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Maybe you're in SIN and haven't seen BOO's consolation prize.
Most likely, you're saying. "Well that's nice of Gaia. Even though we beat 'em, they get a prize." How much is this prize worth though?

We can't sell it or forget it. It's attached to us because it's soulbound. (A totally stupid concept to me but that's for another petition.)

This is my avatar BEFORE we 'lost'.
User Image

This is what happened when I went to change it.
User Image
It's ugly, yes, but I wouldn't mind it much if it didn't make me BALD.

This petition is for any one that believes BOO deserves better.

Ice The Cold
I'd like you inform you that this thread isn't about getting a new prize. I've spoken with the maker, and it's just misunderstandings and a poorly phrased first page.

We don't crave a better item for greedy purposes, we lost so getting something that's better than the SINs skin is unreasonable.

This thread is about us craving better treatment. Many agree that we've been wronged and insulted, something which I thought was obvious for everyone else to see, and this petition in itself is made to generally fight for a better solution, like removing the soulbinding and allowing the skins to become available to everyone, though not anything specific.
I assure you, misinterpretation is all it is.

(Thank you Ice!!!)

Reasons to sign.
I can't just say 'this is what I want, sign it.' can I?!

First off, we TIED SIN. Shouldn't that mean we both keep our skins? Or neither of us keep them?
Secondly, the event was pretty crappy. I don't think Gaia was thinking their best when thinking it up. If any one was around for last year's event, or ESPECIALLY 2k7, you KNOW what I'm talking about. Better items, better plot, better manga, BETTER.
Third point, I can't even ghost* this skin and change my clothes. That's depressing for me and it drives me insane that this skin makes us BALD.
Point the Fourth: Please tell me if I'm wrong but I heard that LANZER WAS ON SIN'S SIDE.
Fifth point: If SIN had lost would they get this skin?
Number Six: We EXPECTED to lose are skin and we were FINE with that. It would be a lot better than this skin which tells us that Gaia has no respect for the hours we spent online clicking 'accept mission' and that they think we're crybabies that can't win wars!
Seven: This whole skin issue loses diversity in Gaia! (see quotes for more info)
Eight: What sort of event... Or contest, shall we say... Any way, what sort of competition with two teams gives prizes at the beginning and takes them away? What if you were running cross country and at the beginning you got the gold medal. Would you wanna run now? What if you turned out in sixth place and they took your medal away and replaced it with a dinky little yellow ribbon saying 'runner up'? EXACTLY!
One more point; Does the Overseer have this skin? Would he think it worthy for the fierce warriors of BOO? Pretty lame but you gotta admit there's some reasoning to that.

Please tell me if there are any other main reasons for a better consolation prize. Maybe some ideas for one?

*An example of ghosting is when you have an EI and it evolves with your avi equipping it. If you equip one of the new items it offers with out 'getting nekkid' it will look like you have two of the EIs when you really only have one.
Quotes and Loyal BOO Followers!
If you said something with a VERY good point, I'll quote it here.
Also, if you're going to keep your avatar unchanged with the ORIGINAL BOO skin, PM me and I'll put your avatar up here to show it off!

You had me at 'better consultation prize'. Heres my idea: since we were beaten, why don't they change the skin to the old one, but make it have scuff marks (they look like the # symbol) to symbolize being beaten.

And for all the people who say "sentinel won, so boo lost all its powers", remember that both the sentinel and overseer were stripped of their powers by Jack. Its not like Jack came and said "Ok, sentinel clearly won, sooooo" *zap* "K sentinel, you have all the overseer's powers now, see you next year!" both lost their powers. So you can't claim much of a storyline victory.

I don't...actually remember if I signed this or not. I've been stalking it for so long, that I can't remember.

Well, I sign, in any case. If I already did, then just discount this one, I guess >>

I notice a lot of people- mostly SIN, I suppose- nagging at the Petition members for being whiny and saying they should be happy that they got anything at all. I don't necessarily agree with that. I read someone saying that 'this is what you signed up for', but it wasn't. We all signed up, expecting that whichever side lost would completely lose their skin. That was alright. It would be gone, and that would be the end of it.

No shame in losing fair and square. To but it to an analogy, you lose the battle, and the losing soldiers get killed, but honorably killed. They can hold their heads high and say, at least, that they fought the good fight and accept their demise.

Handing them the potatoverseer skin was akin to mocking the losing soldiers, humiliating them, and not even giving them the chance to lose with honor. It's like cutting out the pride of the loser, and forcing them to live with that shame. You can't get rid of the potatoverseer skin; it will stay forever in the inventories of the BOO members like a stigmata. Had the skin been completely removed- as promised- I think that everyone would have gone on with their lives.

Notice, much of the petitioners are asking not for the restoration of the Skin, or even a better prize (though those would be preferable), but rather are asking for the potatoveseer to be un-soulbound. A chance to rid themselves of the stigmata.

I know that my extended metaphor- as convoluted as it may be- may seem a tad extreme, but it does fit, and I use it mostly so that the haters of the thread can see it that way. I understand not signing the petition, but not because you feel that they 'should be happy with what they have'. Just try to see it from their side, and then just leave, without commenting or signing.

A wise man once said "you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them". I think that most everyone here should take those words to heart.

*dramatic dialogue ends here*

I really don't like the replacement skin either. If they put it as an item at a gold shop instead of the consolation "prize," then it wouldn't be viewed as an insult to B.O.O and it wouldn't make people feel worse for losing.

Giving back the true BOO skin to those who sided with BOO would be the optimal way to do things. I wouldn't mind BOO contacts that give the same appearance of the eyes and wing-like thingies on the BOO skin though. The wearer could choose to wear both the eyes and wingies, or just the eyes or just the "wings."


Niccea Majeare
I sign on principle. I personally could care less about the skins, but I did feel insulted by these skins. But then again, these were added in "consolation" of the first big layout

burning_eyes cheese_whine dramallama wahmbulance emo

All in all...Gaia knows nothing about consolation.

Random Rainbow Rukia
I sign! Here's my idea:

Okay, BOO lost, I admit it. This new skin is supposed to be something like we got blasted and rotted away...(i think). What if skin tyte had a restoration option so our new skins could restore themselves to their original form. I say the price should range 1K - 10K. And if some SIN members liked BOO's poopy skin, I guess there could be a blast skin option. Of course, that would cost less than actually restoring skins.

This way, BOO gets what they want, without making SIN feel cheated (much)

I would like to sign.

Consolation? How is this skin consoling? At least give us the option to get rid of it if we don't like it. It's ugly, useless and something I DO NOT WANT in my inventory. I would rather not have a prize at all than to have this.

The True Deraj

B.O.O.'s gun glitched up in the last few hours. stare This was a tie. Either both sides get cheated, or both sides keep their skin.

I know this was meant to be a joke from the potato death in the comic, but nobody's laughing. I support turning the skins into the contact lenses, as mentioned earlier. All I really cared for were the eyes.

Cloud Reece

I was quite disappointed in this consolation prize. It's not even like we can use it, it's disgusting. During last year's event, EVERYONE got to keep their skin. Not just that, but we could also purchase the other skins. I agree with the scuffed-up skin idea, but feel that this was indeed a tie of sorts. Maybe they should award the skin to those who really contributed to boo, EX: had 100 followers, did an ultimate sacrifice, got all of the other achievements. Right now, I'm in a predicament where I want to keep the skin on, but I also want to change into some better clothing, sigh.....

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

I would like to see the actual scores instead of just hearing that S.I.N. won from the announcement.


I don't consider myself a sore loser. I was fully prepared for the possibility of defeat.

But the fact that we are FORCED to keep this skin is what's bugging me. Changing it to the original is a nice thought. Changing it to something more tollerable is a nice thought too. Heck, just not having it would be an improvment for me.

I don't like the idea of going into my inventory everytime only to have my eye travel across this item and be reminded, "You joined and you lost, so now you are forever soul-linked to a rotting potato skin."

I'd rather just sell it to someone who WANTS it (yeah, they're out there).

