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It's true that Heidi did something totally wrong and is the one who is at fault. It's been such a long time now. I love Lauren, but she should let the issue go already. I mean, they were best friends before....

heidi que, por ella se hizo famosa aparte se acosto con su jefe para ke le diera e puesto jajajajjajajajajajjajajaja chales

ke boberias bueno

se ya xp xp xp xp xp xp rofl

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Wasn't this resolved when they talked and Lauren said to Heidi:

I want to forgive you & I want to forget you.

oh snap! burn! lol

team Lauren
What even happened between them?

I heard that Heidie and Spencer made up a sick little rumor about a Video Tape, but I was wondering if that is true or is there more to the story?
theyy should be friends still [=
it was all fine..
untill the whole " Speidie " came in
Spencer ruined it stressed
I lik Lauren better becuz she sounds lik a better friend, but then Heidi has a boyfriend Spencer and he hates Lauren 2, so I'm on Lauren's side.
Lauren should really forgive Heidi,I mean they were best freinds.
I'm not really on anyones side but, spencer did ruin ther realationship
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I don't like Heidi...but Lauren is pretty nice... rofl rofl rofl
team lauren fo sho. exclaim 3nodding
I think the fight should be over.
Everything they are in the fight about goes back to Spencer.
Lauren needs to open up and be willing to forgive.
but Heidi needs to find someone else besides spencer to put her trust in.
He's so rude.
heart biggrin GO TEAM LAUREN xd
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This is a great program one of my favourites

Lauren is completely in the right, I cannot stand Spencer at all but hiedi is ok, i dont not like her but sure wat can u do. heart
Team Lauren biggrin
They're situation reminds me a little bit of me and my old best friends' friendship. razz

In my opinion, I think they should be friends again. That would be a real shocker for the hills. (=
some body gone get beat up

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