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Housing is one of the main reasons I'm even staying on Gaia right now! If I haven't signed this before I'm sighing it now!
I also have ideas I want to suggest!

Gaia Housing Addition Doors

Concept: Purchasing a special door from Faktori, or La Victoire will allow you to add a room onto your house. These rooms can be labeled, or named so you know which room you are in or can choose which room you want to decorate. Default labeling will be Room 1, Room 2, ect.

The Gold Shop door will get you one blank room starting at the smallest size, upgrading the room size will cost the same as upgrading the original house.

The La Victoire doors will also get you one small room. The bonus of LV doors is that different doors come with various tiles, and furnishings in different style and color themes. Consider it a room bundle maybe? For example a LV Kitchen addition Door: (insert color here) with kitchen items in the specified color.

How would this be executed? When you put an Addition Door on the wall of your house, when in towns that door will have a small arrow that will take you to the next room like the arrows take you from one neighborhood to the next.

Decorating: When opening the decorating page you will always start out at the original house room. A Room tab will allow you to choose which room you wish to work on.

Eventually perhaps staircases, and trap door could be implemented in a similar manner for additional floors to houses

I also have the older idea of Gaia Homes 2.0 Back Yard which I will be reworking to better fit the Addition Doors idea.
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That's an absolutely splendid idea!
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I sign!

It's kind of sad to see the homes being neglected. I hope someone notices and implements some of your ideas. I love the idea of a garden and two-story home! Good luck!
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Count me in I'll sign ^-^
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I asked for this so. /SIGNS.
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I sign. cat_mrgreen
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I sign this. yum_puddi
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Csilla Silvana
Thanks! I included your suggestion in the first page.
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I sign! I've just recently started to take care of my Gaia house again and I'm liking it, but I am a bit sad to see that it's been neglected by others. I would love to see all (or at least most) of these ideas implemented. I think this is a great idea for a goldsink. I know I would definitely be willing to spend a lot of gold on this.
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this should be a towns2 feature ffs /signs

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