Blaze of Light
...no one deserves this cept maybe the mime from animaniacs im signing this petition

The Fullmetal Princess

It really doesn't bother me that I didn't get to keep the skin. It's the principal of the matter. We tied. So either: A tie breaker, we both keep the skins, or we both lose the skins. That's how it works in the real world.

I'm even more irked with the "consolation" prize. That hideous skin will forever rot in my inventory. The only way I can see to get rid of it would be to transfer all of my other items to a new account, and I don't really see why I should go through all the trouble of doing that....
...I didn't spend hours upon hours clicking "Accept Mission" about a million times and sacrificing myself multiple times just to end up losing my skin and receiving the so called "consolation" prize when we TIED!!!!
As mentioned before, Gaia knows nothing about consolation. I'm insulted. Even losers deserve to be content with losing.


But this is the thanks I get?
Bald, Rottened, and Eaten From the inside by Worms. The hell kind of consultation is that.
But what's worse is that it's soulbound to my account~ Basically a "badge of honor" that dishonors me.
All I have left to say on the matter, is that I am Appalled.


I did like the overall appearance of the skin, and maybe if, depending on what achievements you accomplished, you got to keep a part of the skin?

Jack of All Trades: Contacts.
500 Missions: Wings.
100 Followers: The actual shiny quality of the skin itself...

I think it'd be a good idea. I've been trying to avoid my skin in the inventory, it makes me very upset that we can't do anything with it except equip it. scream


I think this event wasn't really thought out well. What's happened any other time we've been given a competition? We've gotten trophies, not skins. What's the difference you ask? I still have all my trophies, the one from the Water Festival when Barton lost and the one from the Rejected Olympics when Barton one. I can't really build an outfit around a trophy, I can show it off for a week or two but it really has zero outfit potential. A skin on the other hand is completely different; I can build a countless number of outfits off of a skin. The Potato one looks retarded and it has an ugly crying face and worms, I can't build anything around that. I also heard from friends that it isn't compatible with a lot of items.

I think it was a bad idea to give us something and then take it away. That gave us a chance to see what we would be getting before it was so coldly ripped away. It's like giving a child a lolipop, letting them have a few good licks, then taking it away and giving them an earthworm instead.

It may just be pixels, be we still have feelings and they're feeling a bit hurt.

Personally I think the skins should not have been given until the end.
The winning team would have gotten their skin and we would have gotten nothing...

Or at least a better consolation prize, one that we could get rid of. I don't care that we lost! ^__^ What matters is that I had fun, but being stuck with this skin sucks. Especially after knowing what we could have had.
I'll take the bee suit over this any day.

And for the record, if it had been S.I.N. that had lost and gotten this crappy "prize" I'd be right there along side them, demanding they be treated better.

Light Full Moon
I'll sign.

I did the event a little bit. I feel that I did all I could. Honestly, I think I wasted my time. I don't need Gaia to make me feel inferior. I lost. I get that. You could have gave us something a little better then that. We worked our asses off too. I think it should at least be able to be sold. I don't want that ugly thing sitting in my inventory. It's humiliating and demoralizing. It's just adds one more reason, towards me hating Gaia.

The winner should get a prize, the loser should not lose something . It would be fine with me if sin got a ubur prize if we got our skin back


Damn, I'm signing this.
I loved this skin.
And I even had a amazing avatar to go with it.
But NO, Gaia had to "declare" S.I.N the winner
and then give us the shitty skin.
I doubt Gaia will even "notice" this subject because of their
ability to be so ******** blind.
But ********, I'M SIGNING.
User Image

Lady Maverick Rose

Even though I'm in SIN, thats pretty shitty. If we had lost, we would have had the same kind of thread up. I don't get why they would change such a skin, I mean, it was cooler than ours! And also I'm not trying to be greedy but keeping our skins is kinda lame.. why can't we both have our skins, and SIN get an additional item?

What if you got second in a big race, and they gave you a cheese block, instead of a silver medal and the 2nd prize money?

I'll suport the cause.
I agree that it's quite a shame that B.O.O. members get this "rotting potao skin" as a 'consolation prize'. I mean, Really? I expected better from Gaia. Especially when you consider those of us [including myself] who worked our rears off to get the Achievements and/or just helped our team get more points in general.
I also agree that this year's Halloween plot, storyline, and so forth was a bit of a fail. Especially compared to the Human VS. Vampire war... anyone remember that? Yeah, I thought that one was *epic*.

If we lost then I'd accept defeat and move on but that's not the case. The event was glitchy and bugged from the start to the end. If anyone won it was the glitches. The only thing SIN actually won was that the glitches favored them in the end. I mean are you really gonna tell me they went through all the coding and counted each and every point for each side manually?
The "consolation" skin is kinda cute but it's more insulting. If it were up to me I'd say change the skin to have two poses one being the original and the other being the "consolation". Then since SIN "won" do something similar with theirs but make their second pose like have horns or fire or something suggesting it's more powerful. I think in that way everyone would be happy. We'd get our skins and they'd have their victory/prize.
Lastly I feel that I must add that I've seen several people saying that the Twilight skin is similar and we should just use that. Putting aside the fact that I want nothing to do with Twilight here are the main problems with it:
1. Some people like the eyes from the Overseer skin and clearly the Twilight skin doesn't have them.
2. While it does add the bits of green which is why I like it it does not layer well. As you can see I like mermaids but if you equip the Twilight skin and a mermaid tail you still see the Twilight skin legs. There are similar problems with other items but this is the most apparent that I can think of.
3. The Twilight skin is semi-transparent and layers over your skin. Therefore if you're say a Dark Elf you'd either have to stay a human or constantly change skins whenever you wanted to get the "Overseer" look.

Gaia, you just pissed off 201,000+ people. Congrats. If you can last it out for more than a week, I dub victory to you. This skin is degrading and condescendingly malicious if you ask me. A crying, rotting potato? Really? What are you trying to say? If anything, we should have the firm, strong appearance of a beaten Spartan in battle.
I want to see some sort of score. Because, in my mind, if anything we tied S.I.N. I mean, if I'm wrong, show me up. Give me the scores and I will back down. If S.I.N. truly won, then we have nothing to complain about, but the only way we can tell that is if we see some statistics.
I say, the whole of B.O.O. gave more than 110%. I say that the underdogs were truly shut down in this act of the story. They kicked us down, by telling us we lost, then they gave us some unworthy skin that only shoved their foot harder into our skulls.
I'm just going to say, if we don't win this in the end, then we gave one hell of a fight. For that, I thank the members of B.O.O. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to repeatedly fight for what is right, and stay with your fellow members of B.O.O. even when loss is declared. And I hope we go on to kick some major a** in the future.
~Optimus Prime.

K o r i o r a
I sign.
I sign because of the principle of the matter.
Frankly, I could care less about the skin itself.
But Gaia's just mocking us. It's not cool. I don't want some icky, gross object rotting in my inventory forever because it's soulbound.
Way to go Gaia, pissing off 200k+ people.
And you haven't even tried to defend yourself for anything.
No statistics, no asking if you could change anything, NO. NOTHING.
Show me the statistics, show me EVERYTHING and I'll back down.
But until you show the angry Gaians what they're asking for they're just going to get more angry.

*signs petition*

The skin just HUMILIATES those who were loyal to BOO! The S.I.N.ers just think either "That's nice of gaia to give BOO a consolation prize" or "WHAT?!?! NO FAIR!! We won, not BOO!". Well, SIN, we are SO SORRY. *rolls eyes* We are SOO VERY SORRY we got a BALD CRYING POTATO WORM SKIN. We're SO SURE that YOU feel CHEATED!!! *rolls eyes again* WHAT was gaia THINKING?!?! they should AT LEAST let us SELL it, or GIFT it. We lost, we can't change what we got. So what's the point of making us keep it? Huh?!?

I didn't like the ORIGINAL skin for BOO that much, actually... But still!!!

I'll sign this petition.

I don't care that we lost. What I don't like is how ever since 2006, people have either been able to keep the skin that they got from the event or if they chose to go back to a human, they could buy the skin from Skin Tyte if they ever wanted to change back to a Zurg, vampire, etc. If they have been setting it up so people could buy the skins from a store for over three years, why would they change that now?

