living in hyper-thermal caves, proved to be
            a questionable candidate for uplifting.
            While in a medieval era they posses the knowledge to pass standard galactic sapient tests, experts claim they are dangerous to interact
            with and pose a threat should they rashly be uplifted.
            The final decision upon this matter was benched for a later date.


            After deciding that a newly discovered race of mammals, similar to humans and known as the Virfeln, could potentially pass the test as sapient
            beings a decision was made that there would be first contact.
            While an investment in terms of bringing them up to the space age itself as they existed in the pre-technology era, experts claimed they were
            a valuable asset to add to the galactic racial diversity.
            Things became problematic however, as the Council lost contact with the team they assembled to greet the Virfeln.
            Static-laced messages can be made out as SOS calls, implying that they were captured by the primitive race and changing the mindset
            the Council had toward uplifting species.
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          News Report
            Static-laced SOS messages received from the contact team sent to the home planet of the newly found sentient race, Virfeln, imply they have been captured by the primitive species. This does not bode well for the Council, and the community demands to know what course of action will be taken.
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            ① First thing First Please follow the Gaia's TOS,
            ② This is an R/P about the video game series Mass Effect - It's probably a good idea to know the folklore or read up on it.-Here -
            ③ Romance is encouraged. Lets Try to keep it PG-13 Anything Higher -Time Skip- Think of the Children!
            ④ No Godmoding, There's killing and such but only make sure its okay by me and the other player.
            ⑤ This a Semi Lit - Lit R/P, Please be write at the very least a paragraph - I'm not a spelling/ grammar Nazi so mistakes are forgiven
            xxxbut no txt talk and swearing is alright just dont go too crazy, remember the children
            ⑥ You are to post in the at least once a week. HIGHLY encourage to chat on the OOC whenever
            xxxxxx- Ask Questions, Give Ideas - the Biotic God loves that kind of stuff.
            ⑦ If you plan to quit the rp for whatever reason please P/M me or post in the OOC and let me know.
            xxxYou don't have to include why just let me know you're quitting.
            ⑧ Respect everyone in this R/P, Characters don't have to like each other. If you're having problems with someone let me
            xxxor the other mods know we'll find a solution to the problem.
            ⑨ I am the Biotic God, therefore I can change rules around when necessary Kroama and Mitonna are Demi Biotic Gods and
            xxxare in charge when I'm not available.
            ⑩ I reserve the right to remove anyone from the rp for breaking the rules or failing to comply to the rules.
            ⑪ Most Important! HAVE FUN!

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          Citadel, Council-Races

          User Image


                                      The asari, native to the planet Thessia, are often considered the most powerful and
                                      respected sentient species in the known galaxy.
                                      This is partly due to the fact the asari were the first race after the Protheans to achieve
                                      interstellar flight, and to discover and inhabit the Citadel.
                                      A mono-gender race—distinctly feminine in appearance—the asari are known for their
                                      elegance, diplomacy, and biotic talent.

          User Image


                                      The elcor are a Citadel and Council species native to the high-gravity world Dekuuna.
                                      They are massive creatures, standing on four muscular legs for increased stability.
                                      Elcor move slowly, an evolved response to an environment where a fall can be lethal.
                                      This has colored their psychology, making them deliberate and conservative.

          User Image


                                      The hanar are a species resembling Earth's jellyfish and are one of the few
                                      non-bipedal Citadel races.
                                      Hanar are known for their intense politeness when speaking, and their strong
                                      religious beliefs regarding the Protheans, whom they refer to as "the Enkindlers".
                                      The hanar "stand" slightly taller than a human, although most of their height is in
                                      their long tentacles which have three fingers at the base.

          User Image


                                      Humans, from the planet Earth, are a new sentient species of notable size
                                      to enter the galactic stage and are the most rapidly expanding and developing.
                                      They independently discovered a Prothean data cache on Mars in 2148, and the
                                      mass relay networks shortly thereafter. Humans have a fairly robust physiology.
                                      Their internal makeup and reproductive processes are typical of most bipedal
                                      mammals, and their size and proportions give the appearance of being strong,
                                      fast and agile.

          User Image


                                      The second species to join the Citadel, the salarians are warm-blooded amphibians native
                                      to the planet Sur'Kesh. Salarians possess a hyperactive metabolism; they think fast, talk
                                      fast, and move fast. To salarians, other species seem sluggish and dull-witted, especially
                                      the elcor. Unfortunately, their metabolic speed leaves them with a relatively short lifespan;
                                      salarians over the age of 40 are a rarity.

