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...I'd have to say my favourite Gaia town is Barton. Being Gaia's oldest town, it brings back so much happy nostalgia that I just can't shake off. Such a charming and quaint little town, the kind of place that I'd love to visit if it were real. gonk heart
Durem would probably be tied, though.. >A>
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I chose Barton for the Olympics because after the vampire fiasco, I've grown to like Ian and his backstory.

I also really like Rufus! 4laugh
Durem, because it has the best NPCs~ <3
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My favorite is Barton since it's always so idyllic and peaceful...but somehow always ends up having some incident or another.
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Durem, there's something about it that I just love it. The NPCs (Louie <3), the colors. Just about everything about it.

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Aekea is my favorite Gaia town.
I like cyberpunk.
Durem, only because its the best of the best! Ive seen more creative people in this town then any where else!
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Durem, cause its where the cool kids go.
I love Barton because of Ian and Rufus! emotion_kirakira They're both so cute! I could just snuggle 'em to pieces!
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Personally, I love Barton because of how carefree and laid-back Ian is, and Rufus is really funny in my opinion biggrin
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Durem because it is the HEART of Gaia's history and where all the action is!

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durem as most gothic looking by colors and characters <3
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durem, Its the very first place you go when you join and Moira is the npc to greet you.
Now how could you possibly expect us not to love durem?
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Rufus is fabulous, so Barton has my vote! heart

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