Axel_Steel 9987
Even though I was with SIN, I sign.

I used one of my mules as a spy in BOO and I actually started to like their skin, but when I found the "consolation prize" I was shocked and disgusted. Normally I'd be one of the ones saying something like "suck it up! at least you actually got something" but now, I see your point and agree with it 100%.

I SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This even was rigged from the moment we got our skins. It was glitchy and .... read this from my other forum I posted:

You make us do this stupid even with an even dumber ending. I will admit both sides worked their asses off, but did anyone of the Gaia staff realize the MAJOR glitch that happened in B.O.O? I know S.I.N had a glitch, but I think B.O.O caught to worst of it. And then, after the event was done and we were waiting for the results, did anyone notice the threads that were going on? EVERYONE (or, at least, a lot of people...) aggeed on BOTH teams winning because Infernal M. and the Overseer (sp?) were acting dumb, and they made up. YAY! Right, Gaia?

Nooooo, you had to be total DOLTS and make S.I.N win! What kind of message does this send to the kids? That EVIL wins in the end? I don't think so!

And what kind of crappola does B.O.O win? A mud-like skin with WORMS crawling out if it. DISGUSTING.

Way to be arses, Gaia. I really want to see what you have in mind for Christmas, or sooner if you do something for Thanksgiving.

I understand the fairness of us losing our skin due to the fact we lost this pretty crappy battle...but did they have to do such a POOR job on the consolation prize?
It was quite obvious there was no thought whatsoever put into it. It looks like some idiot child basically did a quick silly sketch saying "NEE NER NEE NER WE WON! HA HA!"
I say thats pretty messed up.
I also thought it was fairly fishy that SIN was always at LEAST three or more points ahead of us until the very end...no matter how much time we put into trying to catch up, it never seemed possible...
So was it to say BOO never had a chance to begin with to win this pretty crappy battle system?
I say they should have stuck to the simple battle systems and not made it so time consuming...
They should also not give such an offensive consolation prize.
Maybe give the BOO skin an odd ghostly feature for defeat or something...not make us out to look like a rotted waste of space...
Seriously Gaia...its rather offensive...do a better job next time...

I sign. I didn't use the skin, but I'm on the principal train... Gaia's got enough demonic stuff and there's barely anything that can be angelic... Worse than that, this has only served to sever the community. Competition with real loss is never a good idea on sites that are supposed to bring people together.

Requiem Youkai
User Image
Damn, can I sign this like, 800 times?
Anyway, so yeah. I sign.

Seriously, I'd be much happier if I didn't have this skin at all. *punts it into the outer regions of space*

Sorry for cutting any quote short...

Pretty avatars that are KEEPING the original skin:
ReyKWU :: Random Rainbow Rukia :: 'Ryu' :: Elleyea :: JgalDragon :: Okami C i n d e r e l l a :: Crooked Pinkies :: Shadow_Dude33 :: Dani-Dear :: Masilence :: Interweave :: Idril of Gondolin :: astroninja1 :: Dreamweavergirl :: Kouroneko :: Wind~okami :: Orlando1210 :: Moon Lightning

!!!Please note I probably won't reply to your PM!!!!

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256. Xx-LOLZsmileyface-xX
257. iSquall_The_Lionhearted
258. putri_ilusi
260. YourPersonalGuardianAngel
261. kerli fan90
262. xVHinata-ChanVx
263. p0ink
264. serenity_409
265. Naruto MD-Uzumaki
266. akiflower13
267. ii-Pillz-E
268. Oblivions_Love
269. Erix19
270. Sister Brittant
271. Heisuro-
272. -zStormGoddessz-
273. Scarjaka
274. iArtemis Kenji
275. Lar-uhh
276. X_xTwitch_Mortex_X
277. green_lemon_girl
278. iYummieFuzzy
279. Sakura haruno15000
280. Abby_Jade_Shinabo
281. x3 Lina x3
282. WANNISgirl
283. LatvianLordess
284. Gabberile
285. Toxic Ravers
286. Arethel
287. I-Maya-I
288. Hiril Rauko Neoma
289. perphella
290. The Almighty Overseer
291. iPierre LeBeau
292. Little Orchid Jenny
293. Magnifique Me
294. Kimiokoia
295. F a i S e r e s u
296. ranma_chan_forever_female
297. Distantt
298. C a n d y Fusion
299. -Chuumie-
300! Tweeetyy
301. pebz01
302. Cloud_Murasama
303. xXAkatsuXx
304. For the Love of Endings
305. xXshy_tyraXx
306. oceanlivingwrath
307. magami korakashii
308. ichikoon
309. xXassassin_rikimaruXx
310. Toyoko
311. Covening
312. eFallon
313. Miss_FruityTooty
314. DarknessElementalDuetII
315. Xero Kings
316. Colonel Gabrielle
317. Firewitch Blaise Aries

