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Team Lauren <3
I agree with LayLayLOVESyOuu. They should be friends again.
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lauren and heidi will nver be friends again, i hope. heidi's horrible.
At first I was on Heidi's side.Then I was on Laurens.Then I was on both sides.Now Im not even on a side.
For one..
Heidi needs to dump spencer!he is a freakin retard and he is one of the rudest boyfriends anyone could ask for..even though they wouldnt.He is an idiot.Someone needs to knock some since into heidi because if she is still with him after all he has done to her,than she is pretty pathetic.
For two..
Lauren should just get over it and be friends with Heidi again.There is no point to hold a grudge over ger.And besides she shouldnt let a boy get in the way of their friendship.Thats just stupid!
so ya....
i am on neither side.
but i do like the hills!
Personally I'm on Lauren's side all the way, but I will admit she needs to drop it. This whole fight is just getting pointless and stupid now. Spencer is and always be a player and controller, it's seen with Heidi and with his sister when she became friends with Lauren.
LAUREN!!!! biggrin biggrin biggrin
i think they need to get over the whole fight, cuz now its just getting stupid. LC should leave heidi be and stay mad at spencer. come on LC scream
i heard they were friends again.
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I think Lauren should jst get over it already. Heidi and her have been fighting way too long. smile
Im on Lauren's Side smile
But honestly this fight is so stupid. Like come`on, get over it.
Its been years. And you're giving up your friendship cuz of one guy. <--Who isnt that great?
Goshh stop acting like kids and make up!
I don't think heidi is all there ithink she mooches off of lc's fame its ridiculous!!
she is a total b***h. Now lc seems like a cool girl but i do think that her and brody
should go out since they luv each other obvsly. Oh ,holly should get a life and that lc should 4get everything that happened btween her and hiedi.
lauren <3 but without the drama of them fighting i dont think i would really watch the show.
No contest LAUREN has every right to be mad. I feel her pain. I have been in many situations like this. So I say if she doesnt want to be friends let her be. I could never forgive a friend who spread rumors, dissed me to be with her boyfriend, have her boyfriend have my crush kiss my friend, the list goes on and on. Heidi is dumb with her bad singing and letting a boyfriend control her life. She is a disgrace to the women race.

heart heart TEAM LAUREN heart heart

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