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Would you be interested in purchasing a Gaia Interactive Art Book?

Yes I love the art of Gaia and would love to have an Art Book! 0.45018670649739 45.0% [ 6028 ]
No I am not a fan of Art Books. 0.12270351008215 12.3% [ 1643 ]
I didn’t know! 0.18244958924571 18.2% [ 2443 ]
I don't care just give me my gold and Wing Sticker! 0.24466019417476 24.5% [ 3276 ]
Total Votes:[ 13390 ]
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Durem coz I love black and red and moira > smile
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I vote for Durem. My reason for this is because ever since i joined Gaia ,approximately 6 years ago, I fell in love the clothing designs that its shops had, the colors that are associated with it, and of course the characters. I have enjoyed seeing them progress and change of the years. Durem is my one and only favorite town, and it always will be! ^.^
BARTON ALL THE WAY Main Hub of ZOMG A great town to support As its AWESOME!!!!!!
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Durem.. Moria is awesome and the colors are great there!
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Can I choose Bass'ken Lake(or is that not a town?), cuz it's the only town I can successfully fish in xD

Otherwise, Barton, because it's got the towns. smile
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My favorite is Durem because of the NPC's. I like their styles! Especially Louis and Moira.
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My favourite gaia town is Durem, because there's just so much cameraderie and instant teamwork. I have always been part of Durem for all the events and it's just been great to instantly meet new, fun people. Durem FTW! <3

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Wheezing Lunatic

Hmm.. Barton I guess. Its mysterious and I just love to explore all its nooks and crannies! It catches my attention the most ;D I mean, its action packed, full of surprises... I wouldn't be surprised if someone slipped on a banana peel and fell face first into a ravenous meat eating platypus and died!

Barton, don't leave me baby!
I think Barton just dumped me :C
Durem because it is only place to be surprised
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My favorite city would be Barton. It is the place where everything seems to start, and I remember it being one of my favorite places to use via the world map before the huge interface overhaul a while back.
My favorite town would be Barton. I love being able to meet new people and look for gold. But I also like helping the new gaians when they enter Barton. So that they can get a good feel for the town.
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I actually can't pick one in particular, I love them all so why not an Art Book with all Gaia included? heart
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Definitely Durem because of Moira and the punky-goth style, which I love <3
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Yes I love the art of Gaia and would love to have an Art Book! heart heart heart
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Yes I would love a gaia art book for I love art myself and it may help with my new art course at palatine Blackpool Fyld collage next year. It could also show how much I've improved.

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