Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to my profile.
I'm Kattarina, (You may call me Katt)
I say that my last name is Urie, because I'm probably Panic! At The Disco's biggest fan to walk on the planet.
If you don't know who P!ATD is, we may have a problem. Or you'll have a lot of learning to do from myself.

I love to talk with anyone, no matter what type of personality or interests.
On of the goals in my life is to encounter as many different personalities and styles of people as possible.

I'm a percussionist who loves to sing, play, and relax and have fun.
Getting to know someone is something I find extremely fun to do.
I write poetry, though I would say I'm not very talented...
I also write songs. Rarely for myself, but I do enjoy writing.

I'd be delighted to get to know you better, so...
Would you like to chat? Because if you would, find yourself a seat and lets enjoy the show.


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Hello, I'm Kattarina Urie,
nice to meet you.