            User Image


                                        Known for their militaristic and disciplined culture, the turians were the third race to join the
                                        Citadel Council. They gained their Council seat after defeating the hostile krogan for the
                                        Council during the Krogan Rebellions. The turians deployed a salarian-created biological
                                        weapon called the genophage, which virtually sterilised the krogan and sent them into a
                                        decline. The turians then filled the peacekeeping niche left by the once-cooperative krogan,
                                        and eventually gained a Council seat in recognition of their efforts.

            User Image


                                        The volus are an associate race on the Citadel with their own counselor, but are also a
                                        client race of the turians.
                                        They hail from Irune, which possesses a high-pressure greenhouse atmosphere able to
                                        support an ammonia-based biochemistry. As a result, the volus must wear pressure suits
                                        and breathers when dealing with other species.

            Citadel, Non-Council Races

            User Image


                                        The drell are a reptile-like race that were rescued from their dying homeworld by the
                                        hanar following first contact between the two. Since then, the drell have remained loyal
                                        to the hanar for their camaraderie and have fit comfortably into galactic civilization.
                                        Drell are omnivorous reptile-like humanoids with an average lifespan of 85 galactic
                                        standard years.

            User Image


                                        The krogan are a species of large reptilian bipeds native to the planet Tuchanka,
                                        a world known for its harsh environments, scarce resources, and overabundance
                                        of vicious predators. The krogan managed to not only survive on their unforgiving
                                        homeworld, but actually thrived in the extreme conditions. As an aggressive species,
                                        while krogan society became more technologically advanced, so did their weaponry.

            User Image


                                        The quarians are a nomadic species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with
                                        technology and synthetic intelligence. Since their homeworld Rannoch was conquered,
                                        the quarians had lived aboard the Migrant Fleet, a huge collection of starships but
                                        have since reestablished themselves on their homeworld of Rannoch.

            Non-Citadel Races

            User Image


                                        A race of four-eyed bipeds native to the world of Khar'shan, the batarians are a
                                        disreputable species that chose to isolate itself from the rest of the galaxy.
                                        The Terminus Systems are infested with batarian pirate gangs and slaving rings,
                                        fueling the stereotype of the batarian thug.
                                        It should be noted that these criminals did not represent average citizens, who were
                                        forbidden to leave batarian space by their omnipresent and paranoid government.
                                        Unfortunately for them when their system was annihilated by the Reapers.

            User Image


                                        The geth ("Servant of the People" in Khelish) are a race of networked artificial intelligences
                                        that reside beyond the Perseus Veil. The geth were created by the quarians, as laborers
                                        and tools of war. When the geth became sentient and began to question their masters,
                                        the quarians attempted to exterminate them. The geth won the resulting war, and reduced
                                        the quarians to a race of nomads until 2186 when they began to help re-establish their
                                        quarian creators

            User Image


                                        The rachni are a once labeled extinct insect-like species that threatened Citadel space
                                        roughly two thousand years ago during the Rachni Wars. Intelligent and highly aggressive,
                                        the spacefaring rachni were driven to expand and defend their territory. They were
                                        eventually defeated and completely eradicated by the krogan, but now make a comeback
                                        as a species under heavy watch from the rest of the galaxy.

            User Image


                                        Known for their unique biology and aggressive behavior, the vorcha are a primitive race
                                        that live among the galaxy's darker and more dangerous locations, such as Omega.
                                        Many vorcha are trained by the krogan Blood Pack as mercenaries due to their savage
                                        nature and adaptability to different environments. The rest of galactic civilization regards
                                        them as pests and scavengers, and their presence is generally seen as a blight.

