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What should happen to Tia & Tamara now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.385393345171 38.5% [ 4992 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.13927275534625 13.9% [ 1804 ]
Seek revenge by haunting the people that did this to them. 0.47533389948275 47.5% [ 6157 ]
Total Votes:[ 12953 ]
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i think she hates me.

you're creepy and evil and i ******** love you.
off with yous. go off and haunt those ******** who killed you !

deep down, i know she does.
SinisterStrings's avatar

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seek revenge, then go play your eternal games in the sky.

I hope you enjoyed the iron maiden I sent you heart
Revenge is served best cold.
* plus I want to know who did this to them*
SilverCoatl's avatar

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Personally, I think you two should spend some time in Hell Prison.

I wouldn't like it there myself, but with your love for...games....

You'd probably have a lot of fun. wink

So many toys...you might even get to be jailers yourselves.
liamnaruto's avatar

Wealthy Scrooge

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also you where fun with the riddles and this doll please don't go (gives toys crying
Angeloni87's avatar

LanyaD's Husband

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Good luck girls, I hope you find the ones that murdered you and give them their just deserts.
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one more game heads you can stay tails you go......."coin lands on....nothing it just disappered?" question
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I love you, twins. I love you so much. heart
In heaven i hear theres pleanty of toys >w>
you will be avange
Tsukishiro Ame's avatar

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Sweet dreams little ladies. Get your toys and find someone who'll play your games!
K4M's avatar

Dapper Flip-Flopper

I'll look forward to you re return so we can play those new games ;D<3
Belethiel 's avatar

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Go get that revenge!

You guys remind me of the ghosts from The Grudge, except you talk instead of making that creepy noise.

Have a happy afterlife! ^^
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Hallowed Lunatic

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[NPC] Tia & Tamara
We enjoyed playing our games with you

We're sad that more people didn't bring toys

Your hearts just weren't in it were they?

But now we're off somewhere else

To find new games to play

And new people to play them with.

We're not sure where just yet

But maybe we'll be back some day

To teach you our new games

*hugs both of them* You're sooo cute, let's play and haunt forever *-*
I forgive you, you creepy lil brats and I did bring toys if you weren't so busy trying to kill me you would have noticed it. I pass my judgement on you and I want you two to find the ppl who did you wrong and torment them. twisted

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