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I'm sure we've seen enough of them, but this will be the official place, from now until the end of time, to discuss the instruments that you own and play. 3nodding

Topics that fit under this sticky:

~ What kind of instrument do you play?
~ Post pictures of your instruments!
~ What specific brand of instrument do you play/prefer?

Any threads that duplicate these topics will be recycled as repeats.
It seems that this will cut down on a lot of those topics. Sweet.

I play a red Vex drumset. Personally, I think I got a set of "crap" quality. The cymbals cracked after the first nine months, the bass drumhead broke, a little over a year after, and the hi-hat does not stay in place like it's supposed to. Still, I guess it's better than the plastic "First Act" ones.

I have no pictures, but I might take some later.

I'd prefer a Pearl or Yamaha or any name brand. I have new Zildjian "Planet Z" cymbals on it, and when I go for a china cymbal or a large crash cymbal, it'll be a Zildjian. And if I'm adding more drums, I'm not even going to consider Vex.
I have a set of BlackHawk Gretsch drums.
They are pretty awesome.
I've got a Zildjian Custom Dark K Series Crash(Probably one of the best I've ever heard, cost me a ton though) and a Sabian Solor Series Ride and Hi-Hats. The ride's fine for what I use it for, but the hi-hats suck and chew up my sticks.
I had the crash but gave it to a begining friend and it's pretty wimpy.

Personally, I love Gretsch drums and Zildjjians cymbals. In my opinion they make a pretty good combination, and if finances allow they're the only brands I'll be buying from now on.
Oh hell... i expect fights in this thread, but anyway!

I play the acoustic guitar.
I own a Jay Tr customized by me.
It has a fair quality, not bad, not impressive,but it's very reliable it never lets me down.
I play a Schreiber & Sonhe bassoon. It's not a bad bassoon, and I got it for a good price. 3nodding
I play a B10 Buffet Clarinet. And I also play oboe. I forget the brand name. lol and next yr i will be playing Saxaphone.
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I suppose I should chip in, too. whee

Instruments that I have learned to play (in order of familiarity):
Voice (it's my instrument, dag nabbit!)
Concert percussion (snare, timpani, 4-mallet keyboard, pretty much the whole gamut)

The joys of being a music major! I only dabbled in the last four, so while I can play them, I'm hardly any good at them.

Instruments that I own:
...My voice. xd

Well, and my stick bag, which includes a practice pad. While I use the vertical grand piano downstairs, it's technically my parents', not mine. However, I think the first big purchase I will make when I move out on my own is my very own piano.

We also have a couple of acoustic guitars, and I'm starting to teach myself chords on the Fender we picked up in a garage sale. xp
Oh my god, thank the lord.

I play Steel drums mostly. Namely, the Double Seconds. However, I fiddle around with other things, like the flute and the mandolin.

I play tuba/sousaphone, treble guitar, bass guitar, trombone, euphonium/baritone and keyboard mrgreen mrgreen
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I play the keyboard and mouse. emo

no rly, I used to play violin and I'm really thinking about taking it back up.

hope to god I can find a good one for cheap..D:
I play the keyboard and mouse. emo

no rly, I used to play violin and I'm really thinking about taking it back up.

hope to god I can find a good one for cheap..D:
Look for used, the less chips the better.

I should put mine to keep it consistent.

Only cello and piano for now. (Excluding instruments that I fiddle with.)
I'm thrilled to never say this again.

I've played saxophone for five years, and studied it seriously for one year.
I've played bassoon for one year, with serious study.
I've played piano for three years, with casual study.
I've dabbled in clarinet but I can't help but use vibrato, so it's not much good.
I'm supposed to be receiving flute lessons from my sister, but she can't or won't find her spare.
Once I master flute, I plan to learn oboe.

I take saxophone and bassoon lessons from the same woman, so I'm not progressing as much as I could be. I'm abnormally good at the bassoon though. I've qualified for an audition-based youth orchestra that reaches 45 cities after only a year of playing the instrument.

At this point I plan to double major in Instrumental Music Education and Bassoon performance, perhaps with a minor in chemistry or saxophone performance. I don't want to diverge from music, but my parents are pressuring me with assurances that there are no jobs in music education.
i play other brands but mostly i am ibanez loyal...

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