            User Image


                                        The yahg are a sentient race of towering humanoids native to the world of Parnack,
                                        known for their violent and aggressive nature. Consummate predators, the yahg possess
                                        unrivaled perceptiveness and mental adaptability. Discovered by the Citadel Council in
                                        2125 CE, the yahg were unceremoniously barred from interaction with Citadel space after
                                        massacring the Council's delegation.
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    6.profile construction

            Profile Creation Rules/Setup

              ① Please Read All Rules before Summiting a Reserve Spot to me. Please put "PYJACKS" - to know you read the rules.
              ② Fill out the Reserve Profile skeleton [see below] PM to me for approval.
              ③ Once accepted please fill out the completely skeleton on the profile thread and PM me for approval - once accepted may post on the profile thread.
              ④ Reserves at this moment will be for the crew - Once we start to introduce more new races more spots will be available.
              ⑤ everyone is allowed to have multiple characters as long as if they keep going with the RP as well they must be different races.
              ⑥ Please do not make characters be cannon or related to any characters from in-game - Must be OC
              ⑦ Depending on your Class you are allowed to choose your powers/guns -Please see Class/Weapons list -
              ⑧ Unique Characters are Welcome just as long as they have a valid story that is relevant to the Mass Effect universe.
              ⑨ Pictures are optional (but perfered) Anything CGI, Drawings, Anime-ok but no Moe (like exaggerated big eyes/chibi) NO Real-life pics of people.
              This is a Size limit - 350x600 Click Here for Sample sizes.
              ⑩ Let me know if you have ideas, or any questions you want to pass by me or the mods on our ooc thread. Better safe than sorry right?
              ⑪ Happy Posting!

              [Reserve Profile Skeleton:] - Color1/Color2 can be change to any colors you like

              [imgleft]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v86/bebopgrl86/rp/RESERVELOGO.png[/imgleft][color=white]x[/color][size=11][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][color=color1](First Name "Middle/Nickname-Optional" Last Name) [/color]
              [color=color2]▌[/color] [color=color1] (Postion:what you do on the ship?)[/color]
              [color=color2]▌[/color] [color=color1] (Class:what class are you?)[/color]
              [color=color2]▌[/color] [color=color1] (Race)[color=color2] ❂ [/color](Gender)[color=color2] ❂ [/color] (Age)
              [color=color2]▌[/color] [color=color1][size=9] [color=color2]xx[/color](Username)[/size][/color] [/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]


                      User Imagex

                                              Alexander "Xander" Mayers

                                                HumanMale Thirty-Two


            Main Profile Skeleton:

            [color=color1][b]Full Name:[/b][/color] (Input full name here)
            [color=color1][b]Nick-Name[s]:[/b][/color] (Input all list of nicknames here)
            [color=color1][b]Race:[/b][/color] (Input Race Here)
            [color=color1][b]Gender:[/b][/color] (Input gender here)
            [color=color1][b]Age:[/b][/color] (Input Age here as written form ex-Twenty-One)
            [color=color1][b]Orientation[/b]:[/color] (Input your preference here, heterosexual, bisexual, asexual, bi-curious)
            [color=color1][b]Self Description:[/b][/color]
            [list] (If you don't have a picture -Leave the default image in-, Please put a detail description of your character - if you do have a picture you can put things like weight, height, tattoos etc...Can be written out or bullets

            [color=color1][b]Position aboard the Ship:[/b][/color] (What is your Job on board? ie - Gunnery Chief, Medical Chief, Engineer Etc.)
            [color=color1][b]Class: [/b][/color] (What Class are you? Refer to Post & Links)
            [color=color1][b]Weapons: [/b][/color] (What weapons do you use? Refer to Post, & Links - # Weapons depend on class)
            [color=color1][b]Powers:[/b][/color] (What powers do you use? Refer to Post & Link - Powers depend on class)
            [color=color1][b]Ship Quarters: [/b][/color] (where would we find on you on the ship?)

            [color=color2][size=16][b]►About Yourself...[/b][/size]
            [list] (Whats your story how did you end up in your current situation?[/list]
            [color=color1][b]Personality:[/b] [/color]
            [list] (What kind of person are you? May use bullets if you like)
            [list][*]trait[*]trait[*]trait[/list] [/list]
            [color=color1][b]Likes:[/b][/color](likes/dislikes and theme song are optional-Gives a better Feel of the char i think - at least three)
            [color=color1][b]Dislikes:[/b][/color](At least three)
            [color=color1][b]Theme Song:[/b][/color] (["url=linktosong"]Title of song/by artist["/ur"l]

            [list] (Anything other, little details)[/list]



