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Pat. Too old for you.Thinker. Introvert. Published author. Education major, focus on English.

An elaboration on the above: I spend a great deal of my time dwelling on ideas and the consequences of those ideas should they come to fruition. These can be as simple as how I interact with others and what I say in small talk to as complex as political ideology. I may come across as somewhat artificial; this is because I put more emphasis on the content of what i say relating to the subject at hand than the ... what's the word... approach-ability? Not even a word but that's close enough. I am more vocal in a textual medium than in voice, by a great deal. I am still learning how to cope with general social interaction with people whom I do not know and that can create misunderstandings. I have improved with this greatly over the past three to five years, but if I have personally offended you and do not know you, it was probably unintentional. Probably.

I am presently twenty-eight years of age. I first started attending college in late 2010, taking quite a few bumps in the road caused by stress and financial troubles, but I pulled through with my Associate's in May of 2016. I covered a wide variety of subjects in my elective classes and I read a great deal of information through various factual channels - partially out of my own curiosity and partially out of the necessity of college-level research. My time in college helped shape my thoughts and viewpoints greatly and though I have been vocal about them in the past, I am reluctant to put them forth anymore. I feel that our current socio-political atmosphere is very toxic and charged at this point in time, and I typically do not feel it is worth a reply to such matters. I know, at the minimum, the basics about a great many topics as a result. Additionally, I can easily connect information in one subject to that in another. All of the phenomena in our world can be explained as extensions of multiple subjects of the sciences.

I have a great many projects going on in my life. I say 'projects' but they are really categories of a single large project which is partially, very much not, completed. This is my fantasy world and a recount of some events within its history, narrated as a book series. Part of it is already published. I have spent the past two and a half to three years working on this and have spent time delving into how culture, engineering, religion, and economics are shaped by geology and geography as a result. I have developed civilizations and histories based on those things. That said, it's a relatively general, high-fantasy setting and I won't pretend to have a great many original concepts or ideas about it. It's not, but I think it's interesting and developing this world and the in-depth history of a handful of its inhabitants, their lives, and their journey gives me something to direct my creative energy toward. It also allows me to make some use of my knowledge and gives me a way to apply it to something I feel is meaningful. If I speak of something regarding that, you may ignore it as the ramblings of someone who needs to apply their ideas.

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