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I have heard a few stories about people and friends receiving random and sometimes silly gifts from an anonymous source. A moment ago I as well received a gift.
The message read
"You've been gifted by the Phantom Gifter.
My identity must remain secret.
Please enjoy."

Who are you Phantom gifter? User Image

Has anyone else been gifted?

Clues so far:

None. Because imposters keep using this s**t and claiming they are her.


.....I'm still lost.

There are multiple gifters.
The original and first has not revealed themselves but some of the others have.
We only know some clues, and hints to who they are.

Known Phantom ghosts:

The original and first PG

arrow PG-13 (the seductive one)
arrow -Ghost
arrow PG II
arrow "I'm not the pg everyones talking about"
arrow Haiku
arrow Us Ghosties
arrow There was a Mad Hatter gifter before who kept talking about how "we're all a little mad here"
arrow A poetic gifter that signs off with "your friendly neighborhood spirit"
arrow And everyone's second cousin! They sign off with "Your Second Cousin" and tends to send undies
arrow Phantom Gifter's Long Lost Daughter
arrow Second Cousin,
arrow Ex Wife of Evil Twin,
arrow the rhyming one,
arrow us ghosties,
arrow the Gaelic signature,
arrow Ghost of Christmas yet to Come. . .
arrow Copy Kitten
arrow Overseer's number one fan
arrow ~Totoro lover
arrow - The Keeper of the Glade.
arrow (Teh Pee gee)
arrow Endless Night,
arrow Dreamer of ToT (trick or treat)
arrow The Black Illusion (a very recent pg who talks about fakes and more then two gifters):
arrow the creeper
arrow The lovely phantom
arrow V.V.
arrow The Sleeping Dragon
arrow The Enchanted Phantom
arrow the BeastMaster
arrow Phantom K
arrow Kamikaze Phantom
arrow Phantom Dentist
arrow The Gifter
arrow Sophisticated phantom
arrow Love, Now and Forever.
arrow Phantom Orc
arrow The Phantom Monk
arrow 'Phantom Lover

heart Inhoe-chan is the phantoms wife gifter.
heart ssTidus is phantom ocarina

Be kind
Don't beg
Feel free to stay and chat
No, I repeat NO, quoiting the front page
Keep quotes to a minimum.
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Battle Simulator 3 - do not flame and harass just because your friend was banned for accepting gifts then insisting she never got them and demands more.
shino1 - Do not beg for items repeatedly
Pandey v2 - You have no authority over this event or my guild. I started this, I created this. I will not give you authority you do not deserve. You cannot simply demand for the things you want. You have bee vile, crude, disgusting, and a pest.
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Probably just a Halloween version of anon.
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I want mystery gifts -pout-
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He seems pretty kind =o
didnt you post on the 'anon gift giveaway' or something like that? =o
twiterpert's avatar

Invisible Regular

People like that crop up a lot during the events. Props to them.
The only thread I was in was a gift the person above you thread. They're not rlly anonymous.
I'm loving the mystery though

neener neener neener its me and u'll never know XD
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Oooh... Phantom. cool
Phantom indeed...Makes me think maybe they're ghost related or ghost avi or phantom in their name. Idk
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ho ho ho ho

He/She just gifted me :>
I feel cool now cool

thank you Phantom Gifter!
wherever you may beee~
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Just got one too. rofl
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I hope i get gifted ;D
*Crosses ghostly fingers*
A Halloween version of Anon?!
I'd love to get something from them. <3
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I want a flower. :">
Gah it's striking everywhere. Bigger then thought! Who is this person? maybe its a team of people!!!!????
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I can always use more stuff, but my wishlist is too long. And I can never afford the bigger things.

I think I'll just save up for little things.

I give things away from time to time, like bugs and flowers.

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