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When I first joined Gaia, I had a lot of fun with my home; however, it isn't fun anymore! There isn't any new floor or wall coverings since 2 summers ago, nor any new furniture, food, etc. Gaia has not expanded the homes nor let us join our's with anyone else's. My husband and I would like to build one big one to share to play together when we can't be together, which happens sometimes. We both would like to have a porch as an outside room, and a garden outside. There is already a flower shop; why couldn't they carry the things we need for the garden, like tools and seeds? Is anyone at Gaia going to read this and act on it or are we just accomplishing nothing?
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If it's still possible, I'd like to sign, please!
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Sign me up too.
I started a thread about gardens too
Also I want to be able to sit on a chair and lie down on a bed.
Oh, and a pond with moving koi. (sorry, my imagination is going wild.)

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I'll sign.

It'd be really cool to have an upstairs, like go through an arrow to get there or something. A garden is a cute idea, maybe we could grow flowers instead of going around town looking for them lol.

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Sign!! If it isn't too late xd
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I too am waiting!!!!!
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I am not a big fan of housing and furnishing
mainly because town gives me major lag that I don't hang around there for long

but I like the garden Idea, something simple as raising plant
will be nice if we can get fruit and seeds out from the plant we raised
if we get that in out housing, I will be starting furnish mine

I /sign/ this petition

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I sign. heart
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Omg, it would be so nice it this became apart of the home system. Especially when now the houses in T2 have more space between each other.
I will sign!
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Updated signatures list. Sorry guys I've been busy lately.
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I sign, I like the multiple rooms = goldsink idea, this will allow people to make as many rooms as they want and as big as they want. And with the multiple rooms, they should make gaia homes like Town 2 or the virtual Hollywood where in order to go to another room you either move to the white arrow or click on it. People should also be allowed to place the white arrows where ever they see fit.

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