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I sign this. I still find Towns amateur to what the Sims games have accomplished in terms of architecture design for houses. I would love bigger homes and different rooms.
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I'd like to sign! heart
It's a great idea and these houses really are to small.
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Vicious Bear

I sign, I want a garden + patio!
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I WILL SIGN! This is a fantastic idea biggrin
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This is so cool! I sign!

Also, for the flowers: You could have seeds and all that stuff in the Buttercup Cafe~
A fixed amount of flowers plus a certain amount of gold could also be used to get new items.
I like the idea that flowers, like fish, drop very much.
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Versatile Lunatic

I concur with this brilliant idea!
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"No matter who must bear your heir, No matter whom must bear mine, No matter where time takes me,I am only whole with you.”
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Friendly Genius

Can I sign? xD
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I, HerAddiction, sign. Not sure about everyone else, but when I first created my gaia-home, it was interesting. However, the fun only lasted about an hour. It would be so nice to be able to make our homes bigger, make custom rooms....and I especially love the garden idea. Maybe they could make an option for us to be able to buy seeds from a new 'Garden Shop', (for gaia gold, of course). We could have an option to make the gardens private or public. If you choose for the garden to be public, maybe they could make it to where others can pick your flowers. Just don't take away where flowers/bugs/junk magically appear, like they do now.
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Can I sign? xD
Sure! biggrin
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Friendly Genius

Ping of Death
Can I sign? xD
Sure! biggrin

Awesome! ~Signs.~

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