318. pkmn_chick
319. Sylvanus of Undercity
320. xelorine
321. trumpet512
322. Psyche_Erws
323. Tsuki_Kuiin
324. Chrono Crusade Chrono
325. Insan3 hAtteR LilA
326. Sw33tie
327. little_rabbit52
328. I_like _apple_piez
329. Rorid
330. Interweave
331. Ravage Zenith
332. Rocker-Dude-XIII
333. WandererOfAngels
334. kimi la fae
335. xXmikiyukiXx
336. Th3MuFf1nU8
337. josenryu
338. Tsuni_Takana2k
339. Elli Screams
340. EquinoxxFalls
341. FylkSoul
342. Oo Leo oO
343. Hatsune Miku Vocaloid 01
344. Urban Will
345. i-will-fight-to-love
346. iiPaco Taco
347. Rainnyy Days
348. andrew4568
349. Dark_EdgeXI
350. Kunakai emma
351. Grobanish
352. 9juliet11
353. ClaireRedfield75
354. Abel_Wilson
355. Aurorafina
356. merus322
357. gazmot11
358. Unloved Crayon
359. KasumiCain
360. Matsuri sandgirl
361. Zell Marcun
362. xxRiiniixx
363. MiroMekau
364. koopaflower
365. Aishiteru-Kirai
366. Tsukikowerewolf
367. starqueen18
368. Konocha 187
369. La La Lulaby
370. Rasryv
371. 0_Sonny_0
372. Girasuma
373. Mayckon(Squall)
374. KawaiiBunny_Chan313
375. Li_Qin
376. owensgregg
377. Revalish
378. DudettRin101
379. Doom kitty0
380. Redds
381. Felina75
382. Yami Inaba
383. Infinity Rabbit
384. renesmee12468
385. Tensora
386. Rae Shana
387. Evil Sugarqueen
388. -_-TyTy is Fr3h-_-
389. meko chan1
390. Queen Ampersand of Nosex
391. Kokiri-child125
392. g4b3 ch3ng
393. Tsuper_Jr
394. Winters Star
395. Apollo III
396. Evil lil bugger
397. the al3x
398. Tabitha Levi
399. The Cuckoo
400! Yazoos_Mizuki
401. Sir Social
402. G-Corpman
403. baka-mochikun
404. Zaphronami
405. Yoru Mikazuki chan
406. Ninja mondoman1
407. omg a imuffin
408. Quincester
409. Steliana96
410. x-Skittlechan-x
411. Rika_Lunar
412. xXDemonic EclipseXx
413. Freaky artist Ama-chaN
414. l Oatmeal l
415. fed415
416. jaz0424
417. drclam
418. Striker the legend
419. Pure_Hearts31
420. Nick Underwood
421. videogamenerd1991
422. emperorofstrikers
423. Agentofstrikers
424. Von Rosebud
425. ii n n o c e n c ee
426. BtotheUnit
427. Atheistsbabyangel
428. damn tacos
429. darthSPARTAN77
430. Zerr0
431. 120Angel021
432. Wrendetta
433. kikuyokaze
434. hillary84
435. idnis
436. BubblesTasteLikeSkittles
437. Blaze Snyder
438. chochang7744
439. The Magical Wishing Star
440. alicewalkerthewhite
441. The Transexual Oreo
442. kittyjoy_rosa
443. cbfrabbit
444. Mal Minou
445. Yukai Okaeshi
446. Night Kunoichi
447. Meejan
448. XXDynastyWarriorXX
449. Eragon25
450. iSode_no_Shirayuki
451.stargazing girl820
452. FlipSideVertigo
453. Arashi_Kyuubi
454. Saba Aurum
455. amber_was_here130
456. Miffy_The_Bunny_Luvs_You
457. Inu Daughter
458. Chrysoberryl
459. supanza_Anime_fan300
460. s.a.s.s.y.c.a.k.e.s
461. Yamamoto_Hitsugaya
462. Ricky is insane
463. MirikaYuuji
464. Eevee_Rose
465. Cinnaminion
466. Mimi_nyah
467. ShinkenZan
468. Xx_Sweet_lil_Princess_xX
469. Eien no Kibou
470. ShannWow
471. Angel Kiya
472. Sango_96021
473. Gerald Lord
474. Dooei
475. Yuu Uzi
476. A.p.p.l.e.b.e.r.r.y.Pocky
477. Water_Angel08
478. ordimoi
479. Luthien tinuviel_beren
480. P l u r r p l e
481. Misty_wolf_of Alagaesia
482. BloodyKnightmare
483. Ai Enma of Hell
484. xehanort777
485. Luna di Luce
486. shrab
487. Menlusa
488. Awaken13
489. SubCreation
490. Aquadreamer00
491. Purple Foxxy
492. `C h a l o t o
493. crustybubbles
494. Emi GX
495. Noroimusa
496. Rolta
497. Sexy Fox Samurai
498. Zanpakutou308
499. sakisensei
500! caro07
501. nekoTsukikochan
502. fairyheart55
503. Ximly G Brainen
504. SeymourHiney
505. Laeleslin
506. zaro10
507. Sleepy Tea
508. Sha Aeren
509. thejonin567
510. C a n n i i
511. PURGEDdarkness
512. Lonely Star Saiph
513. Kaylee-chan
514. amandajoyce90
515. Sara Obscura
516. Doctor_Holiday
517. Naruto171996
518. xLadyOfTheLabyrinthx
519. purplewiz
520. Eloc Glanor
521. XTC Zombie
522. melissacatxxo
523. Naythes
524. Rena_M_Elric
525. The Scarlet Markus
526. Yeata Zi
527. XxCoMeDy-ReLiEfxX
528. OscuroEspada
529. iSoubi Agatsuma
530. Etna The Overlord
531. Rubilicious
532. i am ming
533. Gaboris
534. Manther
535. seven_dead1y_sins
536. JumpAndLandInFish
537. SuiDragonia
538. treeka215
539. iiMimi-xXx
540. _ii-Be-Fr3sh-To-D3ath_
541. LonelyAiori
542. XxXx_JAVIER_xXxX
543. revenge_is_sweet
544. Ebil Pink Rose
545. DragonsSapphire
546. Allgemein
547. color me with roses
548. bumblebeetobe
549. Ix-Sasuke-Uchiha-xI
550. the brother-angel
551. Fiery Fang
552. niteskyzdreamer101
553. Dreamweavergirl
554. Darkk Mousey
555. Sadistic Rainbows
556. skullstostuds
557. Anarchist007
558. Pansy147
559. ShadowKnight-ZX
560. vietpridegirl
561. shiloh-oneechan
562. zOMG-Daryl
563. The Pirate Soldier
564. Kiki Rukata
565. LifeWithHate
566. n7aphasia
567. angelcrest310
568. giraffiisaurus
569. Hopbic
570. Xx Sofiel xX
571. Moon Captain
572. candifiedcyanide
573. x i D a r k w o l f x
574. BloodyLacerations
575. DarkerAura
576. Kasimir Spieler Von Tod
577. Il Chaos lI
578. d3ath d3fy3r
579. John Laurain
580. koops330
581. Mangacide
582. XShe-LinkX
583. ii-jhenny-ii
584. Ouran High Haruhi
585. OkamiShiranui
586. Oh Ella
587. Baronmusashi
588. StarHowl
589. iExplosive Cupcakes
590. iTsuna-fish
591. Sakuri90
592. IJTTS
593. Haley357
594. I3onkers
595. nanimoo101
596. mikeysguardian07
597. Koalabear56
598. davidl8ly
599. fyerolight
600! Minoko808
601. Chiruro
602. Sadaka Chan
603. Rukia1000
604. ii n a m i f l u f f ii
605. DaiSanSei
606. Kimaroo
607. FlyFlySoul
608. Nolatare
609. Athena Yuzuki
610. Neko_The_Brave
611. domo_12233
612. Etheniel Devinuchi
613. xXElectric_EmeraldsXx
614. Rin Kagamine VOCALOID2
615. III_The Nameless_III
616. SofaKittyKing
617. KalaAlto
618. x S a k u r a - c h a n n
619. The Mainsleyyy
620. Gohon7
621. christian bloodrose
622. Lady Keyara Masamune
623. shanethelight
624. Lily Venia Vitalis
625. xx-ichristian-xx
626. cherrysnowblossem
267. storgero
628. ultra_violet_daughter
629. -iAZN H 3 R 0-
630. Panda Chii Chan
631. Clumsy Colette Brunel
632. Nocz
633. xlittle lokitax
634. HellsAngelynie
635. Kareswynn
636. XxUnTamed-Ang3lxX
637. Herod
638. isasori-san
639. Prince_of_Poets
640. ToxicOmNomZombie
641. Lady of the red rose
642. orangefantasy
643. piggyplushsayhi
644. XxPawky FwedxX
645. miyoko strife
646. xx_Rose Bud1284_xx
647. -I- Rei Miyuzaki -I-
648. Atusile
649. wingedsoul007
650. Wu Yenza
651. kingdomhearts9573
652. Frogninja26
653. Wind Waker Tetra
654. Keyblader Kesshin
655. Vita de Lumen
656. CrazyAuna894
657. WhiteAngel28
658. Jennison 64
659. Hermes Rose
660. KyuriiLuvsKyo
661. Crooked Pinkies
662. squeebsm
