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*gasp* I just got a double-hit from the Phantom Gifter!
One box is blue and the other orange...
Will report back in a moment when opened.

biggrin biggrin biggrin

edit: just got Skeleton Gloves a Skull Chocololi
How random.
Still, not complaining ^w^
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I'm holding it right now. this Zombie Eyeball Cupcake thingie.

..to be honest it looks like someone Pureed Dedrich and that amuses me somewhat razz

lol, now that you mention it, it does XD
i want a gift =(
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i want to get gifted by the phantom gifter
one orange? Adding that to the information
Anything else anyone can tell me?
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I just received a Burdened Sheet from an anonymous gifter. The message attached would have made Mantis Sr. proud;

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: ........... .............. .........

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Dunno who, but that's awesome!

I received a random, anonymous gift (a water trident), but it had no message attached. <3 Thank you whoever you are.
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Friendly Gaian

i think its grat when ppl do things like this for events
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There are two voices that I hear in my head one is evil the other is good...

A friend of mine got 7 gifts this week. D: Makes me jealous because I rarely get any gifts. ;n; I hope I get a gift or two.

...only the one I will choose to follow and that one I will stick true to forever.
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I just read my messages, the blue box and the orange box came with different messages.

Blue box message

Orange box message

The two boxes in question.

Does this mean there's more than one Gifter?
Color me intrigued.
i got a gift =)
it was blue with a fly mask inside
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I just got a fighter ghost sheet a few minutes ago. The message attached was "........... .............. ........." Mantis Sr.?
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I want a gift! crying
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Your mom said

I got an anonymous benefactor gift. The message was "........ ..... .......". It was a nice ghostie sheet.

last night.

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lucky people you got a gift

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