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Favorite SternRitter?

A: Yhwach 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 3 ]
E: Bambietta Basterbine 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 3 ]
F: Äs Nödt 0.051282051282051 5.1% [ 2 ]
G: Liltotto Lamperd 0.025641025641026 2.6% [ 1 ]
H: Bazz-B 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 4 ]
I: Cang Du 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 4 ]
J: Quilge Opie 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
K: BG9 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Z: Giselle Gewelle 0.12820512820513 12.8% [ 5 ]
Other 0.43589743589744 43.6% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 39 ]
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Haha, now you've put this comic in my head..

Aizen: ...Tousen, I hope you know your colors clash. Horribly.
Tousen: O_O Really?! Aw, damn! C'mon man, you should've told me sooner!


Alright yea, sorry about that. -cough- I just found Gin's outfit more appealing to me even though there's not a great deal of difference, because I'm weird like that. Yep, Grim Jaw deserved it; I just never expected Tousen to crack...at least, not that much.

more like:
Gin: oh Kaname this would look really great on you!
Tousen: really? hows it look?
*shot of Tousen in a pink frilly sun dress*
Gin: *snickers*

poor Tousen he cant help it if hes blind, but atleast hes got an excuse.

I'm not too fond of Tousens new look either, but it could of been worse...alot worse so its not -that- bad, but yes Gin looks nice.

dont provoke Tousen he'll chop your arm off and roast it for dinner XD
214 is out biggrin
Only read a few books of Bleach! But I think it's good! cool
I like Byakuya's Zanpakutou... I also like Yoruichi/SoiFong... They don't have Zanpakutous though, but their fighting style is awwwesome.

What do you guys think of all the Inoue/Ichigo/Rukia Love Triangle going on?
Rawr, Ichigo x Rukia forever! heart It's not that Orihime's bad, but I just like Rukia better. Her voice is cooler, too xp

@Dydy: xd I can so see that happening in one of the omakes...

Watch, Grim Jaw's going to anger Tousen again and get some more limbs cut off.

Tousen: ...you've angered me. AGAIN. -slash-
Grim Jaw: Aw, c'mon man! How am I supposed to do the electric slide with one leg?! crying

Hm...in a panel where it shows Yoruichi and Kisuke w Yoruichi was carryihen they were younger and running to their secret "playground"ng a sort of short sword, which is most likely her zanpakutou...I wonder if we'll ever see her with one.

My source has yet to come out with 214.... gonk The agony of waiting...
crying Ukitake's still at 0%...urk.

On another note.....214 finally came out from my source! ...and wow, that's a lotta vaizards. o.o Ha, I want to see Shinji get all excited about seeing Ichigo agreeing and fall off his little ledge. [But nah...that wouldn't happen...>_>] His hair freaks me out. Looks like a wig...o_0

Aw, do the Uryuus need a little father-to-son talk? [Ok yea, that was lame. Sorry] Now I'm eager to see what happens. Hm, now that Kisuke's appearing once more [somewhat] perhaps Yoruichi will come out again too...?

And of course, hints of Hitsu x Matsu. It's cute seeing Hitsugaya in a school uniform...makes him seem even younger.
Up to the top!
Ch. 215 was interesting; yay Hiyori's starting to kick a**. She's hilarious...especially when she's beating up Shinji. xd

Well, so apparently Ichigo isn't allowed to decide whether or not to join them. Nice...I want to see Hiyori fight; should be interesting. I love her attitude.
Episodes 68-70 were better. Thank god...>_>

The Bounds/Bountos were interesting...I like the Snake. xd The fire doll was entertaining too; that little tail of fire on his head makes me laugh. 3nodding I really like Yoshino's finger armer... -scurries off to buy one-

THE RETURN OF RUKIA! ...although they don't tell us yet whether she got her powers back or not. crying Well, all she said was she didn't finish her training or something like that...rawr.

Once again, the ending omakes were hilarious. XD Hahaha Soi Fong tries to give Yoruichi chocolate and she turns into a cat. ^^ Toshirou and Ukitake got more screentime! heart
Ch. 216 came out! 3nodding

-whistles- Wow, Hiyori really beat up Ichigo, eh...? But then Hollow Ichigo came out and strangles her. o.0 The other vaizards stopped him though.... sweatdrop

The vaizard in a school girl's uniform looks cool; same with the one with the goggles. ^^ All in all, a rather exciting chapter. heart
-creates a vaccuum to suck in all the Bleach fans- Come! 3nodding

Come, Bleach fans, COME! 3nodding
Urk, ep. 71 isn't out yet. ;_;

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