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Aeschere: We got glitched at the end of the event, when it really mattered, and it froze our score. SIN got glitched at the beginning and for a majority of the event they were still winning. Then the mods/admins/whatever you like to call 'em spent until Monday calculating who exactly won. That's why it was delayed a bit. And initially, they took away BOO's skin so it just made us normal and I was perfectly fine with this because they told us this would happen. But instead they give us a crappy skin that makes us feel insignificant and they never said "loser will get crappy skin", in FACT you can say they lied cause they never took away our skin. I'd rather they take the potato/worm/dirt one and leave it like that.

...I'm all of the above, naturally!
im so signing!
this is so discusting!
they even got us crying
and this consolation means comfort and this in soooo beyond comfort!
I'm signing.

The least Gaia could do is realize that by giving us skins early and then saying 'oh by the way only one of you gets to keep them' is like giving a toy to 2 young kids and saying 'fight over i t' they should have made a skin are reward at the END not the BEGINING
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I defienetly don't want to lose this skin. It's grown on me. D: *no pun intended*
I will sign.

I agree that the skin is horrible! They could've chosen a better consolation gift, something that the overseer would have given us for trying our best. Maybe a pearl? I wouldn't mind having that as a soulbound item. At least it'd be prettier then the skin we have now....
sign XD i hate the other skin i want my skin i worked my a** off to keep and lost cause the even failed on both sides
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signing, srlys gaia, wtf.................... ima leave my B.O.O skin on till next year!!!!!
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I sort of get why they chose a potato theme, but I didn't see anyone actually turn INTO a potato in the manga.
I'm all for the dirtied/scuffed skin, I'd even keep the crying (Nuuu! the overseer is gone~), but a SPUD?
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I'll sign, I'd rather die than have to deal with that nasty potato skin gonk
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Ill sign up!

B.O.O - Long live the Overseer
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I would like to sign this petition. I did my best out there, as this was the first main Halloween event I participated in besides trick-or-treating. I felt really cheated when we received the "potatoverseer" skin. What does a potato have to do with the Overseer?

I thank all of those who followed me, and those who I had followed. We deserve something better than this embarrassing skin.

If it was a glitch, it was not our faults. We didn't technically lose. So why are we being treated so lowly?

I do hope that things will be resolved.
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Sign me up.
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I don't consider myself a sore loser. I was fully prepared for the possibility of defeat.

But the fact that we are FORCED to keep this skin is what's bugging me. Changing it to the original is a nice thought. Changing it to something more tollerable is a nice thought too. Heck, just not having it would be an improvment for me.

I don't like the idea of going into my inventory everytime only to have my eye travel across this item and be reminded, "You joined and you lost, so now you are forever soul-linked to a rotting potato skin."

I'd rather just sell it to someone who WANTS it (yeah, they're out there).
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Is anyone else doing the keeping their skin thingy until we are noticed? Just curious...
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Sure im in sin, but come on that is worse than the burnt toast trophy we had once.........

Ill sign!!!!!!!!!

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