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Piano for ten years now heart instrumental love of my lifee
on the other hand i've been playing the violin for four and i still sound like something dying TT__TT.
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Shirtless Millionaire

I've played the clarinet when i was younger.( Not anymore though i barely remember how to put it together sweatdrop ) And i got a guitar for Christmas that I'm trying to commit to learning >.<
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I play the guitar, electric bass, and the french horn (all of which I own)

My guitar's name is Toto <3

I also have a vague understanding of the piano, but I can't say I'm particularly good.

I also spent three years of my life learning violin, but I can't remember anything but how you're supposed to rest your chin...
I am playing violin 11 years already.
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I have a set of BlackHawk Gretsch drums.
They are pretty awesome.
I've got a Zildjian Custom Dark K Series Crash(Probably one of the best I've ever heard, cost me a ton though) and a Sabian Solor Series Ride and Hi-Hats. The ride's fine for what I use it for, but the hi-hats suck and chew up my sticks.
I had the crash but gave it to a begining friend and it's pretty wimpy.

Personally, I love Gretsch drums and Zildjjians cymbals. In my opinion they make a pretty good combination, and if finances allow they're the only brands I'll be buying from now on.

dude haha I remember getting those it was my first drumset >< pretty good quality too not just for beginners but even seasoned drummers I know own three drumsets though :3 drum on friend!! I play lots of instruments though but drumming and the keys have been my favorite thus far
I play all brass. I major on Trumpet, Mellophone, French horn, and Flugel.
I prefer having BACH or YAMAHA! they play nicely and are easy to clean. heart
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I play flute.
Though I love low brass.
Haha I've been playing for 7 years now, and I love band. So much fun~

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right now i play piano & guitar &violin &im trying 2 learn how 2 play the drums
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Benevolent Phantom

Vocals (singing and screaming), rhythm guitar, and bass. I'm slowly learning piano and oboe again. I used to play oboe when I was ten, but we couldn't afford an oboe or the rental oboe, so I was forced to quit.
I play a black Roland Keyboard. I've been in some bands in which I played my keyboard and I was the vocalist/lyricist. I love Jrock. That's really my main inspiration. Even my keyboard's name is Mana (After a member in Malice Mizer) What can I say? I'm a music lover wink
I playy a Dean Edge 09 bass. ;O was like a hundred bucks and I personally like it a lot. I have no pics cause I;m lame. X)
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I'm a percussion player. Any percussion instrument, I bet you I've played before.
I love xylophone, vibraphone, and bells.
I dabble in piano/keyboard. I'm not very good at it right now, but lessons are on the way.
I would say I'm quite the drum set player myself, my band instructor also says I'm one of the top musicians.
I'm a vocal cord player too, I love to sing.
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I'm david "chemi" Mars
i play piano heart , saxophone, clarinet, guitar heart , bass heart , violin heart , cello heart , drums( just learned by my self actually i learn most of these thing by myself 3nodding ) i prefer peral drum sets, dean guitars, ibanez basses, and Steinway grands. i customize my guitar and basses cause i'm also a guitar tech. and a massive tone freak ALMOST FORGOT I ALSO SING! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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