            User Image

                                                                                  Full Name: Alexander Meyers
                                                                                  Nick-Name[s]: Xander
                                                                                  Race: Human
                                                                                  Gender: Male
                                                                                  Age: Thirty-Two
                                                                                  Orientation: Heterosexual
                                                                                  Self Description:
                                                                                    • Height: 5'11ft/180cm,
                                                                                    • Weight: 147lbs/66.7kg
                                                                                    • Body Built: Slender
                                                                                    • Eye Color: Blue
                                                                                    • Hair Color: Naturally Dirty Blonde -Currently Green- Mishap with bleach


                                                                                  Position aboard the Ship: Helmsmen
                                                                                  Ship Quarters: Mostly the Bridge, When on Cruse control can be seen in the mess hall for a drink or Observation deck in the designated smoking area for a cigarette break.
                                                                                  Class: Solider
                                                                                  Weapons: He can use variety of guns but chooses to have only a pistol on him - M-5 Phalanx
                                                                                  Powers: Adrenaline Rush

                                                                                ►About Yourself...

                                                                                    Alexander James Meyers was born as the only son to Julia and Lt. James Meyers, a solider of the Alliance Military. Being a Military Brat had it's advantages, from time to time he was allowed to come to work with his dad who was a ship inspector. He enjoy to see the massive things and read all about every kind of ship there was, everything including the merchant vessels to the Quarian's Migrant Fleet. When he was old enough he followed his fathers footsteps and enlisted into the Alliance Military first starting out in basic training as a solider but than transfering later into their aviation program.
                                                                                    He was recognize for his capabilities for keeping it cool under pressure during simulated flights and memorizing control manuals within hours. Once he graudated from the program he was giving post as co-polit in the Fifths Fleet's SSV Orizaba - Taking commands directly from Admiral Rojas. When the SSV Beagle was completed and positions were to be filled Admiral Rojas thought of no other than Xander. His cool collective ways help him gain notice feeling he would be best suited to deal with its newly appointed Captain.

                                                                                    Xander is that friendly cool kinda guy though at first glance he looks a bit rough around the edges with his always serious expression. He will go out of his way to make sure he leaves a good impression on people he is meeting for the first time. Always politely...maybe too politely by some, as well quiet keeping to himself. Though he does always seem to manage to be update with everyone's personal lives, possible keeping his ears open on what's being said in the "grapevine". Always keeping his himself calm and cool during moments of extreme conditions is his greatest trait as a pilot as well his great memorization skills especially any relating to space and ships.

                                                                                    • Cigarettes
                                                                                    • Cold Beers
                                                                                    • Fornax Magazines
                                                                                    • Manuals
                                                                                    • Ship Models

                                                                                      • Modeling glue
                                                                                      • Off brand cigarettes
                                                                                      • Warm Beer
                                                                                      • Racist People

                                                                                    Theme Song: Tank by The Seatbelts

                                                                                      Prefers to be called Xander, if you call him by his full name it makes him think of the times his mother would scold him. Along with finding out about people's current situation he seems to have a knack finding out secrets about someone. Him and the Captain go way back and seem to be the only one not effected by her constant mood swings. If you're in need of getting something rare he's your guy to get those imported alcohol, magazines and Earth candies.
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              7.community chronicle
              Crew of the SSV Beagle


                Primary Crew is Rank Officers and Specialist

                              User Imagex

                                                      Capt.Reina Maria Rosas



                              User Imagex

                                                      Sings-of-Machines, "Maki"

                                                        Chief Engineer
                                                        RachniQueen Thirty


                Secondary Crew are Supportive Roles like Soldiers, and Assistants.

                              User Imagex
                                                      Amon Juu

                                                        VolusMale Fifty-Four


              SSV Beagle's Personnel and Misc▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

                Crew that works only on the SSV Beagle and Other Characters met along the way.

                              User Imagex
                                                      Admiral Armando Vergas Rojas

                                                        Admiral of the Fifth Fleet


                              User Imagex

                                                      Alexander "Xander" Mayers

                                                        HumanMale Thirty-Two


              The Fallen or M.I.A▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

                The honorable dead RIP or Those Missing in Action

                              User Imagex
                                                      Xehaozyn "Bob"

                                                        Mass Sargeant


                              User Imagex
                                                      SHIELA SIHALE SHEIAL Sheila

                                                        Guard Dog SUCEIRTY OFFCIER
                                                        VorchaFemale Thirteen


                              User Imagex

                                                      Nasir'Lokan nar Rannoch vas Beagle

                                                        GethMale Designation Ten


                              User Image
                                                      Javed "Jav" Scipio

