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Do you like hanging out in Towns, Rally or Virtual Hollywood?

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Yes but you need more updates! 0.32855939342881 32.9% [ 4290 ]
No I’m not a fan! 0.25503561308111 25.5% [ 3330 ]
I didn’t know it existed! 0.024814275867351 2.5% [ 324 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.18296699088611 18.3% [ 2389 ]
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Divine Snowflake

~ Ravenwood Manor would have to be my favorite Halloween item so far. Although Jacks claws would be a close second. ~
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Bring back Macy's or some generic fashion-themed virtual area that gives out stylishly free outfits please! 3nodding
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Shy Browser

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twisted i like anything based on vampires heart
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Partying Sweetheart

My favorite item was the tattered zombiepants n shirt ,as a child I grew up with hemmydwns n we had no money for hallo costumes my mom took my ripped up knee busted jeans made my zombie hallo costume painted my face n made me a zombie so I seen it in ur avi shop and was glad it was cheap cuz my avi is poor too so smilingly you bought me back to a childhood memory smile
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rally! ! emotion_yatta
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Thieving Kitten

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Destitute Traveler

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its unrelated but i dont know where to post why isnt frosted affection in the cash shop the schedule says it should be their but its just not
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Fashionable Dabbler

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can'rt currently get any of these to load - flash fail i believe - uni computers are not the greatest.....
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Newbie Gaian

it just needs more.. smile
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Brainy Bookworm

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It just takes too long to load... gonk
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Its takes a long time to load. That's the only reason I don't go more often
What's my favorite Gaia Halloween-Themed Item? Quite simply put: I don't have one.

You may be screaming in terror and fear, or frustration and RAGE. Why! Why would you even POST that?! Bear with me!

I don't have a single favorite because every item IS my favorite! On Gaia, every day can be a Halloween adventure. Every day, I find myself dressing up and trying on new items, and trying to spruce up my avatar. I've spent countless hours admiring and changing my avatar (and admiring others'!)

Every item is my favorite, because for me, every day is Halloween! Costumes, costumes, everywhere!
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Amorous Warlord

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Damn I'm too late

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