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I rocked it <3 0.13636363636364 13.6% [ 9 ]
it was like GIGGITY 0.075757575757576 7.6% [ 5 ]
meh 0.015151515151515 1.5% [ 1 ]
fail sauce 0.060606060606061 6.1% [ 4 ]
VICTORYY 0.12121212121212 12.1% [ 8 ]
I learned a lot ^o^ 0.060606060606061 6.1% [ 4 ]
next year! *shakes a fist* 0.1969696969697 19.7% [ 13 ]
i'm going to bury my results in the back yard 0.075757575757576 7.6% [ 5 ]
just gemme ze goldz 0.25757575757576 25.8% [ 17 ]
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Since its now December 1, at least in my time zone anyway, and November is wrapping up, how was your Nanowrimo experience this year? Are you happy with the results of your rough draft, even if it wasn't exactly what you originally planned in your head? Even if you didn't make the word count, did you enjoy the experience? Going to participate again next year?

I made the word count, but my friend and I decided to have our own little unofficial "write in" to finish up, and celebrated early with copious amounts of tequila. The end result is...yes, we made the word count and the deadline (my friend managed to get up to 75K in words) but the last bits of our rough drafts are little more than drunken gibberish. emotion_facepalm But it was still fun. emotion_dowant

Aside from that, I'm happy with the overall shape of my rough draft. Bits and pieces and pot holes need mending and editing, but at least I have something I can work with this year. emotion_bigheart
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I didn't make the deadline. emotion_donotwant I'm only at 35K- but I am going to keep on working on it. emotion_yatta emotion_yatta I like my story, and I like where its going. Due to work I just did not have the time. I had some catch up sessions over the weekend but even then, and did make time to write, especially on the weekends. But then things came up that eat into my writing time (staying late at work, going in early to work, friend needing me to help her with a project, car breaking down). But I'm still going to keep plugging away at it and finish my rough draft...when I can. After the holidays things should hopefully die down for me. emotion_eyebrow
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Meh, 10K words yesterday....Juggling school life, games, ect was hard...
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I won on my first attempt! I'm still not sure how I pulled it off, though, especially since I was so busy around Thanksgiving.
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Questionable Borg

I had to give up about the 10th of Nov because of school. But I'll probably try again next year.
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Vicious Muse

It was an emotional trip, with disappointment as soon as I found that I would be getting a puppy and thus losing three days of my NaNo chance. That killed me right at the end, with 9k words less than the 50k goal. I even tried to adjust for it, but due to work, dead brains, and similar, I wasn't able to even though I saw it coming. If I'd had those three days, I probably would have made it.

But instead...puppy! whee
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I fail...
Very much.
Maybe if I put all of my miniature stories into one I'd get to 50k.
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Oh...Love/hate...I had to really pad my plot to get it to end...I loved the characters, hated my scenes, felt a little...drug out..

Lost inspiration, got inspiration, cried a few...dozen times...

I also thought in the beginning "owo I'll write a children's book about dolls!"

Midway though ".//w//.; Young adult...?"

November 27th as I crossed 50k "...s**t...I overdid the violence..."
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... I didn't finish.

... 43,000 words... I was on top of everything until the 24th of November.

... And then... writers block.

A wall which blocked my way to the glittering inspiration behind it! Waah! crying
... I didn't finish.

... 43,000 words... I was on top of everything until the 24th of November.

... And then... writers block.

A wall which blocked my way to the glittering inspiration behind it! Waah! crying

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Going to participate again next year?
I always think "NO, NEVER!" And then come Oct next year I always end up doing it emotion_facepalm

Finished 50K this year...like I have been the past 3 times...
Even though I technically decided to start late this year too....and for the first time had absolutely no plans going into it what so ever....

It's really a matter of getting a lead in the beginning than maintaining that lead till the end...
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i came, i saw, i failed miserably. I was pretty optimistic about starting a few days before Thanksgiving, but only got to 6.5k words crying oh well, at least I'll know what it is and to start at the beginning of november sweatdrop
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yayy!!!! i did it! i did more than 50,000 words (in time just saying) i havent been on gaia and i saw this formus right now soo.. hehe yayy! im so happy ^~^
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This year was the first year that I participated, and I also reached more than 50000 words biggrin It seems that writing long fanfics paid off, it was tiring but not that hard at all to reach that quantity.
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Saruta's Wife

Dapper Lunatic

At the end I was like. . ."dear god I finished?" I felt like I got a good swift kick in the a** the rest of the month though. . .HHHGGHHNNN!

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