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i was in SIN, but i guess i'll sign anyway. *signs*

omg EMILY! I didn't notice you posted before me xD
I'll sign.

I wonder, if they'd showed everyone in advance what the loser's consolation prize would be, would they have gotten as many participants as they did? Or would it have motivated everyone to join the one side en masse?
I would like to sign.

Consolation? How is this skin consoling? At least give us the option to get rid of it if we don't like it. It's ugly, useless and something I DO NOT WANT in my inventory. I would rather not have a prize at all than to have this.
Random Rainbow Rukia
iiMistress Midnightii
i was in SIN, but i guess i'll sign anyway. *signs*

omg EMILY! I didn't notice you posted before me xD

well i did. so ha.
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I definitely sign this petition. It's nice that Gaia thought to give us with B.O.O. a consolation prize, but not so nice with the way they went about it. Whether it be dirt, a potato, or whatever... it's just the principal. It seems insulting, like they're calling us with B.O.O. whiners and losers... and rubbing it in our faces by keeping the stupid thing soulbound without the option of being able to trash it.

I'd also like for them to release an item like the tiny, mini-wing/fins that came with the skin. That's the only reason I haven't changed my avatar yet and it's pissing me off. -_-;
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B.O.O.'s gun glitched up in the last few hours. stare This was a tie. Either both sides get cheated, or both sides keep their skin.

I know this was meant to be a joke from the potato death in the comic, but nobody's laughing. I support turning the skins into the contact lenses, as mentioned earlier. All I really cared for were the eyes.
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iiMistress Midnightii
Random Rainbow Rukia
iiMistress Midnightii
i was in SIN, but i guess i'll sign anyway. *signs*

omg EMILY! I didn't notice you posted before me xD

well i did. so ha.

lol all I said is that it was a huge coincidence xD
I'm definitely signing this.

Some consolation prize this was. I thought gaia would have thought of something better. :/

It's kinda a slap to the face to be honest. Esp. with the glitching BOO had near the end.
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I was quite disappointed in this consolation prize. It's not even like we can use it, it's disgusting. During last year's event, EVERYONE got to keep their skin. Not just that, but we could also purchase the other skins. I agree with the scuffed-up skin idea, but feel that this was indeed a tie of sorts. Maybe they should award the skin to those who really contributed to boo, EX: had 100 followers, did an ultimate sacrifice, got all of the other achievements. Right now, I'm in a predicament where I want to keep the skin on, but I also want to change into some better clothing, sigh.....
i sign u big fat loser
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I sign.

I would've proffered anything to the skin we have now... its way to ugly. I didn't even think to equip it on my main account which I dress up a lot less than this one these days.
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But we didn't tie with S.I.N.
If we had it would be made known.
Before playing the event it was clear that the winning team would keep their skin and the losing team wouldn't. We're lucky we got anything at all. You shouldn't be so picky when someone is trying to be nice, apologizing for a shitty, glitched-out event. neutral
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I at least wish they'd make it so it wasn't soul bound
really though, its awfully..... "nice" of them to give us a consolation prize...but i seriously wish i can trash it.....its just an epic failiure... like really, are they trying to make fun of us? giving us this whatever-it-is skin? and WHAT is with the ending plot?? its (no serious offence) horrible! ughh i thought gaia could do better than this...
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Aekeans got burnt toast after the Water Festival Rejected Olypmics.
They were grateful for that.

It's a consolation prize, and a free item at that. It's relevant to the plot, it's more than we were promised anyway, and the staff most likely created it as something that would make sense as a consolation prize to whichever side lost.
I would've loved a glowing crotch, and I would've preferred the SIN skins be unsoulbound after the event so the owners could do whatever they wanted with them, but I'm not going to complain that I was given a free item I had no reason to expect in the first place.

I thought the event was good, and I for one can't complain about any of it.

Let it go, enjoy your item.

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