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Do you like hanging out in Towns, Rally or Virtual Hollywood?

Yes I Love it! 0.20862372673662 20.9% [ 2724 ]
Yes but you need more updates! 0.32855939342881 32.9% [ 4290 ]
No I’m not a fan! 0.25503561308111 25.5% [ 3330 ]
I didn’t know it existed! 0.024814275867351 2.5% [ 324 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.18296699088611 18.3% [ 2389 ]
Total Votes:[ 13057 ]
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espada grimmjow j's avatar

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the halloween sword from this year, im sad i missed out on it cuz i collect swords, been saving up for ancient katana since i started here... right now if i sold everything on me i could get one but then id lose all the other swords ive accumulated over the years
Lennon Skye's avatar

Tipsy Capitalist

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Astra-58: Shrouded Night is my favorite Halloween item so far. I find it intriguing and mysterious. Plus, I just like moving thingies so that my attention span doesn't wane...ooooh something shiny...lol.

Craftims's avatar

Dangerous Dabbler

I've always liked the old overseer skin from the demon buster event. It's unique and it shows the devotion some people have to their avatars as some people haven't changed theirs since then.
Ginger Spice Isle's avatar

Obsessive Player

My favorite is Astra Gone Batty.
The bats flying around were truly excellent, especially for Vamps ! After all, that's one way to escape those Dark Elves --turning into a bat !!
Paired with my Billowing Cardinalis Cape ( a hint of Red like blood) since I'm, a GAIAnista, assured my escape !!
The animated definitely got my votes!!
I bought all 3 !!
KalynBuscus's avatar

Bashful Bookworm

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I think my favorite halloween themed item is the Jack 2k12 hat 3nodding It is shady, mysterious, and provides an awesomely shaped hat-head-hair-stuffs 4laugh I also love the Jack 2k12 pants: Super poofy and... fanceh xp
RiitzC's avatar

Newbie Millionaire

While I can't remember all of the Halloween items I have to say the one that really stands out in my mind is the Trick or Treat Tote. Not necessarily for the candy themed pieces though, no. My favorite piece is that sinister looking grin. What says creepy like a big ole grin, creepy deep seeded eyes, and a suit to match.

Rally doesn't load for me anymore but I have taken a strong liking to towns.
As a Satellite Internet user, I have never been able to join any of those.
ARANTIAS's avatar

Shadowy Rogue

my favourite halloween thing is the Halloween 2k12 Mourning Armband cuz it matches my avi's outfit perfectly burning_eyes

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