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Do you like hanging out in Towns, Rally or Virtual Hollywood?

Yes I Love it! 0.20862372673662 20.9% [ 2724 ]
Yes but you need more updates! 0.32855939342881 32.9% [ 4290 ]
No I’m not a fan! 0.25503561308111 25.5% [ 3330 ]
I didn’t know it existed! 0.024814275867351 2.5% [ 324 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.18296699088611 18.3% [ 2389 ]
Total Votes:[ 13057 ]
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Seopa's avatar

Perfect Saint

Jack's 2K12 Pumpkin Monocle because I can look both spooky and classy at once wink
One of my favourite items has always been the cobweb stockings. I am reasonably sure that they came out around halloween about a year ago? It might have been earlier than that. I was on a different account, obviously xD

I've loved them since they came out. I find them very versatile and fun. They're a great finishing touch for an avatar!
PonPandaa's avatar

Dangerous Cutesmasher

14,350 Points
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
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  • Magical Girl 50
I LOVED the werewolfs ( Mainly the Ashen Werewolf). biggrin
They gave everyone a chance to get a AWESOME item for free, the werewolfs were beautifully drawn, and the best part is that they actually star in the game. (The game was WAAY more enjoying than this years.. -_-" wink
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Hopping Fairy

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  • Protector of Cuteness 150
  • Love Machine 150
My favorite Halloween item is the Grave Danger Fairy Wings~ I like them because you can enjoy them year round since you can't exactly discern that they are from Halloween and they're cute! I also quite enjoyed that entire unique event so the item brings about fond memories.
ozkur's avatar

Golden Elder

scream Don't do Halloween...
my fav halloween item is the shadow wolf because i love wolfs and my personality as some might say is shadowy and dark >: )
Pumpkin fluff!
Reason: how much cuter can you get! love it!
dreamsk's avatar

Moonlight Sweetheart

25,200 Points
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  • Invisibility 100
  • Frozen Sleuth 100
I liked the Astra: Shrouded Night item. It gives a spooky aurora with the darkness of the sky and the bright moon with rolling black fog. It really captures the eerie essence of Halloween.

Its too bad you're taking it out of the CS next week. It hasnt even been in there a whole month yet. mad
Yeata Zi's avatar

Loyal Gaian

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  • Firestarter 200
I really like the old vampire items from the 2008 event. <3
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Profitable Explorer

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heart I love the old towns, and when I saw the new one getting worked on, I thought it was pretty awesome. Wish the was more to it.
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Fashionable Werewolf

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  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
i like the why the town looks

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