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A president is the head of the executive branch of government. The branch of government that is supposed to serve as a check on the legislative branch (Congress, in the U.S.'s case.). They cannot make bills or acts, they cannot put their own ideas on the table, that is reserved for those in the legislative branch. The executive branch is only there to say "yes" or "no" to what the legislators think. So why is there so much worship for the president in the United States?

When Canada, the U.K., Australia, France, or pretty much any other first-world democracy has to send someone over to another country for a major diplomatic mission, we usually send the Prime Minister, the head of the legislative branch. Prime ministers are the ones that serve as the symbol of our country. But the U.S. sends their President. Why? We don't send the Queen when we have a diplomatic mission, why does this rule apply to the Americans?

When children grow up in the U.S., they are told that if they work very hard in school, they may "someday be President". When children grow up in nearly every other first-world democracy, they are told that they may "someday be Prime Minister".

Why is "President" a more sought-after title than "Head of Congress"?

where I live we send out our president to represent us, also your priminister is part of the executive. i guess I understand since the primeminister is appointed/approved by and for the legislature and generally speaking can't act accept with the general approval of the legislature.

the actual head of the legislative branch is the president of the senate and house of representatives in australia.
Because part of what keeping Congress in check means is that he is the sworn defender of the US Constitution, the very basis of our nation. When the president vetos or signs laws from Congress, what he's actually doing is ensuring the protection of the Constitution. This is legal protection, he is destroying threats that come from within the system. As well, he physically protects the rights guaranteed in the Constitution by leading the military. It's useless to have a paper that says "don't hit me" if people are going to hit you anyways. So the president steps up and makes that person stop hitting you, either through force or diplomacy. The whole time, the goal he has to keep in mind is that everything he does he is doing to protect the Constitution and the rights therein.

So, recap, he protects it from internal threats by vetoing laws that would compromise the Constitution. He protects it from physical threats by maintaining and leading a military force. He protects it from foreign threats by heading the Department of State and through diplomacy.

The president is the defender of our nation. The man upon whose head it solely rests to keeping safe our country's heart and soul. Why wouldn't we praise that person?

As well, to a lesser degree, he is the figurehead of our country and represents us to the rest of the world. By praising him when it comes to international dealings, we're actually praising ourselves.

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