663. Sexi_Princess_Hime
664. Kelly the ninja
665. Katraina
666. Mnogotochie
667. i_want_silence
668. irishdr3amer
669. Myotis 1
670. sorakyle
671. The Shadowshades
672. Kyuzo_Utena
673. II Naru-Kun II
674. Brooklyn Hyuuga
675. QAceQ
676. Canada-Chan
677. xXHopless RomanceXx
678. Neru Akita 96
679. Muffins_Killer
680. The Real jatz
681. Baka Keima
682. Goddess of Paper
683. Bebe1194
684. laurana14
685. SandWhisker
686. mashiros_star
687. RAWR It is I
688. PiscesGalH2O
689. Papermaster Camine
690. shye_hippie
691. 8theflurryofdancingflames
692. Fioxah
693. spointtrack123
694. Alibe Sanakuno
695. Orgin of Xirtam
696. Sorikosu
697. Lake_Effect_Kid
698. Kiki Uchiha720
690. laura187345
691. Ayame Illan
692. the flippo
693. Sundavr Baen
694. Pudding McMuffin
695. Serenity_the_hedgehog92
696. Jacimal
697. Sanctuarii
698. PyroKoneko
699. RRR X
700! XxWinter Night AngelxX
701. Aznburninator
702. HooleLegendOfTime
703. Kangit
704. Majik_Midget
705. Bananana Nut Muffins
706. xX Dialga Xx
709. Blind Disaster
710. Panda1002
711. MiatheCrystalRose
712. Kameiko
713. Luvaroundtheworld
714. Alto Wingless
715. LadyShi-Chan
716. Codchjgh
717. kamau329
718. laurana14
719. Malfunctioning Mashimaro
720. auroraofnight
721. umewotaberusaru
722. Baronette
723. supergamer81
724. angel of lovely dreams
725. Kareswynn
726. Setnal
727. Dove95
728. K9prettygirl
729. Sup3r Panda
730. Zombie Condamns
731. iirawru_chan
732. Vitaliani-J2
733. Ray5579
734. Winox
735. Katsuryuu
736. ThatEvilSheep
737. teh catz pajamaz
738. Migoto Chi
739. Dizzymon101
740. cantrell674
741. Bleach410
742. bunnehpinkie
743. Amaterasu Sun Wolf xx
744. Colonel Majesty
745. stevegresher
746. ade1-2 and 3
747. Aquamarine Pearl Hanon
748. klowd strife
749. Unikern
750. pretty disco dancer
751. twistedanime
752. LunarFlowers
753. Love_of_Jushiro
754. xXxForgotten_DreamsxXx
755. ade2
756. Ruler_of_bloodclan
757. Eladan
758. I-Houdini_Act-I
759. TenTen abnu black ops
760. Ai Chan4869
761. Shinigami_Shinobi2477
762. K-laaaXlove
763. ast3k
764. secret angelic demon
765. Lolitasaur
766. Light Full Moon
767. Songeuse
768. Takeda Ryutora
769. Xx_Demond_Hannya_xX
770. a kitten named brianna
771. II Viet_Angel II
772. Karmarsi Kedamoki
773. Majin Studios
775. II Kupo II
776. nine tail naruto5
777. elemental_imp
778. iYaya-Chii
779. Violatic
780. riku_loves_ryu
781. Krieos Leto
782. Kaze_Yuki
783. Yuko Kokoro
784. Lady Maverick Rose
785. xxkawaiicookiexx
786. Winter of Cassanova
787. | Mitsuhide |
788. IStayFW3SHx3
789. Chakra of Fire
790. DNAnthro89
791. JadeXHime
792. Harlequin Romances
793. juliauliajulia
794. RoseMarieBellamy
795. JP_Mob-City
797. EpicWoofy
798. C-i-r-n-9
799. John Mark Jones
800! Veemon129
801. ichigo kuhas
802. SweetDove_1
803. Emma-Chan555
804. CC-becca
805. Yunas broken heart
806. Heyana
807. SBQ904
808. Skat3b0yXD
809. TashaxGodspell
810. Soubi-chu
811. xJackxFirex
812. Angel_of_the_Half_Moon
813. FyreMermaid
814. I Has Cookies
815. TercesX
816. Naruto the Shinigami
817. Mashneku
818. A Dark Room
819. kora-chan22
820. Arattap
821. Lintra
822. Red Stellar
823. The Derf Meister
824. 7Forgotten7Angel7
826. Cuddle Bear Kisses
827. ||_Zero Light_||
828. x Cierra
829. raptor shinigami
830. Demonic_Angel1214
831. seira_sohma
832. II C 0 C 0 II
833. Hatshepsut Queen of Egypt
834. A Clouded Mirror
835. sz92
836. Nerdy_Boy_4eva
837. iMusicPanduh
838. James-Von-Helson
839. eternalclaire13
840. killerclownmeat
841. Aurastormgirl
842. Rawr_for_Hugglezzz930
843. princessalicia22
844. Crisscrossfox
845. O_O 24
846. Fruzzy Slippers
847. yachiru_kusajishi24
848. Wolfhighlander
849. Sunishia
850. Organic Dinosaur
851. MarisaMayhem
852. LM C lover_Mari
853. Estella Celeste
854. Honeymist97
855. Kitsunume
856. AriLikesRain
857. Kitsune Shogun Shiddo
858. cipdip
859. Sarlaxia
860. bunnyboykun15
861. Ghostly Melody
862. Xx_N1ght-Ros3_xX
863. TransOptimusPrimeFormers
864. Starcatcher07
865. WorstThingToSay
866. IzzyWizzyWu
867. BnC-Missingno_
868. Dark Lollypop Ice-Cream
869. Trinity Darklight
870. IzzyDizzyBear
871. Tigertilly
872. Insane Mokona
873. jeryy0012
874. Zactura
875. ItZKuyA
876. napralina
877. xXMeW_mEw_KiTtYXx
878. K o r i o r a
879. Jerbu Edsyr
880. Mythey Maysonia
881. 9tails4poke
882. dinorawr22
883. CrazyKittyCat0
884. iBeDeadlyCute
885. Snow_Yuki532
886. Princess xxKay_
887. Kitty_Queen_Pink
888. l_Newbs_l MightyHeart
889. XXNaruto Uzumaki
890. Xxll_Angel-Kun_llxX
891. Boolover Nancy
892. Kyuubi N0 Yoko
893. xx Tobi sempai xx
894. I x I - H A T R E D
895. Freckles4d37
896. Jasper32
897. iiCuddyBuddy
898. luna wolverine
899. 0justin-kage0
900! Tyley OwO
901. Lunar Zillion
902. KittySongLUVsJONASBoys
903. CrazyYoko
904. Lunar_Illusion
905. Moonlight Disaster
906. RmeGamr
907. K flame
908. Skinnyboy12
909. Raven_Matuskui
910. Surfer Girl1000
911. Fire Rock Angel
912. Detective Kasyfi
913. Ayamae Akahanaj
914. Angelic Vampire 16
915. LadyKelsey
916. Lelouch vi Nippon
917. ArMinervaUe
918. iA m u t o
919. Inni FTW
920. iCuddlesYew
922. fallenmoonangel13
923. XxEmo-FlowerxX
924. Rizuzua
925. Fox of Dark Lightening
926. Master Vir
927. Samara Holbrook
928. The Dark Dancer
929. Midori_tatsu
930. nekogeko
931. Arivin_da_jokester
932. ash_chan_93
933. iTony-chan
934. Moonlights_Song
935. Anime Hime18
936. piraypiray
937. rockanime 12
938. gray_angel_dust
939. Knight_Of_Moon_And_Water
940. Esper Shiva
941. christamoncrief
942. _EverIong
943. TheUnknownMagus
944. blair-the-neko
945. bobomcblox
946. Love Gaurdian
947. Ritorin
948. xo0muffin0ox
949. CocoKohaku
950. Debriota
951. Shadow_Dude33
952. Crazy_angel_brat13
953. xXxChris_RedfieldxXx
954. DJ ninjagirl 360
955. RyuKnights
956. Mary Williame Taranee
957. Tsuyaka-Senpai
958. Riekyra
959. Vulturi
960. hotpocky
961. Nytewing
962. XAngelic_MistX
963. lexie527
964. ninja muhaha X
965. telephonegirl110
966. xanime colex
967. Fuzzzzz
968. Rockfairy1505
969. Frankiegirl2020
970. crackerlover
971. Your Brand of Heroin
972. iSushiz
973. Princess_Spice101
974. Lady Assyla
975. Enji_Chou
976. l337squerrel
977. quash
978. roxykat7
979. xH3al My Brok3n H3artx
980. miaka1994
981. Tranlovescookies
982. Lycanthrop
983. _EM0_iNSANE_P0Ny0_
984. colettebrunel666
985. Xx_AngelSkullz_xX
986. Psychomc
987. Dark Lollypop Ice-Cream
988. Jaz Neko
989. jelIyfish
990. Dani-Dear
991. Lord Loki13
992. Xx_Rainbow_ Ice_xX
993. Hinataluvx
994. Rock in the darkness
995. xXmah_cookie_bishXx
996. parch-a-oopah
997. Faux Promises
998. MyMistyWish
999. Currently_L0St-_-