                                                        Lab Assistant
                                                        Turian Male Thirty two


                              User Imagex
                                                      Leah "Hawkeye" Stefansson

                                                        human female twenty six

                                                        xxK handerlan

                              User Imagex
                                                      Doctor Abbacus Ignus

                                                        Surgeon/Medical Assistant
                                                        SalarianMale Eighteen

                                                        xxAfro Crusader

                              User Imagex
                                                      Jake Anthony Mastre

                                                        Biotic Support
                                                        Human Male Twenty-Nine


                              User Imagex
                                                      Ryuu Vanheart: Nickname: dragon

                                                        ▌ Weapon Specialist
                                                        ▌ Infiltrator
                                                        ▌ Human ❂ Female ❂ Twenty-Three


                              User Image x
                                                      Vorali Arnola

                                                        Science Officer
                                                        SalarianMale 30


                              User Imagex
                                                      Kovina Milena

                                                        Biotics Specialist
                                                        Asari "female" One Hundred and Two


                              User Imagex

                                                      Azrat'Zilan nar Sadiya vas Beagle

                                                        Chief Medical Officer
                                                        Engineer (Medic Specialization)
                                                        QuarianFemale Twenty-four


                              User Imagex
                                                      Quintas 'Single-Shot' Rivin.

                                                        Executive Officer
                                                        TurianFemale Twenty-Seven

                                                        xx lArchangel
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              Mission Logs are recorded and are added along the way:

                Rescue Mission on Eden Prime -
                  Murphy the Space Hamster is being held captive by the Evil Man -
                  (Mission on Hold til Further Notice)

                Meet with Council -
                  Spectre assignment has been issued.

                Rescue Mission -
                  A research team has gone mission, find out what happen to them.

                Assemble the Crew -
                  Go to the Citadel to pick up New Crew.

                Wait for Alliance Pick-up -
                  With previous mission objective: achived, major causualities lost including SSV Beagle. Aboard barely functioning SSV Romus.

                Report to Admiral Rojas. -
                  Report all detail to the Admiral before seeing Council

                Meet with Council -
                  Spectre assignment has been issued. Report findings on the missing crew

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      User Image

              User Image
              The SSV BEAGLE

                  The SSV Beagle SR-5 (Systems Alliance Space Vehicle Stealth Reconnaissance 5) was a Systems Alliance starship. She is base of the SSV Normandy SR-1 for its "deep scout" frigate, which was co-developed by the Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy with the sponsorship of the Citadel Council. She is optimized for solo reconnaissance missions deep within unstable regions. The SSV Beagle has been updated since the original SSV Normandy with state-of-the-art technology. She is powered by a new experimental drive core that employs revolutionary technology that has been since use during the creation of the Crucible.

                  Commissioned in 2236, the Beagle was put into the Fifth Feet under the Observation of Admiral Rojas and was appointed the task of giving her a crew. It best decided to have a variety of races aboard the ship and preferably a Human Spectre as Captain. With help from council Intel on who would be part of the newly build ship since her primary object was to travel vast into new territories of unknown space. Controversy surrounded on who would be captain since there was only a selected handful and even more so when the final decision was made for Reina Rojas, the newest to become a Human Spectres to be come captain of the SSV Beagle.

                  The Beagle is named after the sea vessel use to carried Charles Darwin on his historic expedition beginning in 1831.

                User Image+++++User Image+++++User Image+++++User Image

                        DECK ONE
                          • C.I.C
                          • Ship's Bridge
                          • Comm. Center

                        DECK TWO
                          • Main Gun/Calibration Room
                          • Research Tech Labs
                          • Med Bay
                          • Crew Quarters,
                          • Captain's Cabin
                          • Offices
                          • Cafeteria/Commons & Recreation
                          • Life Support System
                          • Main Battery

                        DECK THREE
                          • Engine Engineering
                          • Drive Core
                          • Port Cargo

