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luna la faye Report | 01/11/2018 12:53 pm
Thanks! biggrin heart
Anamosa Valentine Report | 01/10/2018 2:40 am
I love your current avatar style! :like:
Taurean_11 Report | 11/14/2017 11:37 am
Hi where/how did you get the "a touch of" items?
rae-chan-sensei Report | 10/28/2017 6:52 am
Your avi is gorgeous! 3nodding
Shiriya Report | 09/16/2017 10:17 am
Thank you for your purchase! heart
Albern Puppy Report | 07/28/2017 11:16 am
Thank you kindly, Lia.
Anamosa Valentine Report | 03/16/2017 11:22 pm
Pretty avatar you got there! User Image

I hope you're well! ~
lilloulou Report | 03/06/2017 1:04 pm
Thanks for sharing that Webcomic in Today's thread!
A few pages later and... yup... I fear I'm already addicted whee
Subscribed to the page and going to read it when I have more time -- because I'm probably going to read full chapters at a time 3nodding
drakokatze Report | 03/03/2017 2:46 pm
i had my badges in storage, it's working now

drakokatze Report | 03/03/2017 2:32 pm
hey hun, quick ?

how are the robot parts found?


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Latinam Scivi

Around a kid, a job, and other instances of life, I attempt to post something once in a blue moon. Restarted, for another attempt, February of 2012.


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I write.

Usually code, often stories, and I'd much prefer to replace the former with more of the latter. Code pays well, and it's a living, but I find that the frustrations of making a story are more enjoyable than the frustrations of wondering where that null pointer error is originating. Plus, the writers here are generally cheerful and interesting individuals, with fantastic ideas.

Yes, that means that Gaia is my social experience during the day; an isolated, dingy gray cube with a work desktop is as much fun as it sounds.

If you're looking for me, PMs are the surest way to get a hold of me. After a decade of being here, I often wander around in the Exchange, the Writers Forum, and the Tabletop Gaming subforum, with occasional ventures into Alchemy and the GCD. Hit me up to chat anytime, about almost anything.

Just...expect a dry sense of humor, sporadic misunderstandings, and opinions.

'cause I have 'em. wink

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