1000!!!! Mech Doom
1001. Kaosu Bureka
1002. Animegirlygirl
1003. Scottendo
1004. ll ii COOKIE S ll
1005. Animoko
1006. Luv_Liss_Killer
1007. The Rocker Inside
1009. songlover16
1010. Masilence
1011. ArisaUni
1012. SwimScoot
1013. Miss actress
1014. Paprika18
1015. Am_I_God
1016. maxter8281
1017. Ero Kaze
1018. dogsbodybaldric
1019. x man of death
1020. tiffgurl
1021. xYuka_Lawlietx
1022. trans-am-raiser
1023. Antiguany
1024. marvelholic
1025. Captain Dezean
1026. Noms the broken heart
1027. Xsatsuki98X
1028. Caesar Excelsior
1029. killafrog1
1030. Hapi Person
1031. RottenStrawberrys
1032. Reflections of a Giraffe
1033. squid penny
1034. A Neon Romance
1035. Torvis2 16
1036. Adelxe
1037. HouEclipse
1038. SkySoul262
1039. Dark Mokona~
1040. Batsi
1041. Raff_sapphire6
1042. Simple Saneness
1043. Devine Destiny
1044. 4th_Hogage_Yondaime
1045. sNoObiiSh_hOniiBeAr
1047. Princess_Stephanie12
1048. Black Star Kath13
1049. YuzurihaMau
1050. Oceanic Princess Bloo
1051. DragonPrincessMega
1052. chygnet
1053. miseria_chan
1054. peace_n_lovexx
1055. Penguiny Crayon
1056. happilygale
1057. natedawg5592
1058. Empress Miyuki
1059. Nomads_Rose
1060. Dita Oh Please
1061. ll Shana ll
1062. trish12345-GPD
1063. Rokuwa Tama Tenshi
1064. Sacura4 Vampire Princess
1065. ali_dragonslayer
1066. 7hearts
1067. SinfulWant
1068. TiNGE Of PiNK
1069. [Werewolf Queen]
1070. Tinkily
1071. nurmedina
1072. mega_melfina
1073. teavo
1074. Constricting Comfort
1075. ii Steve Burnside -267-
1076. Darth Rush
1077. Kusari Mitsukai
1078. WaftVixen
1079. Lonewolfw2
1080. Tat_and_Berto
1081. Candyfloss is yummy
1082. Owlie
1083. Shades and Angels
1084. GS Sailor Spica
1085. Pretty Pink Spade
1086. FreedomFighter0105
1087. Midget_Shinobi
1088. bluebell31
1089. Tmija
1090. Flicker Chan
1091. laurana14
1092. xX_-CRU5AD3R-_Xx
1093. Zylarz
1094. heregoeseverything
1095. MaidenEirys
1096. _Z A C K Yx
1097. AmuletVampire
1098. xx_shadow_soul_xx
1099. buckmell
1100! Beir
1101. lnaouna
1102. iiBAD xBSYx
1103. thailandxxx
1104. Hilly Narobi
1105. EP1KFA1L
1106. Ice the Cold
1107. lemon mango salad
1108. XxFilipino_Sushi boyxX
1109. Hana_Kimi_luv
1110. Math-Uhhh-Saurus
1111. Akkere
1112. Hallie Neko-chan
1113. kaizer012
1114. Eri The Crimson
1115. Sayuri77Momo
1116. Tozoku--Kitsune
1117. CucumberSlice
1118. Kitty Zombie
1119. Saya522
1120. Miss Black Laughter
1121. Sweet bleach
1122. Rockawockeez
1123. Mist_Nin16
1124. Aranarth
1125. white _angel_misaki
1126. Alma_Frostangel
1127. 0takuXD
1128. Scribble Kitty
1129. 0o DJ-ToXiC o0
1130. jedicavalier10
1131. Lil Yumi123
1132. Drake Mavil Walker
1133. Teh Sae
1134. Kuchen Fairy
1135. Erizubesu
1136. whatevaXIX
1137. lion sparks
1138. Stirn
1139. Auror Faux
1140. M1SsBl0ND1E
1141. Falsetto-chan
1142. Cuteh_Bootay_Kimi
1143. Smurkina
1144. Hexyd
1145. o-Aijou-o
1146. Smirie
1147. Buddy o__o
1148. Idril of Gondolin
1149. cobra835
1150. Anjali the Wanderer
1151. Arsenic Candy Girl
1152. bluerocksivy
1153. I Ate Your Cheese
1154. Tomato Top
1155. darcywoo6
1156. extremeshadylover
1157. Wizardmon the Brave
1158. KittyCat of the DarkSide3
1159. I-xsilver_windx-I
1160. sandstorm109
1161. I_RawrVanilla_I
1162. Rotsab M. Hyolf
1163. KaitlinUzumaki
1164. Suroha
1165. Matrix the LD master
1166. FairBen XD
1167. theunownone
1168. DelaneyMage
1169. Lesha_Krish
1170. Aurah Chan
1171. LaoSoFly
1172. windmagician
1173. flowery kokoro tokunaga
1174. 0Ming-chan0
1175. YuzukellyDecay
1176. emo90
1177. Mibbers98
1178. Wind~okami
1179. KRa3-dOll
1180. sandy thaosta
1182. iMikoma
1183. Morikoarino
1184. Kiyuzo916
1185. gunskull
1186. OrangeEyedSuicide
1187. Tamamaluvr1231
1188. MissAngelJN
1189. Star Ferry
1190. The Other Mooncry
1191. Marletto
1192. Abbrsaurus
1193. lolliep0ps
1194. Dark_Angels_Melody
1195. xxxBlackBlue_Stitchesxxx
1196. Defender_Of_Earth_Rose
1197. moonlite dreamer
1198. Maris Pallitax
1199. Kwehchan747
1200. blackstair
1201. Sweet Trixie
1202. mohamad haziq
1203. N48
1204. The Dark Demise
1205. KairiXEverlastingLite
1206. JAMEZBrawler
1207. Rikimaru Tsubasa
1208. Candy Yuriko Hikari
1209. Chuquita
1210. Bella Darkfang
1211. Radiant Halcyon
1212. Edro Battlecast
1213. c e l l z c e l l z
1214. Schone Krimi
1215. -My-Lil-Shadow- (main account Enchanting Destiny)
1216. Professor A M Lupin
1217. Fairy Red
1218. horneypeach
1219. dragerien
1220. Mikanix
1221. cheetah1197
1223. Muffin Chops
1224. lovesfrostbite
1225. Rem10124
1226. EX_Tidus_EX
1227. Allie liddel
1228. cowgirlodis
1229. -Kiki Panic-
1230. XxXx_JAVIER_xXxX
1231. keybladeC
1232. iilumos
1233. bemmaemma
1234. Yotama Shoro
1235. Princess_Running_Wolf
1236. Kawaii Kitsune Fox
1237. Sky Tasuya
1238. Aukertet
1239. i fought gandhi
1240. Starfire BR
1241. Goddess_Sarafina
1242. [Sunny]
1243. Aliexx
1244. BOOMerfquake
1245. Naki Wolfblood
1246. Storm Full of Sunshine
1247. Delphiinae
1248. MingTheCat
1249. Tennyo Angel
1250. Brettbat
1251. harry_vs_edward
1252. xOSilent_TearsOx
1253. La Ruda
1254. lights0ut
1255. TH3 DAI2K G3N3RAL
1256. MetheDino
1257. Cows Roc Moo
1258. Sailor Tin Nyanko
1259. [G]aian
1260. Saint Kainex Moonstone
1261. Rayuzx
1262. AmyRose5 (signed up by Rayuzx)
1263. warkas
1264. Pluto The Planet
1265. mizuki_is_cute
1266. Steal_this_username
1267. Nion99_99
1268. Lunar_Halo_808
1269. Doctor Unholy
1270. starbubbles
1271. Lycan Reke
1272. Xlost_envyX
1273. Purple Luck
1274. Jerba
1275. Blight0690
1276. Yami Lilly Fox
1277. Kiaori Moon Warrior
1278. Kokihi
1279. Breayue
1280. karekano_yukino_miyazawa
1281. Kouroneko
1282. LilliatheDiamondRose
1283. sarahP O P S I C L E
1284. II Gummy Bear Sex II
1285. Bazilx823
1286. O-Master-FRO-O
1287. Operant
1288. Pierre42
1289. NankurunaisaYakusoku
1290. _XxRuke_
1291. HaNah_chan
1292. YuroKai
1293. Kano Miyazawa
1294. Tsukino Miyazawa
1295. mikey617315
1296. Nana Spectrum
1297. Mary Ann Lancaster
1298. Vivi91
1299. dark_ikari
1300. sarahbear890
1301. Merlin 2
1302. Nunni Weasley
1303. ISmitten KittenI
1304. LiL bLaNkEt
1305. mangekko
1306. wrappers
1307. hand-me-down cheese
1308. Kosei-san
1309. Zanoushe
1310. XxX_Angelic_King_XxX
1311. 96angelz
1312. A Silent Prince
1313. Potatooverseer
1314. diandra G
1315. Lohari
1316. cirpons
1317. evanescent--memories
1318. LyL_eRiaNi-SakuRa
1320. Suminateru
1321. cuteygirlloving
1322. XxForgottenFairytaleXx
1323. moonlightofice12
1324. tiny-starr
1325. iHeartTrigun
1326. Mz N e o n
1327. Idiotic Human
1328. obliven1088
1329. Marcus Dragonwolf
1330. Josh Stucky
1331. Midori Ryuu-chan
1332. Claire Orto
1333. Dart18
1334. Mikassa_Jessica
1335. Skillet_lover 67
1336. candiieyes
1337. TinyDog
1338. Ai Kinomi
1339. Ayanami Rei First Child
1340. Rawrrosaurus
1341. GreenSushi1996
1342. Pap3rcuts
1343. Axurion
1344. RikuHaru
1345. Queen Sakon
1346. a milk carton
1347. sweetP1996
1348. Blueruby127
1349. FoxWingDrgn
1350. The Bubbaman
1351. Spiderweber
1352. XxCesiumxX
1353. DaFF-Artx
1354. Kabuki Kyoshiro
1355. SeymourHiney
1356. Deviantangel95
1357. SassyTheDragongirl
1358. Emo Kuromi Nui
1359. zombicurious
1360. PastelPumpkin
1361. Zargata
1362. Dioriot
1363. CyniclonTerra
1364. GinYa NinJA
1365. CrystalBear345
1366. Luna Cervilan
1367. LucidElliotAtray
1368. Wandering Vampire Soul
1369. iFoil
1370. Doctor Seussicide
1371. Sora_Fan_123
1372. ZweetChocolate
1373. Mexican yoshi
1374. 0Jason Voorhees0
1375. Universal Queen 002
1376. Yum Moon
1377. Kaori242
1378. Agatha_Heterodine
1379. Abyssal Saint Aeon
1380. Wolf-keybearer
1381. Wendixy
1382. nekomantage
1383. Sethael
1384. jlee_xlee
1385. MilahDesu
1386. Angel Spirit Girl
1387. Icy McFrost
1388. Lain Lorentz
1389. Surani14 Aka Nia
1390. Warfarinx
1391. MimmiRs_MinD
1392. XxXirontowerXxX
1393. Clara de Morra
1394. eroticCUPCAKES
1395. soul eater lover
