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Because they bring out the best in people, and offer an oppurtunity for personal growth. They keep people sharp, and burn away thier impurities. Besides, God will never give something to someone that they cannot bear, at least that's what the christians say smile
Saying something really doesn't make it instantly true.
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Also I must ask, do you consider yourself religious?


I consider myself religious due to my attribution of thanks to that which gives effort for it's work. A delivery person and their company deserves my thanks for delivering my graphics card to me like the creators of the graphics card deserve thanks for working on developing and refining at like the people who tilled the resources to acquire it. Even the scum in the marketing division (pardon the humor) deserves to get thanks for designing the advertisement of the card that caught my eye.

While that is not religious et al, it is a thanks i give silently, and other than my direct help in giving feedback and maybe recommending that product to someone else i don't really have the expertise to assist in giving back to the company besides what i paid for the product already. Even so, i wouldn't be able to give proper thanks to everyone who was involved with the project. So my thanks is religious in that it does not have an impact which is directly real...unless it is received personally by those who were involved as i said before on the project.

In the process of doing that i have come to find quite a few illusions and few motives which are the mind itself and not a construct of the mind itself. By realizing this and then finding good and evil within the world (not necessarily the world itself mind you, but the suffering that comes therein) you single out and expose the factors of suffering (Murder, suicide, apathy, sycophantry, etc.) and by that virtue eliminate the reason for concepts such as good and evil from their source. To do this I will admit that I am asserting that all evil is caused by suffering in one way or another, and all good is a reduction of suffering within oneself and others. It is different from the illusory sensation of good and evil which can advocate and elevate others to cause suffering on a basis of authority. Ex. Everyone here is not allowed to shoot anyone, but that man in blue with the badge over there has the right to beat the s**t out of anyone here if he perceives there is danger to do so. Suffering stems from such decisions and as such is an example of evil that can be tied to direct cause of suffering.

I wonder though, if i may ask you how you come to the notion that the fruits of life are worth worship, and yet there is no entitlement to acquisition of those fruits of life, as such entitlement is evil, even in a world with limited resources. Then you assert that all that is material (which includes all that lives) does have an existence of perfection and good somewhere within, since to exist something must exist within creation. How can this meaningless creation have any value in it's fruits, yet it's inhabitants be unworthy of those fruits, while at the same time there existing somewhere a notion of perfection and goodness therein?

Seemed like a lot of words for a yes or no question. Regardless, I'll address most of this later. To be honest, I need some time cause I'm lazy and I don't feel like writing.
Because they bring out the best in people, and offer an oppurtunity for personal growth. They keep people sharp, and burn away thier impurities. Besides, God will never give something to someone that they cannot bear, at least that's what the christians say smile
Saying something really doesn't make it instantly true.

No, not necessarily, but it was pretty obvious and implied that I was just offering a theory, this is not the kind of subject that can be proven by tangible/imperial statistics or facts. It is much more philosophical.

Saying something relatively obvious really doesn't make one seem smart.
This is the question that baffles everyone, literally everyone. This is practically the reason why I have a really weak belief in religion, that god had let all these bad things happen to good people. The people who still smile and the most content have cancer and dead young, and all the inhumane that murder live. Seriously, what the f*** is that? They always say life is unfair but why is that way and why didn't god do s***.
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My question for Christians is, why did God wait until just 2,000 years ago to "intervene," and hasn't "intervened" since? Modern humans have been around for well over 10,000 years. Not a peep from God until 2,000 years ago. Why is that?
Because he is a d**k. Next question.
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Also I must ask, do you consider yourself religious?
Why is that relevant?
Its simply a root philosophy question. To help me understand what it is that I am discussing against. If someone believes in divinity their entire outlook could be different.

Well could was probably given to much implication in this scenario. In actuality everyone's beliefs and understanding of existence derive from their philosophy; by could I mean that certain beliefs may still overlap regardless of your beliefs. Your outlook will automatically be set up different but that doesn't mean that you won't believe in the same things.
For the moment I'll just assume that you agree with me because the examples I thought of providing were controversial and would pull us into a whole other irrelevant discussion. Either way, understanding someone's philosophy and religious affiliations is a large part of understanding the way a person comprehends their reality and empirical realizations.
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Because he's not real.
Question: Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

Answer (from a Christian standpoint): There are NO good people. ( Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23 ). EVERYONE is less than perfect (which seems to make a lot of people uncomfortable, especially the arrogant ones). Basically, this is a world of consequences. Man has told God that WE want to run things... and well.... look at the shape this world is in to see how things turned out.
Because God doesn't exist.

Christians talk about God almost exactly how the Ancient Aliens Guy talks about aliens.
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I hold the belief that we are a part of the God-universe. We are not a creation separate from what makes up the universe. We are a part of God, God is a part of us. (pantheism)

We are in this ever-living and thriving universe with the purpose of discovering our potentials. And the bad events are part of this trial and error attempts (I theorize) that happen as a consequence of our own actions. We(including God) are an ever-changing, ever-recreating, ever-producing beings, we are an abundance of living consciousness. We are a part of one working unit that strives to maintain a limitless life force which sustains everything.
If there was a god (which I personally do not think this is), the only reasons I could imagine him allowing bad things to happen to good people would be:

1. Teach them how to strive through hardships, which seems a little silly in that such hardships are his doing and therefore in my opinion more than a little sadistic.

2. Teach them to be thankful for the good times, which would raise the question of "why does God let bad things happen to good grateful people?"

3. He's actually a total a*****e who loves to see us suffer.

No need to debate me, just my opinions. If you disagree with them, well, good for you for making your own informed opinions.
Well, when I come home after a shitty day I usually launch sims 3 and unleash the rage... I'm guessing it's kind of like that.

Or maybe because it's not God's doing at all, it's just life.
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Who is worth intervening for? Or rather, what are the requirements to be a good person?
You mean as in good people? I believe that this is one of the most fundamentally frustrating questions I have ever been faced with. I really don't know.
Wouldn't you need to know what a good person is to ask why God doesn't help good people? If there are no good people then the question following is already answered. You need to meet your prerequisites first!
In the eyes of God, so to say, does he not know who is ultimately good in nature and intent and who is not? Why does a human need to answer that if it's ultimately up to God? Logic-loop?
If all fall short of the Glory of God and God is Good then all fall short of Good therefore there are no Good people. Yes/No?
I guess so. But we all know there are good people with good intent. Take God out of the equation and the possibilities of goodness are boundless.

On the contrary. The Bible says, "There is no one good; no, not one."

And, again, "Our righteous acts are like filthy rags."

The reasoning is because God is holy, righteous, and perfect, and we all fall short of the glory of God. Because of that, we all fall short of being right in the eyes of a perfect and holy God. The only way one can be justified from this is through Jesus, [as you already know.]

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