                        DECK FOUR
                          • Hangar
                          • Armory
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                                    The Citadel Council was founded in 500 BCE by the asari and salarians, the first two races to independently discover the Citadel, believed to be a triumph of the lost Prothean civilization, at the hub of the mass relay network. It was the asari who suggested forming a governing body aboard the space station in partnership with the newcomer salarians. The founding of the Council marks the beginning of the Galactic Standard (GS) calendar, the year 0 GS.
                                    Over the next 500 years, the Council rapidly expanded outward from the Citadel, encountering several new races and incorporating them into the growing galactic community. The volus were the earliest known race that the Council made first contact with; in 200 BCE, the Council grants the volus an embassy at the Citadel in recognition of their contributions to Citadel space, including the Unified Banking Act which established the credit as a standard currency. Along with the volus, the batarians, elcor, hanar, and quarians were also welcomed to the fold during this time.
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              Evolved on the cold planet of Abayo, the Hopteron are a humanoid race with what many would call demonic features. They vary quite substantially among their population, though all seem to sport a large pair of leathery wings protruding out of their shoulder blades. Because of the planet's distance from their nearest star, they were found to be cave dwelling, spending as much as 99% of their lives underground near various sources of lava-heated springs of water where life thrives, most non-animal organic life developed through synthesizing energy through chemotrophic processes. They are not able to fly in the traditional sense, but they do have extendable wings that allow them to glide well; and as great climbers this allows for plenty quick transport around the cave. They have underdeveloped eyes that only pick up small amounts of light from glowing chemiluminescents that most life on the planet evolved, including themselves as their innards glows a light blue color in the dark; with their wings glowing a darker dimmer blue. Instead of using eyesight, they developed a form of echo-location, using high frequencies of sound and keen listening to track location of themselves and the world around them. They are high-metabolism, but much more stable than either Vorcha or Salarians with a lifespan of approximately sixty years.

              The Hopteron are reportedly at a warring states period, their civilization doesn't make use of many fancy weapons as their own bodies offer enough utility to tear each other apart but do manage to make sophisticated buildings, in defensive positions, in the cavern walls. It is assumed their civilization is closest to a dictatorship within each faction, though immature as it is. They were initially considered as candidates because they possessed enough sentience, but have questionable aggressiveness from what has been observed, some who studied them made the connection by labeling them as Vorcha's younger brother.

              While the race doesn't particularly use any sort of advanced weapons, they do make use of stone-made advanced tools for carving and grinding. Their buildings are also built with utility in mind over design, as their aesthetic taste is dulled with their eyesight, but scientists claim that for their population the way they have organized themselves was remarkable; even several features that take in to account the possibility of under-ground earthquakes are present in them.
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                                            Sniper Rifles
                                              Sniper rifles are slow and usually run out of loaded ammo after a couple shots in quick succession. However, they make up for this in range and damage - sniper rifles retain accuracy at incredible ranges, and they will often kill weaker enemies in one shot. Beware, though; close-range encounters are not recommended, due to the fact that you will more than likely miss any shots in close combat.

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                                            Submachine Guns
                                              Submachine guns are a class of rapid firing weapons, including both fully automatic and burst fire weapons. They generally have low accuracy and damage per shot, offset by their clip size and rate of fire. They are best suited for close-mid range combat. SMGs possess a bonus to damage against shields and biotic barriers, but are weak against armor.

                                                • M-4 Shuriken
                                                • M-9 Tempest*5
                                                • M-12 Locust*5
                                                • M-25 Hornet 5
                                                • Geth Plasma Smg5
                                                • N7 Hurrican

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                                            Heavy Pistols
                                              Heavy pistols are a class of semi-automatic weapons, which have a fairly low rate of fire and limited ammunition, but do relatively high damage per shot. They are an invaluable backup weapon, effective against armor and highly accurate at mid-long ranges.
                                                • M-3 Predator
                                                • M-5 Phalanx
                                                • M-6 Carnifex
                                                • M-77 Paladin
                                                • M-358 Talon
                                                • Arc Pistol
                                                • N7 Eagle
                                                • Scorpion

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                                            Heavy Weapons
                                              Overloaded with firepower and exceedingly powerful, with some capable of destroying the toughest enemies instantly or eliminating whole enemy squads at once. Covering a broad spectrum, they offer an automatic attack, single shot explosive, and sometimes even a stream of fire.

                                                • ML-77 Missile Laucher
                                                • M-100 Grenade Laucher
                                                • M-451 Firestorm
                                                • M-490 Blackstorm
                                                • M-560 Hydra
                                                • M-622 Avalanche
                                                • M-920 Cain
                                                • Cobra Missile Laucher
                                                • Arc Projector
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