1396. Calyx Ivelos
1397. Alexiel Katsuragi
1398. Megzican
1399. SorceressJacklyn
1400. leedug
1401. [~Swift~]
1402. iMystere
1403. Miiku R
1404. xxSmexalicious
1405. DollPrince
1406. Brown-Eyed Brat
1407. flutelover889
1408. Chicachun
1409. jepleure
1410. dark batista123
1411. Joshua Leoncoeur
1412. Random Hypocrite
1413. Fearless chibi
1414. Mikao Ikana Meyrink
1415. Angy_Poppa
1416. sling105
1417. Valge Kass
1418. Black Water Neko
1419. zombiesohmygosh
1420. iAmJoshT
1421. Fasia3
1423. LeafyNitemare
1424. Queen of Cosmic Chi
1425. sakura_is_cute
1426. tiffgurl
1427. KittyMousy
1428. Graceless Affection
1429. fanadenye
1430. Kiwii-tan
1431. The Casanova
1432. crisb_2002
1434. Jamais Changeant
1435. oBlink
1436. Kaeo-chu
1437. Lorika
1438. Delicious Porn Flakes
1439. pook666
1440. chemistry35
1441. -Le Chien Chat-
1442. kontaminiert
1443. Nekomaru Tensho
1444. Blood Pop
1445. W Foxys
1446. The Decaying Waffle
1447. Kuromeru Ro-zu
1448. kimmina
1449. jessica fountain
1450. Energone
1451. Teikiatsu
1452. Chris Meganess
1453. Zuri-kai
1454. Miki Ishikawa
1455. Trip on Acid Rainbows
1456. iifwesh_bunnii
1457. blackbird654
1458. Aszure
1459. The Fringe Observer
1460. Zenjin000
1461. wildscooby17
1462. Lord Chaos Junior
1463. Fuzzy Peaches O w O
1464. trickykitty
1465. LuCkEe_MoNkEe
1466. DarkM3000
1467. your_new_addiction33
1468. chibisyko
1469. The quiet angel
1470. Zen_Kotek
1471. Ryn_Satoshi
1472. Kurbis
1473. Yoruichi_i-sama
1474. Sir Jeran
1475. zezebom
1476. Isredel
1477. emerald.love
1478. lemompop
1479. Daughter of the Stars 13
1480. Gemakun
1481. hatenbopps12
1482. Orgasmic Muffin of Doom
1483. iEmoVampire347
1484. sevendeadlysinsshop
1485. Ma-Pomme-De-Sang
1486. Ryan_A_Lycan
1487. xForever_Fullmetal_Angelx
1488. moneymikey298
1489. shooting star298
1490. Murdered By Life
1491. Shadow The Seraph
1492. kittykatpanda17489234
1493. Bee D Taste
1494. Evorei Razien
1495. XxMoonlitMassacreXx
1496. a_star_above_all_01
1497. Koemiko
1498. Libra Doll
1499. Juicy Jonas
1500. XxXxXxXCharleneXxXxXxX
1501. aznPuff
1502. huhwhat00
1503. Haruno Haniknata
1504. DokuCho
1505. HeavensRejectHellsAngel
1506. Pixotte
1507. bee-b_8
1508. VampireJess14
1509. Pixelized Panties
1510. Xenophobic_Stranger
1511. Kauko
1512. Floppy Smurf
1513. Lonely Star Saiph
1514. Zotii
1515. kistinisthesex
1516. hypnocrown
1517. Disturbed_Sanctuary
1518. xXandrianitababiiXx
1519. Frozen Wonderland
1520. Persistence_of_Memory
1521. CyberStalker
1522. The BoxDog
1523. ii C u p p y k a k e
1524. smiles4everss
1525. XPurple_Eyed_GirlX
1526. Zuu Yhtna
1527. flaming beefcake
1528. Stoic Cat
1529. YuzukellyDecay
1530. Axel_Steel 9987
1531. uhhh_I forget
1532. Kuttlez
1533. _Loyal-Lilly_
1534. dancer-reader
1535. Moon Lightning
1536. Frijolito123
1537. Orai-lin
1538. Witchneko
1539. aceedex
1540. The_Perky_Thief
1541. xXiAngel_4_EverXx
1542. Neko Nekogami
1543. Split Persona Sam
1544. Persephane
1545. taiyee
1546. Nieomy
1547. xxHellYeahh
1548. Versell DeHubris
1549. Prompt Adieu
1550. Arkangelstar1
1551. RyomaKun1992
1552. Darkness_riser1235
1553. iGrunny E M O
1554. ErikStefansen
1555. smallhobbit
1556. Evana S R
1557. The Other Riku
1558. 0-FeiFei-0
1559. i M o o f i n__x
1560. Teru Girl
1561. Requiem Youkai
1562. Knerdy
1563. fersure 2 fscene8
1564. _P-S-Y-C-H-O_
1565. drzteddybear
1566. magical13green
1567. PeekabooCutie
1568. Okami No Kage_Arya_
1569. xXbabykim0214Xx
1570. Princess Erinea
1571. Siny Robot
1572. Whip the Cream
1573. Lune the Looney
1574. happygirl964
1575. xXx Wild And Reckless xXx
1576. Dione Nightly
1577. iBev
1578. MAYDAYemergency
1579. x D E Z Z I x
1580. Raiha19
1581. Saseki Mamori-chan
1582. Lady Brakefall
1583. Huge Tracts of Land
1584. Emizo Shards
1585. p o c k e t f u l
1586. Legend Of The Moon
1587. nicole-ca-cola
1588. iiLuvs_Strawberriiii
1589. shrug3
1590. Section 8 Schizo
1591. RicaRoad
1592. heart_broken_fox
1593. bleue_epee
1594. Redwolfinsanity
1595. Miikururu
1596. Ryo_Alex The Merciless
1597. Hieronymus_Lex
1598. rappace
1599. Really Kiki
1600. xX-Kimora-Kun-Xx
1601. Tora17
1602. Yuzuki itsumishi
1603. ran_ook
1604. P0cha4m4
1605. xXAwesome_IzzyXx
1606. Slione
1607. surfer girl 222
1608. Kagetaka
1609. Sirhc_Semae
1610. Rich-The-Fool
1611. Solaris God of Light
1612. illumi zaoldyek
1614. iiFate
1615. velka
1616. Compare the Market
1617. toxicator
1618. SangDrako
1619. crystalfirephoenix
1620. Geistigen
1621. Pink Hooker
1622. JaddziaDax
1623. TobiDei xx
1624. EstherGeek
1625. Miss Paranoid
1626. animefighter0
1627. Princess Volupine
1628. I am Michi-chan
1629. II C 0 C 0 II
1630. dark_angel_gunner
1631. Nasyiri
1632. oozu
1633. Takanemahatchu
1634. LarkintheBrave
1635. KawaiiNoJutsu
1636. f0olz
1637. Kytona
1638. VVAlice CullenVV
1639. Je suis une chat nya
1640. MaiChix3
1641. DistortedBrwain
1642. Hinama
1643. Koolaidmusicjunkie
1644. Pinky_Beauty2
1645. SephirothMaiden
1646. paperplanejane
1647. Tetra Urimeshi
1648. longaps
1649. spazzing skwid
1650. maddymeep
1651. Mrs V Phantomhive
1652. Runaway_Coke17
1653. demure darling
1654. Twilight_Moon_Racer
1655. roxy1113
1656. Mikayla Heart
1657. ninja sora256
1658. masternic
1659. Valkyrie Viperous
1660. Admiral Lord Cochrane
1661. Murder Ballet
1662. SixShooterQueen
1663. Feline Godess
1664. demi_and_selena_fan
1665. Princess-Alichino
1666. coolchristy101
1667. Elizabeth Blaque
1668. Kiasami
1669. `allesanna
1670. Mr_Basara
1671. Madeline Hayes
1672. Sint Nicolaas
1673. platypusAWESOME
1674. Distured Nightmare
1675. Melon Karu
1676. risababi_12
1677. LexiconOMGWUT
1678. Topaz4293
1679. StrawberryAngel65
1680. Ehclarx
1681. Tbteen1313
1682. Tayeko Yoshida
1683. Yuki no Ryu
1684. xJesse
1685. CooKie MuNcher XD
1686. Knixie
1687. Aurairah
1688. ShojoHana
1689. frosIass
1670. Catboy66
1671. Tonightmare
1672. Winterwhip
1673. Aethersage
1674. Universal Queen 002
1675. I-Aki-chan-I
1676. T o g e T s u m O
1677. Stroodley
1678. CHEERangel2902
1679. LOLXLight
1680. salina-chan
1681. MuseSick
1682. brittanian order
1683. JacesLover17
1684. Extore
1685. x_iViCY
1686. OdistheOwl
1687. The Beautiful and Damned
1688. Candy Noodles
1689. Moona_Eclipse
1690. Fairy Red
1691. beds give me nightmares
1692. WingedHourglass
1693. SYSLINUX CFG 420
1694. CatGoGi
1695. Lyanda
1696. klutzkatie
1697. kat__NiSS - - x
1698. iAmulet
1699. czz4
1700. BobSnail
1701. shandi b
1702. Ilovevash88
1703. American_Flyleaf_Girl
1704. Jikoniau
1705. Current Password
1706. Sarilla
1707. fxxxingLAWLtr0n
1708. iluvlawliet
1709. I His Neko-Kun I
1710. xXKatrynaXx
1711. ShadowFlame1721
1712. midnightowls
1713. vampireneko57
1714. Mashumari
1715. Evil_Sakura_13
1716. Nephillim Zeplin
1717. One-of-a-kind-diamond
1718. Qronyc
1719. Yotuki
1720. Chu Cherry
1721. Arivia24
1722. Tomoko Aiko Ayu
1723. ll_Basillisk_ll
1724. Sayuri_ Nitta
1725. Iwagakure_Ruko
1726. Kibuy
1727. Lynnabelle
1728. Rozen Kitten
1729. xxL Arc En Cielxx
1730. The Queen Lana
1731. applesauce01
1732. Inejwstine
1733. Enji_Chou
1734. Katasumai
1735. FireCat0
1736. t o x i c TEA jam
1737. ohrly N i n j a
1738. AleeLight
1739. xxMatty
1740. NerdyxClassy -
1741. Pixie Sprint
1742. 0Princess_Zelda0
1743. icepelt1
1744. erthoflove
1745. ii_rawrr-y0uu
1746. XxFallen-Angel-xX Hybrid
1747. Otaku-neku
1748. Evelyn Luminariel
1749. Alexsandra-Angel
1750. RimaBalaBalance
1751. ninjamusicprincess
1752. W A N D E R x L U S T
1753. 15Amykhau
1754. Tsubasa Mayoko
1755. -UnrelatedTopic-
1756. Kyumin`
1757. mercurial butterfly
1758. XcoldhandsX
1759. Hideous Grace
1760. shamon_yoh
1761. Terrific Luff
1762. Annie-morphs
1763. Tiskty
1764. Derres Sinn_89
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3,150 Points
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*Elleyea signs*

I vote for keeping the skin all together. There are also many people who totaled up the scores, and said that Boo beat SIN and the whole thing was a hoax. Due to the confusion and the unreliability of the horrible scoring system Gaia came up with, both sides should be able to keep the skins.
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You had me at 'better consultation prize'. Heres my idea: since we were beaten, why don't they change the skin to the old one, but make it have scuff marks (they look like the # symbol) to symbolize being beaten.

And for all the people who say "sentinel won, so boo lost all its powers", remember that both the sentinel and overseer were stripped of their powers by Jack. Its not like Jack came and said "Ok, sentinel clearly won, sooooo" *zap* "K sentinel, you have all the overseer's powers now, see you next year!" both lost their powers. So you can't claim much of a storyline victory.
Elleyea's avatar

3,150 Points
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You had me at 'better consultation prize'. Heres my idea: since we were beaten, why don't they change the skin to the old one, but make it have scuff marks (they look like the # symbol) to symbolize being beaten.

And for all the people who say "sentinel won, so boo lost all its powers", remember that both the sentinel and overseer were stripped of their powers by Jack. Its not like Jack came and said "Ok, sentinel clearly won, sooooo" *zap* "K sentinel, you have all the overseer's powers now, see you next year!" both lost their powers. So you can't claim much of a storyline victory.

That is a very good Idea too, I like it. mrgreen
I'm not just weird, odd, strange, insane, or a little ebil...
Good idea! *has a lot of work to do to keep this running*
Oh, and Elleyea, I was just about to add a banner when I noticed your sig!
I thank you so much! <3

...I'm all of the above, naturally!
I was on the S.I.N side, but when I saw the skin B.O.O got for losing I felt bad for them. I personally didn't like either of the skins S.I.N and B.O.O offered. The only reason I joined S.I.N was because I like being on the demonic side. If the score was tied then yes they should have let B.O.O people keep there skins or just take both skins away. I'll sign though.
spike_sp's avatar

7,200 Points
  • Gender Swap 100
  • Sausage Fest 200
i like to sign
I want to sign.
I love my skin.
That 'consolation prize' is so demoralizing..
Who are they trying to console with that horrible thing? The winners, because they can now laugh at us even more?
It made me feel worse D:
Mizuki44's avatar

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Let me sign. This whole thing is really upsetting. The least they could do was to make it not soulbound so I could get rid of it.

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